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Dogs are known to bark rather indiscriminately, and that can be really annoying. Sometimes their barking may scare off your visitors, or interrupt your activity. At such times, you may wish you could just shut it up or if only for that moment. You can’t exactly blame the dog though. It’s their nature.

They were built to bark just as you were built to speak. Even at that, their barking can be really irritating. That’s when you decide that you’ve had enough, and go into the market for a bark collar that will effectively shut the indiscriminate barking. That is most probably why you are here.

There are some fundamental things to know when buying a bark collar for your dog. There are three main types of bark collars; spray, ultrasonic and vibration collars. On no account should you use a shock collar, as that has been shown to have both physiological and psychological effects on the dog. Besides those effects, it is obviously outrightly cruel. That is why you’re always advised to go for no shock collars like the ones listed above.

However, before going for a bark collar, it is important that you try training the dog against barking indiscriminately. One thing to note is the fact that dogs never bark without a reason. They are either trying to communicate with each other or with humans. It falls on you to train the dog against barking excessively. This is by identifying the root of the problem by finding out what triggers the dog to bark. If you address that problem, the barking is likely to reduce or stop totally.

If however your dog doesn’t stop barking excessively despite your having tried positive training methods, you may have to resort to a bark collar. It is advisable that you always consult your veterinarian before getting a dog collar as they’re in the best position to determine if your dog needs it, and just what type should be good for them.

These no shock collars are not to hurt the dog but rather to make it psychologically associate barking with discomfort. They should be used immediately after the dog barks. When this happens repeatedly, the dog will associate the feeling of discomfort with it’s barking, and it’s reflex will be conditioned to avoid barking in order to avoid said discomfort. Note that the stimulus has to be applied immediately after the dog barks.

It shouldn’t be used to indiscriminately, or to punish the dog. Please do not apply the stimulus when it spills water on your rug or defecates on in your kitchen. That is cruel and will be counter productive to the effect we’re trying to achieve. The stimulus is only meant to make the dog associate barking with causation of the discomfort.

Having said all these, let’s get into the meat of the business. We’re going to be listing out the three Best dog collars for your dog. We’ll be listing the best dog collar for vibration, the best spray collar and the best ultrasonic collar. Of that’s what you want, then let’s hope right into it.

Three Best Bark Collars for your dog.

1. Best Spray Bark Collar: Petsafe Remote Spray Trainer Collar.

After much research, we have found this collar to be the best in the market on many counts.To begin with, this collar has three levels of correction; there’s the spray which can be unscented or scented, a tone that’s unpleasing to the dog, and a vibration. So either of these correction methods can be used on the dog. The scented spray usually has 1% citronella and 99% aerosol while the unscented spray usually has 100% aerosol.

Citronella is a pleasant scent to humans, but an unpleasant and rather irritating one to dogs. It is however not harmful in any way to your furry friend, so you can rest assured that your dog is not being exposed to danger. It has a remote range of 300 yards so that as long as your dog hasn’t strayed too far from you, you can still effectively apply the stimulus whenever it barks. It has one citronella and one unscented cartridge and can be recharged when they run out.

The disadvantages would be the fact that it is manually controlled, so whenever your dog strays too far from you, you might not be able to control it. It is also not for dogs under 8 pounds, and the fact that it needs to be refilled frequently may prove too much of a hassle for you. If however these issues won’t pose too much of a problem for you, then you should totally go for this collar.

This collar is endorsed by leading veterinarians in the US, and they all laid it’s effectiveness as well as it’s level of safety as it has no side effects on the dog. When they grow into adults though, the dogs may outgrow the collar, or get used to it. When that happens, it loses it’s effectiveness.

A study conducted on owners of dogs using the Petsafe Remote Spray Trainer Collar found out that many of them are happy with it. They like the fact that the scent is pleasing to them, while displeasing to the dog. Most importantly though, the like the fact that the scent isn’t hurting the dog. If that happened, many of them would stop using it.

Each cannister can be used up to thirty five times, and both the spray and the vibration trainers can be accompanied with the tone trainer. All in all, this is obviously the best spray trainer in the market.

2. Dogrook Bark Control Collar.

Having seven stages of vibration and sound, the DogRook Bark Control Collar is a shock-free water resistant alternative to static shock collars. Now your fears of shocking your dog to death are allayed.

However, it is not for dogs under 11 pounds and may not work for those of them which have round necks or thick coats.

Rather than emitting a shock, the Dog Rook Bark Control Collar vibrates whenever it detects barking, giving seven levels of sound and vibration. When your dog barks, the collar will give out a rather short beep. Then it gives a longer beep and then it gives a beep plus vibration, and so on up to the seventh level. On getting to the seventh level, the Collar will enter a one-minute hibernation mode.

It doesn’t matter whether your dog is short haired or long haired as the collar comes with two sets of plastic prongs, one for short haired dogs and one for long haired dogs. The prongs are designed to detect movement in and around the vocal cords. This is to prevent it from activating when another dog nearby barks. You wouldn’t want your dog being punished for another dog’s bark now would you?

The Dog Rook’s bark control collar is easily adjustable for dogs weighing between 11 to 110 pounds, of all breeds and ages.

When having the collar fitted on the neck of your dog, make sure that it is not too restricting or choking. The prongs should rather be within a finger’s thickness of the dog’s skin so that they can feel the vibration. The manufacturer advises that the collar should be worn for no longer than 8 to 12 hours at a stretch. If it is worn for longer or improperly fitted,, the prongs can rub and irritate the skin

3. The Modus Ultrasonic Bark Control Device.

The Modus Ultrasonic Bark Control Device is a manually operated stand alone device that you can use to help control your dog’s incessant barking or discourage other unruly and unwanted behaviors. It is very easy to operate sign it’s simple and easy design.

The major disadvantages though may be the fact that it is manually controlled which has proven to be a problem for so many people, or the fact that some dogs will eventually habituate to the sound effectively rendering it useless. Another major disadvantage is that any dog within hearing range will hear it.

The Modus Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent releases a high-pitched frequency whenever a dog’s bark is detected. When your dog barks, just by pressing the battery-powered control device, a 25,000-Hz signal will will be emited. Most ultrasonic deterrents are pitched at frequencies around 25,000 Hz so that only dogs can hear them.

That way you do not need to disrupt your hearing with such a whining frequency of sound. According to the American Kennel club, while adult humans cannot hear frequencies above 20,000 Hz, Dogs are capable of hearing frequencies as high as 47,000 Hz to 65,000 Hz.

With this collar around their throat, your dog will hear the emited sound when they are within 16.4 feet of the control device. Remember though that any dog within that range can pick up the frequency, so this dog collar is best used in a home that has only one dog. It should also not be administered on puppies which are younger than 6 months old.

However, this collar may not really be a solution for the long term. The ultrasound usually works at first, and then the dogs get used to it rendering it ineffective. Remember too that what works on one dog may not work on another one. Remember though that just like the others, before using the Modus it’s usually best to have a veterinarian check your dog’s hearing and to also check their physical demeanor to determine if an ultrasonic correction agent is the best bark-control device for them.

So those are essentially the three Best dog bark collars in the market. You can pick any of them depending on your needs and preferences and trust that it will do a good job for you and for your furry friend.

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