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As a dog parent, it comes with a lot of benefits. Dogs have been scientifically proven to make us feel relaxed and generally happy, they provide unconditional affection, they make you feel safe when around you and they are great motivators to keep you moving with daily walks.

Sadly, most dogs lack the skill to use a toilet (if you know any or got yours to, we will hire you to temporarily move in and train our dog). Being a fine pet owner leads to stooping and scooping. Utilizing a dog poop bag which is leakproof, very durable and as a plus eco-friendly helps make your daily walks the favorite part of the day.

Most parks and neighborhoods help dog owners by providing dog poop bags, which is a great welfare for the community at large. But if you are located in an area that does not hand out free bags, coming along with your own dog poop bags is part of your responsibility as a pet owner.

We are gradually moving away from the use of plastic bags at the grocery store and bringing our own tote bags when going for shopping (protect the earth!), we now have less plastic grocery bags to use on our morning jogs. Again, dog poop bags totally win.

Not only are the finest dog poop bags good for cleaning up a dog’s number two, they can also be used as litter boxes and for diaper duties when away from home. Most of the bags we have on our list offer odor-blocking properties while others are biodegradable, which aids to lessen their impact on the environment. These leak-proof dog poop bags help to keep your canines drops contained.

1. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bag:

How do we know for sure this is the best overall bag for taking care of your dog’s business? Because after thousands of positive reviews by Amazon customers, the retail giant made a conclusion to release its own version of these popular bags.

While the Amazon Basics alternative might be a little bit cheaper, the original is much more preferred from Earth Rated. We also love that the Canadian company uses part of their generated revenue to donate to animal shelters across North America and assist other pooches in need.

Don’t allow your dog go number two without our number one pick for dog poop bags. The Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags have been helping to clean up after man’s best friend for years all thanks to their leak-proof premium pet poop bags, which measure 9” by 13” which can handle even poo from larger dogs.

Available in an unscented and lavender option and guaranteed to block out odors, the bags are made from recycled material and are easy to open, which is good for owners of dogs who like to do their business and move on quickly. Customers can comfortably carry a roll of 15 doggie bags in their pocket or buy one of the bag dispensers with a leash clip on sold by Earth Rated

2. Amazon Basics Scented Dog Poop Bags:

Clearing up poop is a smelly task, nevertheless with Amazon Basics Scented Dog Poop Bags, dog owners can mask the scent of your pup’s morning drop-off with various scent choices, some are Lavender, Talcum Powder, Cucumber, and Brazilian Mango-scented bags. The Polyethylene bags are solid enough to retain the contents securely inside the bag, which is of course exactly where you want them. The affordable set comes with a dispenser and leash clip to make sure you’re never caught without your number one bag for number two.

3. Petmate Arm & Hammer Disposable Pet Waste Bags:

If you are sensitive to scents but still don’t want to smell your dog’s daily drop-off, we recommend pet waste bags by Petmate Arm & Hammer. Each bag is activated with baking soda to help neutralize odors, which is good news for owners who like to take their dogs on long walks through areas that don’t have a lot of garbage bins at their disposal.

Two times thicker than a traditional plastic grocery store bag and available in an easy tie option, the Petmate’s odor neutralizing bags are great for dogs, cat litter, diapers, and really anything else you don’t want to smell.

4. Doggy Do Good Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags:

For our money, the best dog poop bags are all biodegradable and eco-friendly. For a dog poop bag that won’t leave a mark on the environment (or poop on the ground), we like the Doggy Do Good Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags. The vegetable-based poop bags are 100% biodegradable and compostable, lessening your impact on the environment and fully breaking down within 90 days of use.

Customers don’t have to give up protection for a bag that is gentle on the environment since the bags are still made extra thick and leakproof. The 100% plastic-free bags are made without any EPI or OXO additives and we also like that the US-based company donates a portion of their proceeds to animal shelters.

5. Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags:

If you need a poop bag that is as tough as your pooch, we recommend the Best Pet Supplies Dog Poop Bags. The extra thick poop bags are extremely durable and have rip-resistant seams to ensure that dog owners don’t end up with any messy leaks on their walk home.

The biodegradable bags are environmentally friendly and perforated to make them easy to open. The pink bags, which are easy to spot even in low lighting, are gently scented to help cover unpleasant odors. We also like that the bags come with a convenient bag dispenser and leash clip.

6. Glad for Pets Large Dog Waste Bags:

If you’ve got a big dog, then you need a big bag that can handle your pooch’s mess. Glad’s dog bags are 9.25 inches by 14 inches, making them slightly larger than the average dog waste bag and better able to handle big jobs. We also like that the Glad bags have a tropical breeze scent to help cover up odors. The extra thick bags are tear and rip-resistant and leakproof, which is especially important when dealing with big dogs and their big dog doo doos.

7. Mutt Mitt Dog Waste Pick Up Bag:

Poop bags that are made extra thick help to keep contents inside, but it’s rare that poop touches the entire bag. That’s why we like the design of the Mutt Mitt Dog Waste Pick Up Bag, which has two-ply patented construction on the bottom of the bag where dog owners will be grabbing the poop, which means you won’t be able to feel the ‘details’ of what you’re picking up.

The puncture-resistant bottom is large and forms a mitt over the dog owner’s hand, making it easy to securely grab the poop and flip the bag inside out to keep the contents covered at all times.

8. Top Paw Cactus Scented Waste Pickup Bags:

Is it necessary for dog poop bags to have a cool design? No, but if you’re going to be using an item multiple times a day, buying one that looks nice isn’t the worst idea. The cactus printed bags from Top Paw have a sweet honeysuckle scent that helps to block out unpleasant odors. The thick bags protect the user’s hand while picking up poop and keep the contents enclosed until they are disposed of in the trash.

9. BioBag Standard Pet Waste Bags

By far the crunchiest granola of dog poop purchases, eco-conscious consumers will doubtlessly be drawn to these bags, crafted from resin derived from vegetable oils, plants, and other organic polymers that can be composted with other organic waste, according to the manufacturer. The trade-off is that the material is exceedingly flimsy and predisposed to tearing, not to mention the standard size only reasonably accommodates teeny, Tootsie-Roll-size turds.

10.Gorilla Supply Pet Poop Bags

Disposing of dog poop two to four times a day can get pretty pricey. But for merely $13.99 per 1,000 bags on Amazon, Gorilla can easily cover you for a year. And surprisingly for a budget option, their baggies meet our primary requirements and then some:

They are sizable, easily dispensable, and flexible yet reasonably sturdy. They are also good for the environment—the rolls don’t have that wasteful paper core, and are made from BPA-free, photodegradable plastic that breaks down in sunlight in 12 to 36 months.

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