best dog clippers

best dog clippers

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You might be wondering, What are the best dog clippers? That question is what brought you to this article and we are here to shed more light on it. Caring for a dog is like caring for a child. You have to feed them, play with them, train them and groom them too! Shaving off all those excess hairs would require the best dog clippers and if you have a furry friend, it is no doubt that grooming your pup is part of your weekly or daily routine.

Every breed of dog requires its own special grooming routine and occasional grooming is a must if you want to keep their fur healthy and attractive and prevent matting, tangling, obscured vision, and discomfort especially if your dog is long-haired.

If you do your dog’s grooming routine yourself, you might want to get a pair of quality clippers that would allow you to trim off all those excess hairs without making your dog too uncomfortable.
Choosing the best dog clippers is no different from choosing food for your dog, factors like clipper blades, heat dissipation, housing, rotations per minute and a lot of other features are to be taken into consideration when deciding on the type of clipper to use on your dog.

Other factors to consider are the quietness of the clipper, the type suitable for the breed of dog you own and your dog’s fur length. This article will serve as a guide for any dog owner to choose the best grooming instrument for their canine companion.

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factors to consider when choosing dog clippers

As mentioned before, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing dog clippers, one of which is the ROTARY SPEED PER MINUTE. This feature allows you to smoothly go through thick coats with knots difficult to untangle in your dog’s fur. Most professional dog clippers are categorized based on that feature into:

-Single-Speed Dog Clippers: This would be your best option if you are new to the dog grooming world. These categories of dog clippers don’t heat up as fast as the others.

-Variable-Speed Dog Clippers: This is a top choice for professionals and advancers users. It is versatile and helps to give a smooth finish to your dog’s fur coat.

With that as a solid first feature, there are numerous other characteristics that should influence your choice in picking the best dog clippers. They are:

Motor Speed and Power: When grooming a dog whose fur is thick or matted, you should expect you clippers to run very smoothly, if not, the motor power isn’t just powerful enough for dense dog coats. This feature is oftentimes expressed in Rotations per minute or RPM.

The best professional dog clippers ought to offer a lot of rotations per minute and motor power, but the more power and RPM the clipper has, the higher the tendency for it to make noise and generate more heat. If the clippers are being used at top speed, the heat generated may be uncomfortable to your dog, so it is best to choose a dog clipper that has the right balance between power, noise, heat emission and vibrations.

Noise, Vibrations and Heat: Present in dog clippers is a motor that rotates the blade in it to cut your dog’s hair, however, many buyers think the more powerful the motor is, the better cut you’d get. This is not always the case! Dog clippers with powerful motors will indeed cut through even the thickest fur coat, but at the expense of:
● Drastic increment of vibrations
● Heating of the blades
● High noise levels

Ideally, it is advisable to buy dog clippers adapted to the coarseness of your dog’s fur which should cut smoothly while remaining cool and quiet for a reasonable amount of time, as well as vibrate less when being used.

Size and Weight Of The Clippers: Another feature to keep in mind is the size and weight of the clipper. Most modern clippers have been designed to fit comfortably into your grip, so your hand basically enjoys the grip for long hours if it be.
Using a lighter and more compact dog clipper will make maneuvering through your dog’s fur easier and helps to avoid wrist fatigue of the groomer.

It is important to note that the lighter the clipper, the more the vibrations will be felt by you and your dog, especially if it is at the highest speed. If a more detailed and sharper cut is required for your dog, opt for a heavier and more stable clipper.

Corded Vs. Cordless Clippers: Most groomers are naturally biased to cordless clippers due to their easy handling and convenience especially when dealing with hard-to-reach spots, but a common disadvantage is the frequency at which you charge the battery and the easier the battery tends to run out. With constant usage, you may charge it constantly and end up wearing out the battery.

Cordless clippers are also slower in action and not too good for dogs with thick coats, whereas a corded clipper has no limitation when it comes to electricity. It can run as long as it wants at whatever power is desirable as long as it stays plugged in.

Dog Clipper Blades: The blades in dog clippers keep improving, as new metal alloys and even lasers have been adapted for cutting your pup’s hair. Interchangeable blades come are available in most clippers in case one wears out while others tend to come with their own proprietary blades. Blades can be replaced based on how often you use the clipper, and ceramic blades are recommended because, despite its expensive nature, it does not conduct heat as much and are perfect for long grooming sessions.

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best dog clippers

ANDIS EXCEL 5-SPEED CLIPPERS: This all-around professional clipper is a heavy-duty and multi-speed corded clipper built using the lightest materials. Roughly 6.5inches long, it features a comfortable shape for and easy hold for long periods of time. It has 5 speeds, starting from 2500 strokes per minute and going higher to 4500 strokes per minute. It is guaranteed of a sharp and even cut result, even after hours of use.

-WAHL ARCO DOG CLIPPER: Wahl provides for many animal clipper options ranging from your affordable price to their performance. This clipper can be used both corded or cordless and provides a smooth and sleek cut for your dog.

-OSTER A5 PROFESSIONAL DOG CLIPPER: A top-notch clipper manufacturer like Oster has to have a space on the list. This Turbo A5 2-speed clipper is moderately priced for a professional clipper and has wide blades suitable for large dogs and a faster speed for a more effective trim. This clipper has boasted the ability to handle any type of fur or hair and with additional blades included, this clipper is bound to stay a while.

-SUNBEAM HAPPY DOG CLIPPER: When the first thing on your mind is an affordable and economical clipper, while still maintaining efficiency, then look no further because the Sunbeam Happy Dog Clipper is here for you. Coming with an adjustable blade lever, cleaning brush and clipper oil, this clipper, though not so appropriate for thick coats, is a perfectly affordable and budget-friendly option.

-HANSPROU DOG CLIPPER SET: This dog grooming comes with everything you need to keep your dog completely well-groomed. The set includes a main rechargeable clipper, a clipper comb set, nail files, a scissors set and a nail clipper. The main rechargeable clipper runs quietly and cuts your dog’s hair easily without pulling.

With consideration for your pup’s nails too, a nail set was included to ensure that your canine companion has nicely trimmed nails that won’t leave scratch marks anywhere. With this, you also get a grooming comb, a charger, lubrication oil and a teeth brush.

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Judging from the above list for a start to your choice or the features listed to get your dog the best dog clipper available, I believe you’re out to a great start to get your dog the best grooming tool out there to make your pup stand out of the crowd.

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