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The Yorkshire terrier breeds are popularly known amongst pet dog owners. These dogs are small and have thick coats. They are the cutest things ever!. However just like all other dogs they require a specific type of diet to stay healthy and strong.

The yorkies have fastly risen in the ranks on the all-time favourite pet for dog owners in the past years. They are rightly so adored because of their small stature and their long coats. Their appearance will make you drool.

These yorkies have a very sensitive gut system and it is important that you carefully select the best kinds of food for them. They seem to be very picky with their foods and require an all to specific diet for growth.

best dog food for your yorkshire terrier

We have sorted out the very best of the best dog foods that are perfect for your Yorkie. These foods are compatible with their digestive system and provide the right kind of nutrients needed for their growth and development.

Below are some of the best kinds of foods for your Yorkie.

1. The Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

2. Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food

3. WholeHearted Grain Free Small-Breed Chicken and Pea Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food

4. CARNA4 Easy-chew Fish Formula Sprouted Seeds Dog Food

5. CANIDAE Pure Real Lamb Goat and Venison, Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Premium Dry Dog Food

Yorkies are known to be very picky with their diets and it is important that you get them the fight food that will ensure that their nutritional needs are met.

Hoagies have a very fast metabolism and need foods rich in calories and packed with a lot of nutrients. There are a couple of food contents you have to put in mind when searching for food for your Yorkshire Terrier.

It is important that whatever dog recipe you end up choosing must be packed with proteins as this class of food helps to repair worn out tissues, and participate in the building and development of stronger body muscles. 

On an average the adult yorkie should consume a diet with nothing less that 19% protein content.

The Yorkshire Terrier’s coat is one of their best features and to keep them glistening and in good conditions your dog food should contain good fats most especially in the form of the Omega-3 fatty acids.

While it is good that your Yorkie gets on a protein based diet they also have a need for carbs. But note that the carbs should only be present in small amounts. In increased levels they prove difficult to digest in your yorkies gut.

Best Dog Food for Yorkies

Yorkies are small breed dogs and do not need humongously sized foods as they have little mouths that will not allow them to chew it all at once. Get them small sized foods that will not stress their jaws.

If you do not know exactly what to get for the yorkie, this article will guide you to making the best decisions.

The Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

This dog food recipe from the Hill’s Science Diet is specially modelled and designed for dogs that are small breeds and takes into consideration their ability to digest foods easily. It is very good for small breed dogs and your Yorkie would love them too.

They come in two flavors and are packed with protein sources from chicken and lamb. It comes highly recommended for your yorkies diet and contains the Omega-6 fatty acid that helps promote a healthy and shiny coat.

The Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food also contains antioxidants that increase your dog’s resistance against infections and diseases. It is void of any form of artificial flavors and colourings.

The Pros:

The fats in form of the omega-6 fatty acid is an added advantage for your Yorkie as it gives a certain shine and healthy look to their furs and skin.


The contents of this food pack may be incompatible with some dogs’ gut and they might trigger stomach upsets as a result of the sensitivity in some of the ingredients found in this product.

If this food recipe doesn’t go through a shush week with your dog’s gut it is advised that you give your dog foods that are tagged limited ingredient diet (L.I.D), these kinds of foods have lesser ingredients in them but still contain all the necessary essential nutrients for your dogs growth and development.

2. The Cesar Gourmet Wet Dog Food

This dog food recipe is very delicious and goes easy on your dog’s palate. They can’t help eating this delicacy and not want more. Not only is it delicious it comes in different flavours and this way you have a wide range of possibilities to try without wearing them out with one flavour. This product also comes with a lot of nutrients and provides your dog the necessary nutritional value needed for growth and development.


This product comes in different packaging that are as follows: filet mignon, porterhouse, and filet mignon, pot roast, poultry, the breakfast and dinner, chicken and top sirloin, and steak lover’s.

This dog food recipe contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals, most especially for small breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier in order to promote a healthy appearance and good health.

Since it is made considering small dog breeds, it is easy to munch and small dogs can enjoy the food without having to stress their jaws.


Some dogs breeds may experience gut sensitivity as a result of the ingredients contained in this product.

3. The WholeHearted Grain Free Small-Breed Chicken and Pea Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food

This dog food comes highly recommended and is very good for small breed dogs, it’s source of protein is meat and it is a major part of the ingredients contained.

Protein is very essential for your yorkie in order to keep their muscles strong, healthy and ready to go. This Dog Food is void of any artificial flavor and coloring and it proves to be safe for consumption and easy digestion.

Inside this package is a special-sized kibble that comes along with it that your dog can chew. This kibble helps to reduce the level of tartar formation on the teeth of your dog.


It’s main protein source, chicken is quite right in protein content and is a favourite flavour for dogs including Yorkies.

There’s a decent amount of the minerals of  calcium and phosphorus and they function to give your Yorkshire Terrier strong bones and teeth. There’s presence of Probiotics in this recipe and they help the dogs digestion.

The Cons:

Some Ingredients contained in this Food pack may not be compatible with your dog’s gut and may trigger diarrhoea and vomiting. Also some canines are allergic to chicken and this food might not be recommended for them. 

4. The CARNA4 Easy-chew Fish Formula Sprouted Seeds Dog Food

The carna4 easy chew fish formula sprouted seeds dog food.

Fishes, as much as they are loved by cats, are not really dog favourites but this Dog food pack is very tasty and your dog can easily fall in love with it. It’s easy to munch and digests just as much too. Not only is this tasty, it is manufactured under optimum conditions. The foods are tested thoroughly for pathogenic organisms and free of toxins before putting it out there to be available for purchase. It also contains all the nutrients needed for growth, development and for maintaining good health.


As with small breeds like yorkies, they have smaller jaws and need foods in small sizes for easy chewing and this product does just that. The food is made in small portions to make sure that your dog can eat without stressing their jaws too much.

The Cons:

In all honesty, not all dogs enjoy the fish flavour and since it’s not a regular food they are used to, it may not be compatible with the gut and it might trigger stomach upsets, diarrhoea and vomiting as well.

5. CANIDAE Pure Real Lamb Goat and Venison, Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Premium Dry Dog Food

canidae grain free pure limited ingredient lamb goat venison meals recipe dry dog food—

This food pack is made solely from 10 or lesser ingredients. It comes packed primarily with the nutrients your dog needs. This Dog food recipe is an L.I.D and with fewer ingredients in them your dog is less exposed to other contents that may be an issue to their health, triggering allergic reactions or causing stomach upsets.

It is manufactured in about 6 different flavors for your dog, allowing a wider taste range, providing a variety of options. Not the cheapest dog food but it is perfect for your dog and would hardly cause you and your dog any problems.

The Pros:

This food pack being an L.I.D, contains a fewer number of the ingredients that make it up and this allows you only to feed your furry canine the necessary nutrients required for their growth and health allowing you to worry less about allergic reactions. 

It is also 100% grain free.

The Cons:

Even with all its benefits and fewer ingredients combos, some dogs may find it nauseating because of the way it smells. In some other cases it might not be compatible with your dog’s gut and may trigger diarrhoea and vomiting.

This right here, are a couple guidelines for you to follow when picking out the Best Food For Your Yorkie.

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