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We all know that dogs have a very specific diet when it comes to food as their gut system is very selective and eating carelessly might cause them health troubles and hamper their well-being. It is therefore very important that your dog is treated with the right amounts of nutrients both in quality and quantity to ensure a healthy lifestyle and prevent health hiccups.

Talking about Great Danes, they present themselves as one of the largest dog breeds amongst dogs and can weigh up to 120 pounds! They are a great companion and easy loving and very popular amongst owners.

These dog breeds, the Great Danes are massive in size but as stated before are very easy loving and are an excellent company. With them around you almost would never feel alone.  The great Danes have a history of being utilised on hunting expeditions for brars, deers and wild boars in the Middle Ages.

Pretty archaic way to use a great dog like this. Now they are oilularky known as a favourite pet to own. If you own a Great Dane and you’re here to find out what best to feed him with them you’ve stumbled on the right article as we will do our best to give a detailed report on their nutritional needs and favourite food products to give them.

The male great Danes pack more weight than their female counterparts weighing in at up to about 120 pounds while the females pack weight of up to 100 pounds.

These pound-weight-figures look quite alarming and you’re scared with a dog if this size he’ll eat everything and everyone and when he’s still not satisfied he might just eat you too! Lol, well no this does not seem to totally be the case. Let me explain that it has been shown that the Great Danes utilise way lesser energy per pound weight than a lot of other dog breeds around which shows that they do not eat a lot as opposed to the initial opinion of them at first sight rather they don’t eat much at all as they consume little energy in calories daily.

The great Danes possess amazing characteristics that make them one of the most loveable dogs around. They’re gentle, very friendly and are not temperamental.

The Great Danes require active participation in exercises especially for the adult and senior great Danes.

They have a very steep growth rate and grow in size very fast and they keep it up for a long while. Since they are almost always growing all the time, the right nutrients to keep them on a healthy track is very much important.

A thing of note is,  these dog breeds have the tendency to develop musculoskeletal issues and joint anomalies and a way to prevent this from happening or being worse is to religiously take them out for exercises.

You can imagine how heavy this dog weighs if you’ve never set your eyes on one given this illustration: The great Danes weigh so much that they are omitted from the weight caloric charts of the National Research Council of the National Academics! Yes, it’s that big!

On analysis, great Danes consume over 2500 calories daily on an average. Although, dogs that are older burn less calories than the younger, much more energetic ones. But since the great Danes are mostly laid back dogs they do not consume a lot of calories most of the time and need just the right amount to get them through the day.

How Do You Feed Your Great Dane

Vets have recommended that the Great Danes dog breeds should be fed a minimum of 23% in protein and about 12% of fats as well. It is important that you be very picky and meticulous when choosing the perfect diet for your Dane as there are a large range of dog food packs in their voluminous varieties that claim to provide the best quality and nutritional value for your pooch. It is always a safe bet to patronise the more popular dog food companies that have stood the test of time and are still insistent on providing the best quality you can buy.

What To Look Out For When Sorting For Food For Your Dane

● These dog breeds have the tendency to develop arthritis and possibly hip dysplasia and this is as a result of how big they are. Feeding them right keeps them on the right with regards to their health. From when they’re little cute cuddly Puppies, they should be fed with the diet of giant dog breeds as this specific dog food diet helps them to build their muscles and bones very well as they grow.

● Another point to note is that the Great Danes have the promo proclivity to bloat which comes as a result of their gut dilating with the resulting output of a torsion of their intestine. It can be very painful and can prove fatal if not attended to as soon as possible. Dogs like the great Dane that are prone to undergo this gastric dilation should not wait for too long in between meals. It is advisable you feed them small amounts of meals across the day as opposed to two large meals in a day.

Best Foods For Your Great Danes

When buying food for your dance you should note that they don’t need too much protein and fats in their diets like a lot of other dogs do. The sources of proteins can include lamb, fish, beef and chicken. Feeding them whole meats like these you should be careful as these kinds of foods do not contain moisture and are therefore low in the amount of ingredients contained. Feeding them with meat meals is also healthy as well as it contains moisture.

Dog foods that are tagged with meat meal labels are the best kinds of proteins you should absolutely get for your Dane.

In fats and fatty acids, the great dane diet must contain these essential oils. Getting fats from chicken, turkey or beef works fine and then again some of the vitamins contained in dog food are fat soluble and are the. Best kinds of vitamins your Dane needs for development and growth.

The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, when contained in their diet can help keep their coat lush and healthy.


Now that you know what to look out for when finding food for your Dane, here are a coupled dog food brands that’ll make getting them food way easier.

1. The Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food

The Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dry Dog Food

This dog food recipe is very rich in antioxidants that help keep your dog away from infections and boost their immune system resistance to foreign bodies. This dog food recipe is very much easily digested and does not mess with your dogs gut promoting better egestion.

2. The Royal Canin Giant Breed

The Royal Canin Giant Breed

This dog food recipe is very popular and is infact one of the very best dog food manufacturers out there. This dog food recipe presents itself at an affordable price and comes packed with very high quality ingredients that will give your dog all he needs nutritionally. The Royal Canin Giant Breed comes highly recommended and looks like it’s been made specially for Great Danes! A must have!

3. The Eukanuba Large Breed

The Eukanuba Large Breed

This dog food product also comes recommended for large breeds like your Great Dane. It is highly packed in nutrients and has the best kind of protein sources that are necessary for your Danes nutritional needs.

The Eukanuba Dog Food For large breeds have kept up quality for quite some time and are definitely a good taste for your dog’s palate.

Some people tend to feed their Danes canned foods, and it is not a terrible thing but you must make sure that their diet doesn’t consist solely of canned foods alone as these canned foods are very expensive and provide just as much nutrients as the kibble does. Checking your pockets is also an important parameter to factor in and if you are on a budget it is best to consult with your vet in the cheapest but great in nutritional value kind of dog foods you should get for your Dane.

This article provides an extensive guideline on your Great Danes Nutritional needs, what you should look out for and trusted dog food brands your dog can try out. It is important too that you try as much as possible not to delay meals in between for your Dane as in the long run that might cause fatal health issues and may eat really deep in your pockets with regards to veterinary visits.

If you need further assistance with making a much more informed decision as regards your Great Danes diet, consult your vet and get the needed recommendation to help you make the right decisions.

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