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It’s ideal that you clean up after your dog and not doing so isn’t just bad behavior but it is also unlawful. As a dog owner you are required by law to pick up after your dog and you need to carry equipment that lets you do this properly. Now, we’re going to be looking at the best dog pooper scoopers so you’ll have a selection to choose from and know what and what to look out for when you want to buy one.

types of pooper scoopers

There are multiple types of pooper scoopers and each one has its advantage over the others so you’ll have to choose one that meets your needs and is conveniently priced.

There is the Jaw Scoop which is very common because it lets you use one hand to scoop by pulling a handle and its jaws can clamp together. It lets you pick up more waste at a time. There’s also the Rake and Bin scooper which comes with a rake and a bin where you can put a trash bag that you can easily remove and tie and dispose of. The others are variations with some having a Rake and Spade and others just being clamps or spades and some are even specially made for certain surfaces like grass and sand.

Factors to Consider When Buying Dog Pooper

Build Quality: You need to get something that is strong and will last very long. You don’t want to be replacing your pooper scooper every week. It’s better to spend a few extra dollars and get something very strong than to have to replace it without getting to use it for long. Strong metal pooper scoopers or those made from very hard and high-grade plastics are your best option.

Portability and Weight: When walking your dog, you’ll have to carry it with you so you’ll need something that won’t add any significant weight to anything you’re already carrying. It has to weigh as little as possible and be easy to carry around.

Ease of Use: This is a very important thing to consider because if you can’t use it easily, you’ll just be putting yourself through unnecessary stress. Before buying make sure it’s long enough so you won’t have to ben over all the time and make sure it’s easy to use and suits your needs.

Best Dog Pooper Scoopers

Cleaning after your dog isn’t the most fun job in the world but you have to do it so having the right pooper scooper will help make it easier. Here are our top picks;

1. Bodhi Dog Complete Poo Pack

This one really is the complete pop pack. It comes with its own bags and a bag holder. It’s made from high quality non-stick plastic and the handles are 24 inches long so you won’t have to bend down to clean up after your dog and it comes with a clip-on bag holder and two rolls of bags. It has a good teeth design that lets grass slide through and it can work on any surface and on messes of any size.

It’s lightweight and really strong and I feel it’s the best one out there. It has thousands of positive customer reviews on Amazon and a really good 4-star rating. It’s satisfied a huge number of customers and you won’t be an exception. The only problem are complaints from some customers that the bags are too thin and it requires some setting up. It might also be too short for really tall people.

2. Four Paws Grass Wire Rake

Most dog owners when at home will encourage their dogs to get their business done out in the yard or if there’s grass nearby when walking you can just take them off the sidewalk onto the grass. A lot of pooper Scoopers find it hard to take through grass properly and might end up getting stuck and then you’ll have to try to get them out and still find another way to clean up your dog’s mess.

This pooper scooper is perfect for the job because it’s made specifically to clean up in grass. It has a wire scoop and a long metal handle and a rubber grip. A simple yet very effective design that makes cleanup really easy. You simply scoop up the mess and empty it into a bag or container. The metal is rust-resistant so you’ll be able to use it for a long time.

As easy as it is to use, it’s also very affordable and if used properly it’ll leave no trace when you’re scooping in grass. Sadly, it isn’t made for everything. It’ll be harder to use it on hard surfaces, the tines in the scooper are a little far apart so picking up small messes will be difficult and as it is with most pooper scoopers, it might be too short for most very tall people.

3. Nature’s Miracle Jaw Scoop

Being a handheld scooper, it allows you to clean up multiple piles of poop before you’ll have to empty it. It can also be easily operated with one hand. This one isn’t very long so you’ll have to bend over to use it but it makes cleaning easy and convenient because you can do more before you’ll have to stand up. It is lightweight, and very strong because it’s made of high-grade plastic.

The jaws are spring loaded so its clamp is really strong and you can be sure nothing will spill out when it’s closed. It also has a non-stick surface so it all just works together to make cleaning easy. It has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and a strong 4.3-star rating.

Users really love how durable and strong it is and how easy it is to use. It can be used on all surfaces and it comes in two different sizes. However, having to bend down every time your dog’s poops can be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

4. Petmate Clean Response Waste Management System

This is a hands-free pooper scooper. You don’t have to bend down when using it (unless you’re really tall in which case, how’s the view up there?) and it comes with a scooper and a handle where you’ll attach the bag or container so you can scoop directly into the bag. Just scoop up the mess into the bag and dispose of the bag or empty the container into the trash, no extra hassle.

The handle is 3 ft long which is long enough to suit the needs of most people, it is lightweight and its grips are really comfortable. It has over 2000 reviews on Amazon and it seems to be really popular among dog owners because it’s so easy to use. It’s one of the highest rated hands-free pooper scoopers and it’s affordable too. You can use regular grocery bags with it so now you’ll have a second use for those bags. The only drawback is that it’s not very strong so you have to be careful with it and it has a tricky swivel action that makes emptying it a little difficult sometimes.

5. Royal Pet Spotty Metal Tray with Rake

This is a rake and spade style pooper scooper which is really easy to use and convenient. You’ll get a rake with a long handle which you’ll use to scoop the poop into a spade that’s also attached to a handle. Then you can empty the spade into a bag or container. The Royal Pet Spotty Metal Tray with Rake stands heads and shoulders above its counterparts. It is made from aluminum so it is lightweight and very strong and durable.

The handles are very long so you won’t have to bend down when cleaning up and they have very comfortable grips and both pieces can snap together making them easy to carry around and store. They can also be used on all surfaces and they scoop really well. The main drawbacks here are that the spade may not be big enough to properly carry large messes and you’ll have to do it multiple times and just as it stands above others in quality, it stands above most others in price too.


Getting the right pooper scooper will save you loads of stress and make cleaning up after your dog so much easier. The items on this list will serve you well and you can always use this as a guide to pick one out for yourself.

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