Best Dog Shampoo For Itchy Skin

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You’ve just discovered your dog is almost always on all three’s with it’s fourth limb scratching incessantly at its skin. Aknow.rst you think nothing of it but it has become an act done too often and now it bothers you. Well there’s a solution and that’s why you’re here. Here we sort for the beat shampoos your dog should use to cure itchiness.

is it okay for dogs to itch?

Just like with humans, sometimes dogs might find a nice spot in their body and they itch it and get this sweet sensation from doing it. But if you observe that the act is all too frequent then it is clear that something is up and your dog is trying to tell you about it.

Below are the most common reasons why your dog itches their skin.

● As a result of a yeast infection.

● Skin irritation that might be due to a certain chemical reaction in their bath products or the soap used to wash their towels.

● Insect bites can cause irritation and therefore itchiness.

● Ectoparasites: Ticks and fleas can cause itchiness in your dog.

● An allergic reaction to an allergen such as something in their food or from grass pollens or seeds.

solution for dogs with itchy skin: home remedies


It is important to know the reason why your dog’s skin itches before looking for an active solution. A quick way to find out is by consulting your veterinarian. Once the cause of the itchiness is known you can begin to apply whatever solutions that benefit the problem and you can do this by making very little changes to their usual routine. 

get your dog a skin-friendly food

If on investigation you discover that your dog’s itchiness is as a result of their diet then you should talk to your vet or your dog’s nutritionist to get a diet that is much more skin friendly for your dog. Do not make any massive changes to your dog’s diet too quickly. Instead, check with your vet first and get their advice and recommendations to solve your dog’s skin problems.

could the environment be the problem?

Sometimes, things in the environment can elicit a reaction or irritation on your dog’s skin. Maybe a plant or the insects around or even the chemicals that are in pesticides. Try a change of environment for your dog. Go through different routes from your usual when walking your dog. Make sure that the plants that you grow indoors are friendly on your dog’s skin as well.

grass pollens?

When your dog  lays in the sun on the grass do you see visible irritation or do you observe that shortly after your dog lays on the grass he begins to get all itchy? It might be as a result of grass pollen most especially when it’s the highest point of pollen season. Try walking them off the grass, keeping them as far away from grasses as you can and see if that solves the problem.

If you’re a farmer or you enjoy planting and at some point you decide to sow grass seeds, try to keep your dog away while doing that as these seeds can be very tiny and may stick to your pets ears or on their paws, causing irritation, and an itchy skin.

taking a look at their shampoo

Some bath products may contain foaming agents and synthetic materials that may not be skin friendly for your dogs as it may cause the irritation of your dog’s skin. It is best to ensure you’re utilising the best dog shampoo that is soothing for your dogs skin and does not cause irritations.

things you should look out for when searching for a food dog shampoo

When scouting for good dog shampoos, there are a couple questions you must have in mind to ask and it is also very important you read what the ingredients label is all about.

Is the shampoo you’ve picked soap free?

-Soap free shampoos are the best for your dogs. Check the product label to know.

Is the product you’ve picked SLS free?

-It must be SLS free as these chemicals may contain irritants that can cause a reaction on your dogs skin. Check the product label to know.

-Is the shampoo product a party to artificial colourants?

Artificial coloring in bath products can cause your dog’s skin to itch.

-Is it void of artificial scents?

Some of these products may contain artificial scents that can cause your dog to itch all over.

Check the label to be sure.

-Does the product contain soothing elements in them?

-Active soothing ingredients in your dog’s bath product helps to stop itching.

Check the products label for soothing agents that are dog-skin-friendly.

Note that the best kinds of shampoos for your dogs, especially those with very delicate skin, should be SLS free and contain active soothing ingredients as well.

best dog shampoos for itchy skin

-The allPaws dog shampoos have proven time and time again their quality. They contain ingredients that have neutral pH and do not contain  SLS. They contain aloe vera which is mild and soothing to your dog’s skin.

-The allPaws Sensitive Dog Shampoo is highly recommended for dogs that have very delicate skins.

The allPaws Sensitive Dog Shampoo – It is 100% scent free and does not contain chemicals that will irritate your dogs skin.

protection against ectoparasites

One of the causes of your dog itching might be due to the presence of a parasite. These ecto parasites feed on the blood of your dog and their afterbites can be very itchy. Ticks and fleas are the most common of them. It is important that you get rid of these parasites as letting them linger can be very detrimental to the health of your dog. Check your carpets and take preventive measures to reduce the presence of these parasites.

Although the all paws shampoo is amazing for taking good care of your dog’s delicate skin, they do not protect your furry friend against parasites.

On notice that your dog might have these vampiric arthropods on them, you should contact your veterinarian immediately for help.

cleaning agents

Some cleaning agents and detergents alike might contain material or chemicals that are not friendly for your dog’s skin. Make sure to keep these cleaning agents as far away from your dog as much as possible.

Also, scented candles have been shown to be toxic to pets and should be far from them as well. If you must use your favourite cleaning agents despite the reaction it triggers on your dog’s skin then you are advised to make sure the surfaces and floors you clean are dry before you allow your dog to stay on them.

your pet’s clothes?

Always keep the amount of time your pet spends in clothing to a minimum and choose clothes with natural fibres such as wool over cheaper, synthetic fabrics.

It’s also important to consider how you wash your pet’s clothing. One of the first questions we ask ourselves if we get a rash or itch on our human skin is whether we’ve changed our washing detergent recently, and the same logic should apply to pet clothing. If possible, wash pet clothing and bedding in a gentle, non-bio detergent that’s suitable for ultra-delicate skin.

inspect your dog’s collar

Your dog’s collar can be a cause for his itchiness. Perhaps it is too tight or it’s made up of materials that are not skin friendly. Check the skin where their collar goes, if the skin there looks inflamed or red. If it is, always remove their collar at night and strap it back on in the morning. Get your dog a soothing balm and rub over the affected area.

check their sheets

Wash their sheets regularly. Dirty sheets can be an issue and cause skin irritation on your dog.

a cool dry place

Sometimes the heart has its own effect on the skin. If you observe your dog itching so much during the summer season, then you should try to make their environment cooler and less humid. Keep them away from long hours in the sun and make sure they are never dehydrated.

A cool deep bath can also help bring down their temperature a bit and keep them calm and cool.

The allPaws Cleansing Dog Shampoo – Wild Mint

allpaws cleansing dog shampoo- wild mint 200Ml

It has excellent reviews and is one of the highly rated cleansing shampoo for dogs. It is completely organic and inexpensive. Perfect for its price and worthy of value as well.

It is very common practice for dogs to itch on their skin all the while scratching away. It is sometimes as a result of some health issues and dermatological anomalies. Once you’ve discovered that your pooch scratches all too frequently, diagnose the problem with the possible causes listed above.

Do a differential diagnosis and eliminate the more common causes first and walk your way up till you find a reason why. Apply the appropriate solution. If you can’t figure out the reason for your  itching and it is causing great concerns then set up a meeting with your veterinarian to find solutions to their problem.

We have listed the best kinds of shampoos that are best for your dog’s skin.

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