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Chihuahuas are a unique breed of dogs mostly known and loved for their charisma and extremely lovable personalities. They are extremely loyal, and most owners have fallen so in love with the dog that they practically made them part of the family z and have been known to shed boatloads of tears and carry out a fully inclusive funeral on it’s passing.

Chihuahuas are unsurprisingly super active dogs with lots of energy to burn, lots of things to do. They’re barely able to sit in one place, and instead are known to bounce from one place to another. They keep the energy in any room they’re in on a high as everyone has to actively watch out for them. They’re such lovely creatures.

Considering that Chihuahuas are small breed dogs with energies on another level entirely, it becomes hugely Important that special attention be paid when it comes to their food. Just as every parent wants only what’s best for their baby, so every dog parent wants what’s best for their puppy.

That’s why it’s extremely important to acquire nothing but the best dog foods for Chihuahuas that will not only fulfill their nutritional needs, but will fill their bellies at the same time. That’s essentially killing two birds with one stone. Still as funny as it sounds, every Chihuahua is different and unique. What your Chihuahua eats and how much food they consume will depend largely on their age, size, level of activity, and body metabolism.

For instance, a chihuahua puppy requires 1.0% arginine which is an essential amino acid as it’s not produced by the body, while an adult Chihuahua needs only 0.51% of the same nutrient. When comparing a younger Chihuahua and an older one, the younger one benefits from less protein and more calories.

What we’re trying to say is this, considering the fact that there are no official nutrient standards for any particular breed, and also considering the fact that we have to optimize your dog’s long-term health, it becomes extremely important to the dog that you select a food that’s developed to fit the AAFCO nutrient profile for your dog’s age and stage of life. In case you didn’t know, AAFCO stands for The Association of American Feed Control Officials.

Three Best Foods for Chihuahuas

Why three you say? This is simply because we want to make your search as easy as possible. Too many options dull the mind, and so we have done the search for you from among tons of Chihuahua dog food available in the market to bring you the best three we could find. Below are your top three Chihuahuaa dog foods available in the market.

1. Canidae Pure Small Breed Recipe

The Canidae Pure Small Breed Recipe is made of five major ingredients; Chicken, Peas, menhaden fish meal, Potatoes and lentils. It is a grain free formula, so your Chihuahuaa is definitely going to enjoy it. It is used best to maintain the body weight of Adult chihuahuas.

The Canidae Pure Small Breed extracts the majority of it’s animal protein from fresh chicken and menhaden fish meal. According to dry matter label analysis, the formula includes 33% estimated protein, 13% estimated fat and 45% estimated carbohydrates, giving way to an estimated fat-to-protein ratio of say 40%.

The Canidae Pure Small Breed Recipe, or “Pure” as it is often called has been considered to be a diet limited in ingredient which makes it optimal for those who want to reveal hidden food sensitivities. It is a nutritionally balanced and easily affordable food, best for all small dogs, including chihuahuas. It is no surprise that it makes number one on our list. It is highly recommended.

2. Ollie Fresh Dog Food

Ollie Dog Food is a subscription based pet food service that gives you a wonderful deal on your first order. You can get a discount of up to 50% off on your first order. This singular reason alone makes many people throng to Ollie to get dog food for their Chihuahuas. If you wake up one morning only to discover that you are running low on dog food, you can place an order on Amazon, and Ollie will make sure that your fresh and newly produced dog food will be delivered to your doorstep within two days.

All the mouth watering recipes are produced in the US, and If by for any weird reason your Chihuahua doesn’t like the food, you are guaranteed to get your money back 100%.

Ollie offers four different fresh recipes, and each recipe is specially designed for your dog, so he or she gets the best needed to thrive and remain the energetic puppy that he or she is. The four different recipes include Chicken, Beef, Turkey and Lamb, all with their own key ingredients. The key ingredients include Turkey Meat, Basil, Chicken, Beef kidney, Lamb, Carrots, Chia seeds, Salt, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Cod Liver oil and Peas.

The Ollie Fresh dog food is best for all Life stages, but prsonalized for your Chihuahuaa, and besides the money back guarantee, the 2 day delivery, and the fantastic deal you get on your first order, one major reason people go for it is because it is made with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. The major disadvantages though include the fact that Recipes can not be tailor made or customized for your dog, it spoils easily unless kept in the freezer and that it is relatively more expensive than our other options.

Per gram of the Ollie Fresh Dog Food, there is 2% fiber, 3% fat, 10% protein and 73% moisture. Lots of people buy it because of the nutritional content, and what it results to in energy, and body maintainance for their adult Chihuahua. It is a great buy, and is recommended for anyone who has the money to give their dog the nutritional bounty that it deserves.

3. Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Chihuahua Puppy Dog Food.

I know, I know. You’ve read this far down because you want to make sure that you’re getting the best food available in the market for your puppy. Well, look no further! This Royal Canin recipe for Chihuahua puppies has a delicious taste, is small in size and easy to chew, sits well in the stomach, and it provides the newest member of your family (your Chihuahua puppy) with all of the best nutrients he or she needs to grow up strong, healthy and energetic.

As you well know, the Chihuahua is a tiny breed of dog, and due to it’s size, it iss fragile. This it becomes of utmost importance that you keep their bones as strong as possible, their teeth clean and healthy and their eyes sharp and clear. This can be partly achieved with a properly designed Chihuahuan diet.

As we all say, prevention is better than cure, and so it is better to prevent your Chihuahuaa developing any illness or disability rather than to try to treat them as they appear. Therefore this Royal Canin Chihuahua puppy food has the correct ingredients to give your little Chihuahua the perfect start to life they need.

The major ingredients Include Brewers Rice, Chicken by product meal, Corn, Chicken Fat, and Dried Plain Beet Pulp. Others Include Oat Groats, Vegetable Oil, Fish Oil, Natural flavors and Pea fiber. It contains 28% protein, 18% fat, 4% fiber, and a maximum moisture content of 10%.

Besides it being is Small kibble size and thus easy to chew, it is superbly fantastic for your puppy’s growth, is ideal for their dental health, helps them develop strong bones, and of course helps improve their eye health. It is best for not only Chihuahuaa puppies, but also for other small breed puppies.

The only disadvantages are that one of it’s ingredients is a corn filler, and also that the Chicken by product ingredient is of relatively low quality. But all in all, it is a good recipe. This is because when adding a new fur friend to the family, you want to get it started with the best food and nutrition there is in the market. This Royal Canin Chihuahua puppy food is a number one contender as it’s unique combination of nutrients can help a Chihuahua grow healthy and strong bones, get it’s stomach in the right shape, and it is also soft enough and small enough for it’s small puppy teeth to chew and eat.

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