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Pitbull dogs were originally bred as fighting dogs, which is probably why a lot of people fear these vicious dogs. So, what would be the best dog food for pitbulls you may ask?

American Staffordshire Terriers, American Pitbull Terriers and American Bulldogs can be classified under the Pitbull Family. Pitbulls are known to be big and strong enough for defense and attack, which is why a lot of them are mostly used as guard dogs or even police dogs.

Looking for the best dog food for pitbulls requires looking for a diet that is high in protein and high in calories in order for these dogs to build up lean muscle mass and minimize diseases linked to protein deficiency. Foods rich in high-quality carbs and sufficient healthy fats should also be put into consideration. Dog foods of inferior quality have a basically low protein level which may not be good for consumption for your pitbull.

This muscular breed of dogs tends to be hypoallergenic as they get older, so taking this into consideration and looking for foods without any allergens or allergy triggers would also be a key factor in determining the type of food to feed your dog. Therefore, in determining the type of food that would properly nourish your pitbull, a high protein diet should be among the top consideration.


1. Proteins:

In looking for a healthy and beneficial food for a pitbull dog, foods high in animal-based protein should be the main ingredient. Plant-based protein should not be used as a substitute. This is simply important if you want your dog to maintain its lean muscle mass.

Proper protein levels supply your pitbull with enzymes and hormones they require for normal bodily function. Proteins are also essential in healing damaged bones and tissue along with providing antibodies to ward off infections. The protein level in the food consumed by your pitbull should be nothing less than 30%. Common symptoms of a protein deficient pitbull include:

● Deformed or weak bones                                               

● Prone to becoming overweight

● Behavioral problems

● Itchy skin

● Dull coat

● Weak immune system

2. Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamins And Minerals:

Getting a diet incorporated with Omega fatty acids. Vitamins and minerals is also a necessity when looking for the best dog food for pitbulls. Omega fatty acids help with overall physical and mental growth and development. Vitamins like Vitamin C and E​ can also be inclusive to additionally boost your dog’s immune system.

Fatty acids are also important for proper nervous system functioning and for the promotion of healthy skin and fur coat. Fats are known to make a dog’s food palatable and tasty, therefore the fat content in a pitbull’s diet shouldn’t be lesser than 20%. 

3. Grain Free:

Most dog foods good for pitbulls essentially have a grain free formula, which is highly recommended for dogs with food allergies or sensitive stomachs. Worried about feeding your pup low-quality ingredients usually present in grain free foods? Don’t be, because there are foods that contain no fillers like soy, wheat or corn. If you also want you pitbull to shed a little of that unwanted weight, a grain free formula with a low-fat content should be the best way to go.

4. Carbohydrates:

Pitbulls are very energetic dogs and carbohydrates are the main nutrient necessary to sustain their energy levels for play and work. Carbohydrates usually included in a pitbull’s diet are: Thoroughly cooked grains, vegetables or processed starches.

5. Fiber:

Fiber helps to keep your pitbull’s digestive health in check. The total fiber content in a pitbull’s diet should be around 5%, and it is also useful to note that wrong type of fiber or too much fiber can cause problems like diarrhea, flatulence and bloating in your dog.

how often should i feed my pitbull?

If your pitbull is a puppy, you can go ahead to feed them as much as you can, because this is a very important stage of their development process. It is advisable to keep their diet consistent and use the same brand of food while measuring the amount and portion you give to them daily. Your puppy can be fed anywhere from two to three times daily and as an active dog that would require exercise, water should also be provided as often as possible to prevent dehydration.

If your pitbull is an adult, depending on the breed, different protein and fat levels might be incorporated into their diet. A dog’s diet needs to be tailored according to the individual dog to prevent excess weight gain, or other health problems like digestion problems, difficulty breathing and even joint pain. Most adult dogs perform normally on two meals a day, but depending on the amount of vigorous activity your dog does, you might want to feed it a little more.

list of best dog food for pitbull

1. Blue Wilderness High Protein Recipe With Chicken:

The first five ingredients in this dog food are Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Peas, Pea Protein and Tapioca Starch. This health and holistic dog food can provide your pitbull with all the necessary nutrients they need for a proper growth. This dog food contains a minimum of 6% fiber, 34% protein, 15% fat all in 409kcal/cup. It is a popular high demand protein option for pitbulls and a popular choice among pitbull owners.

2. Wellness Core Grain-Free Original Debone Turkey Meal and Chicken Meal:

This is a USA manufactured grain-free dry dog food with protein infused nutrition aiming at strong bones and health muscle development of your pitbull. This dog food’s main sources of protein are deboned turkey, turkey meal and chicken meal.

No harmful fillers are added and a well-balanced diet is ensured also including antioxidants to support a healthy immune system, omega fatty acids for skin and coat health and probiotics for healthy digestion. This dog food contains no less than 34% protein, 16% fat, 4% fiber all in 421kcal/cup. It is a great choice offering high protein, average fiber and a reasonable fat content.

3. Bully Max 30/20 High Performance Dog Food:

This dog food is specially formulated for all pitbull breeds imbibed with high-quality human-grade protein. It contains approximately 30% protein, 20% fat, 3.8% fiber and a 3.8% in Omega fats. It is easy to see why pitbull owners often switch to this dog food after a trial, because it is designed o help your pitbull build up on the much-desired lean muscle.

This dog food also contains fish meal, eggs and a wide array of vitamins and minerals that would have an impressive effect on your dog. It is a highly-recommended dog food providing a well-balanced diet for your pitbull.

4. Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Dog Food:

Infused in this dog food are Salmon (source of Omega 3,6 Fatty Acid), Sweet Potatoes (Source of Carbs). Ocean Fish Meal, Peas and Potatoes. This dog food is a good option for hypoallergenic pitbulls due to the presence of salmon, a common protein that doesn’t trigger skin allergies in dogs.

It is also a healthy source of fats, making this food extra savory for dogs that are picky eaters. This food offers 25% proteins, 15% fat in a 360kcal/cup. It also contains whole fruits and vegetables that aim at providing your dog with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a better immune system.


As your pitbull grows from a pup to an adult, be ready to switch in between meals to accommodate your dog’s taste and nutritional requirement, or in the case of any unexpected allergy. Dog food formulas that can be fed to a dog consistently has always been a best choice, so find the best dog food that works for your pitbull to remain strong, energetic and healthy. Focus on key ingredients like protein, healthy carbs and fat, all in a well-balanced diet and your pitbull dog is ready to live life!

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