Best Dog Grooming Clippers

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Yes, dogs need haircuts. Grooming is an important part of owning a dog and it is your responsibility as a pet owner to make sure they look their best most of the time. There are a couple of equipment that are made available for the grooming of your dog, one of which we will be addressing here.

Taking care of your dog’s coat regularly without having to risk injury on your dog while cutting, and so getting the right tools that’ll get the job done nicely is important. Here, we have sorted out the best grooming clippers for your dog.

We have listed out a range of grooming clippers from the most trusted popular clipper brands down to those on a budget.

These Grooming Clippers function for different specific purposes and hopefully you find exactly what you need in durability, affordability, efficiency and worth in whatever choices you decide to make.

Below are our top five Best Grooming Clippers For Your Dog.


1. The Andis Agc Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clippers

It weighs about 500g, and is mains powered. It is a good option and highly recommended for both professional and stay at home groomers. It gives off little to no noise at all, has a wide range of blade types to choose from and works well for almost any type of dog breed coats. It comes in a variety of colours to your aesthetic taste.

Our Runner up here comes the WAHL PREMIUM PET CLIPPER KIT, SS PRO

2. The Wahl Premium Pet Clipper Kit SS Pro

The wahl grooming clippers have been popular for a long time and still are and come in our top five picks for grooming your dog’s coat. They provide clippers for all coat types on almost every dog breed, its low noise design makes it much more comfortable to use, it is mains powered, corded and weighs in at about 990g. It’s blades are easily detachable for cleanup or exchange of another blade type.

On a budget? No worries! There’s something for you too.


3. The Wahls Multi Cut Mains Dog Clipper Kit and Instructional DVD

These clippers are corded, great use for home groomers, are resistant to corrosion on exposure to air and moisture, light weight and low noise.​ It is mains powered, weighs about 0.35kg, and comes along with a DVD instructional video. It is well suited for small sized dogs.

4. The Wahl Pro Series Dog Clipper Mains/Rechargeable

This cordless grooming clipper is specially designed for convenience. It can be plugged in on use and when fully charged it can also work efficiently for up to 45 mins tops. It comes packed with a DVD instructional video. It weighs about 762g.​

5. The Wahl Pro Series Lithium Dog/Pet Clipper Kit

The Wahl Dog Pro Series clippers are tailor-made for long and silky dog coats. There is low noise, cordless and great for home groomers. These dog clippers have quite a long battery life in comparison to other products and come with 4 attachment combs. This product is pretty light weight and weighs about 730g

These are the list of our top five best grooming clippers for your dog.

Below is some detailed information about the clippers mentioned above so you at least know what you’re looking out for or if in any case you’re confused you can draw a scale of preference and pick the one that ticks most of your boxes.

Best Dog Grooming Clippers

1. The Andis Agc Super 2-Speed Professional Dog Clippers

This clipper takes top spot on our list and here’s why.

These clippers are amazing as they go for an excellent  price, they have insane power output and weigh so little for easy and smooth handling.  They come highly recommended and do the job nicely with accuracy and utmost precision all the while powering through smoothly through your pooches coat.


● With it’s lightweight property they are easy to wield.

● They have two speed knobs that function to give you whatever the desired cut is.

● They are a great addition for professional and home dog cost groomers.

● They also come in a variety of colors for your aesthetic taste.

The quality of these clippers cannot be overemphasised enough. Need a dog grooming clipper? The ANDIS AGC is the perfect pick.


There really aren’t any downsides to this clipper, only maybe say, you are on a budget but if you can afford this clipper it’ll give you every single penny’s worth.


● This dog clipper has a low noise design and weighs little.

● It comes with a very good 10 blade which can cut hairs as low as 1.6mm

● It comes with a two speed feature of both a 300 and a whopping 4000 strokes in a minute!

Reviews have reported that they are an easy use and they go through your dog’s coat with ease and are not noisy at all.

2. The Wahl Pet Clipper Kit SS Pro

Thes Wahl brand grooming clippers are our runner up for a reason. They provide very quick grooming and save you a lot of time. In a short time they do the job and much more effectively too. They are quite powerful and possess a low noise design. Definitely a great addition to your dog’s grooming tools.

