Best Dog Parks Near Me

best dog parks near me

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I’m sure right now you’re wondering, what are the best dog parks near me? Dog parks are among the best places for your dog to get exercise and have fun. Just like us, dogs are social creatures and they love to play and have fun and spending time in parks can also help to improve their social skills.

Well, before I answer that question there are some things you should consider before going to a park with your dog.

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Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Dog Park

The Environment

You should visit the park by yourself first and have look around. You’ll decide whether you’re comfortable there or not. Is the fence too low? Are there any holes in the fence that dogs can escape through? Do the owners responsible if their dogs become aggressive? Are there any things in the environment that can harm your dogs? Are you comfortable with the owners and dogs present? They don’t necessarily have to be bad or scary-looking people but your little chihuahua will be out of place in a park full of Great Danes.

This should be a very serious consideration because the size difference will cause your smaller dog to get hurt while trying to find its way around its much larger counterparts. Some larger dogs might also see the smaller dogs as prey and not playmates so it’s safer to separate them. Some parks have different play areas for different-sized dogs so that’s something to look out for.

Your Dog’s Personality

Dog parks are for dogs that can easily socialize and be around other dogs. It’s not an ideal place to teach them these skills. If your dog is hostile to other dogs or aggressive then you should try to correct those behaviors first by training them. If your dog is nervous or shy it’s best to keep them away from parks because seeing all those dogs will be frightening and they’ll just end up hiding behind you. Events like that can be traumatic so it’s best to work to correct these issues and not force them to socialize with other dogs.

When you visit a park, watch your dog and other dogs carefully and if they start acting aggressively towards each other, call your dog to yourself and let them take a break so it doesn’t turn into a fight. If this behavior continues your best and safest option is to leave the park. If they start fighting do not try to get in-between them or pull them apart because you might get attacked and bitten.

You can throw water at them or use a stick to get between them. It’s best that you know the location of the closest veterinary hospital so you can easily go there in case of an emergency. Dog parks are safe and really fun for your dogs but you have to watch them because they’re just like kids. If left unsupervised they’ll get into trouble.

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