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If you love the outdoors and enjoy traveling and hiking you’ll know how important backpacks can be in this kind of exercise and if you enjoy carrying your dog along on these outings it might be less burdensome for you if your dog has its own backpack packing its stuff.

Backpacks that are tailor-made for your dogs are made available in lightweights and are very fitting. Your dog can carry his own supplies in food, water and gear as well. There are a range of options to pick from when it comes to hiking equipment and it is best you pick a backpack for your dog that is durable, long-lasting and comfortable.

Here is a list of very good options for a backpack you can get for your dog.

Making the top of the list is the Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack. It presents itself with up to five different adjustment points that are there to help keep your dog comfortable while strapped in them. These backpacks are extremely durable and do not weigh much. This backpack doesn’t come cheap but it’s worth cannot be overemphasized, it is well worth the price for a dog backpack.

● Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

● Ruffwear Palisades Dog Backpack​

● PAWABOO Dog Hiking Backpack​

● Wellver Dog Hiking Backpack

● Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack

● OneTigris Dog Hiking Backpack​

How do you know a good dog backpack

Before getting your dog a backpack that is fitting, comfortable and durable for your pet, it is important that you take into consideration the age of your dog, as well as the state of their health. 

Here are a couple things you should watch out for–

1. Stability / Adjustability

A dog backpack is designed to pull on the sides of your dog on increased weight addition as opposed to human backpacks that strap on our shoulders and pull us behind. These backpacks for dogs are specially modeled to improve comfortability and stability and you should make sure you get one that has little or no restriction on your dog’s mobility.

Getting a backpack that is not fitting and well balanced on your dog could restrict their movements, slow them down and as a result of the unstable tuggle between your dog and it’s backpack they could get in accidents too.

The One-piece dog backpacks are definitely not the best kinds when it comes to its adjustability features and if you must get this kind find one that fits the size of your dog and will cause minimal to no issues while strapping in or strapped in. The adjustable backpacks are great for having multiple adjustable controls and can be tightened or loosened at will to fit your dog’s size and also provide the perfect comfort for them as well.

2. The Size or Capacity

When it comes to choosing dog packs, these manufacturing companies have made available a large range of various sizes you can pick from. But note here, that size should matter but not as much as the comfort your dog would need if it gets a backpack. These backpacks sometimes can hold up to 25 litres in content.

Securing a backpack for your dog is also a function of the kind of exercises your dog will be involved in. For casual walks a smaller backpack might just be perfect and if you love the outdoors, can’t help hiking and you want your dog with you on your adventurous expeditions then getting a much bigger backpack will be suitable for carrying supplies your dog would need.

3. The Weight

On dog hiking backpacks what you should look out for is space to be able to contain the amount of supplies you want to stuff in them and usually the larger backpacks are the ones that provide these spacious packs. Though, you do not need to get a heavy backpack if you don’t really need it as it can put too much pressure on you and might make their movements uneasy and cumbersome.

Dogs are able to carry up to about one-fourth of their body weight and anything more is considered too much.

Take into account your dog’s health status, their ages and their needed level of comfort before you leap forward to making this decision. In summary, getting them a lighter backpack is always better than a heavier one. The lighter, the better.

Then again, the gross weight of your dog’s backpack is as a result of the addition of all the compartmental weights in zippers, straps, gear loops etc. Some also come with extra features that come in handy as well.

Always weigh the pros and cons and if the heavier backpack is a much safer option to protect your dog’s health and help out their needs it will not be so much of a bad choice to get it for them. Just always make sure they don’t carry too much than they can actually handle and if that starts occurring, make efforts to trim down the weight by reducing the contents in the backpack.

4. Waterproof

Getting a backpack that is climate and storm ready is never a bad idea most especially if you need one that is meant for hiking. In order to make sure the items contained in your dog’s backpack dont get absolutely ruined, it is wise to get a backpack that is waterproof. Materials like nylon or polyester are water resistant materials that you can put on your backpack in the event you and your dog get caught in the rain. 

5. The Durability

How durable a dog backpack should you get? Very durable! The best hiking backpacks for dogs provide enough durability in its material strength and resistance to wear and tear. The sew must be perfect and must be able to withstand high tensile stress.

Now you have an idea of what you should watch out for when sorting out the best dog backpack for your pooch.

Below is a list of the very best backpacks for your dogs.

1. The Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

As earlier said, this backpack wins our hearts and for me is the best option for a backpack for your canine friend. It’s features include saddlebags, that help stabilize the items that your dog carries allowing for a much more comfortable experience for you dog. It also comes with up to five adjustable control points that give a perfect fit for your dog too.

Its sizes range from 7 liter, 12.5 liter, 14.5 liter and a 24-liter backpack. It’s pretty much lightweight with the largest size weighing in at around just one pound. It comes in colors of orange and green and has night friendly trims that glow in the dark allowing for easily sighting your dog in the night. The Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack comes highly recommended for hiking trips.

2. The Ruffwear Palisades Dog Backpack

The Ruffwear Palisades Dog Backpack

The Ruffwear Palisades Dog Backpack is an all-rounder and is specially designed for long days backcountry expeditions. It comes with four attachment points that helps to evenly distribute the weight it carries which functions to enhance your dog’s comfort. It comes with a leash attachment area and has removable saddlebags that enables you to trim the load on your dog of it gets too much.  This backpack comes in a 19 liter, 14 liter, and 10 liter capacities. It smallest size weighs in about 1.75 pound, the medium size weights about 1.85 pounds and the largest 19 liter bag weighs 2.15 pounds. It is very spacious and can contain a decent amount of supplies.

3. PAWABOO Dog Hiking Backpack

PAWABOO Dog Hiking Backpack

This backpacks are designed for medium sized dogs. It is manufactured with very durable material and comes packed with a D-ring and a comfortable handle that helps you have much more control over your dog while in the wild. The Pawaboo backpack has adjustable control points that can be utilised to improved your dog’s comfort. This backpack better suited for shorter expeditions.

       4.  The Wellver Dog Hiking Backpack

Wellver Dog Hiking Backpack

This backpack is known for its lightweight. It has a breathable harness and comes with straps that are an easy fit and adjust just as well. It comes with pockets that are very spacious and can contain multiple items and provide space for treats, food and water. The wellver dog backpack spans across three different sizes; small, medium and large in regards to its girth width. This backpack has a simple design and can work just as fine as any other backpack.

       5.    The Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack

Outward Hound Kyjen Dog Backpack

This backpack is popular for small dogs as it has much smaller girth width in comparison to other backpacks. These bags are designed for dogs that are on the scale of 15-19 pounds in weight.

The Outward Hound Kyjen Backpack is easily detachable and it comes with big lockets that provide enough room for supplies to stay in.

It has adjustable straps to help give your dog a perfect and comfortable fit. If you have a smaller dog, this backpack would work for them just fine.

Traveling, hiking or engaging outdoor activities with your dog can be exciting and challenging and it is important that you are well prepared in getting the right equipment for your adventure. We have given you the best kinds of backpacks you can possibly get for your pooch and if you have further questions and need assistance always consult your veterinarian.

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