● They are perfect for almost any dog breed and go through any kind of coat, thick or thin quite easily.

● They are pretty quick and also very effective

● They have high power output and are of a decent quality

● The anatomy of this clipper is so designed to allow for very easy manoeuvre and makes them quite easy to control.

● They are comfortable to wield and do not cause so much strain on your hands and wrists even when used for a long time.

● They are very low noise and will not make your dog jerk in nervousness when you try to use it on them.


● They actually weigh up to 1kg and might be too heavy for some users.

There isn’t any obvious downside wrong with this clipper as it carries out the grooming of your dog’s coat quite well without any hiccups.


● They can cut hairs as low as 0.7mm eliminating the use of scissors

● They come packed with comb attachments that cut hair down to 3mm, 10mm and 16mm so you get the desired cut whether it’s a complete shave you seek or just a little cut.

They come highly recommended and are of excellent quality and great for the price. Definitely your money’s worth.

3. The Wahl Multi cut dog grooming clipper

On a budget? No worries.

This grooming clipper provides great value and does not break the bank. They are affordable and do the job pretty nicely. Although, this clipper is best suited for small sized dogs that have lighter coats or hairs as it doesn’t do well with cutting bigger dogs or dogs with much thicker coats.


● For a budget clipper it is a nice addition.

● They aren’t too loud too and your dog can get comfortable when you use it on them.

● They are packed alongside with extra combs that can be easily attached and detached for whatever use you intend them for.


● They are not professional standard

● They can only be used conveniently for small dogs

● They can’t cut thicker coats as effectively as you’d want.


The Wahl Dog clippers, multi cut dog clippers features:

● A light weight clipper

● Corded

● Resistant to corrosion and rusting

4. The Wahl Pro Series Dog Grooming Clippers Mains and Rechargeable

This clipper is a very handy tool and comes to your rescue when there’s no active power source for a plug-in use. All other dog grooming clippers mentioned before now are corded but this Wahl Pro Series dog clipper can serve both the corded and cordless role as it has a rechargeable ability and can last up to 45 minutes when fully charged up.

This excellent feature obviously provides convenience and easy use at any time, any place.


● The blades are easily attached and detached for easy use and cleaning.

● They cut hair low within ranges of 2-13mm in length.

● They are easy to wield as they are lightweight.

● Inbuilt low noise design that keeps your dog comfortable when cutting their hairs.

● And ultimately of course they are cordless, and can be recharged and used at a later time without plugging in.


There really isn’t any to this clipper.


● It comes with carbon steel blades that are resistant to corrosion on exposure to moisture or air.

● It comes packed with a DVD instructional video that shows you how to use and the excellent features it  comes with.

● In the package are four attachment combs for your desired dog coat grooming needs.

What makes them ideal and growing in popularity amongst pet owners and professional dog groomers is its ability to recharge and still be as effective as when plugged into a light source.

5. The Wahl Pro Series Lithium dog / pet clipper Kit

Here we go with Wahl again? Well, I’m sorry but these guys deliver and have established themselves as a stronghold in the hair grooming industry even amongst humans they are one of the most popularly used clippers found in barbershops and hair salons. The Wahl company manufactures high quality clippers and keep raising the bar higher on improving their tech and also giving you your money’s worth.

This clipper is cordless and on full charge can serve you up to two solid hours! They can be used while plugged in as well and serve very well as both cord and cordless machine with no reduction in efficiency.


● They are cordless and can also be used while plugged in

● They are fast charging

● They last up to 2 hours on full charge

● They come with easily adjustable tapers with lengths between 0.8 to 13mm

● The anatomy of this clipper is well modelled and designed for easy manoeuvres giving you a much more accurate and precise groom.


Again with this one there are no downsides and they do the job excellently. 


● They have a low noise design.

● Their blades are suitable for long, short, thick and thick coats

● Are lightweight and are easy to handle.

With this extensive guideline, you should be able to make an informed decision on what exactly you need to get for your dog, taking quality, time saved, budget and the type of dog you have. We hope this has been helpful.

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