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Just like we get baby strollers, we also need to get the best dog strollers for our canines. There are so many positive reasons to get outside and go on a walk with your canine. You can enjoy the fresh air, get some steps in, and spend some quality time together, but not all canines are always up for a stroll. In those cases, you’ll need a stroller.

Strollers are a great way to get dogs who are injured or old out of the house to enjoy the sunshine and general outdoor experience.

Should I get a dog stroller for my Canine?

Most dogs enjoy walking along side you while observing and interacting with their environment. Being wheeled along inside a stroller might be boring and less exciting to them while others are better off in a stroller due to either health or natural conditions.

Dog strollers are good for different types of canines

Injured or disabled dogs have a hard time keeping up on strolls due to their condition and would definitely require a dog stroller. Your dog could be recovering from an operation or injury, getting a dog stroller would help in taking them for walks to receive some fresh air and aid their recovery.

Old dogs while still in need of the general outdoor adventure and experience may also find it hard to keep up on runs and walks. Without a doubt, special exercises for older dogs could help, they may be incapable of walking long distances and will get tired easily. Dog strollers give senior dogs a means to go out for strolls and enjoy nature without wearing them out.

Sick dogs or non-vaccinated puppies benefit from having a stroller as it helps them go out in a safe and controlled way, hence keeping them off the ground in areas where diseases like distemper and parvo are most likely to be found yet giving them an opportunity to socialize and enjoy the view of their surrounding from the comfort and safety of their stroller.

Sick dogs with non-transmittable illnesses can also benefit from stroller walks as they get to go outside, grab some fresh air and return home feeling refreshed.

Very small dogs find it hard keeping up with active owners, taking a run with a small dog might be difficult, in such case, getting a running stroller would be a wonderful idea.

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Best Dog Strollers?

If you’re trying to get a stroller that’ll meet the needs of you and your dog, there are certain things you should consider before arriving at a final decision.

Size and Weight

When getting a stroller for your dog it’s important you review the size of its cabin to ensure it’s big and comfortable enough for your dog to fit in. It should also be compact and light to carry around with ease.

Most dog strollers are built to hold smaller dogs so if you own a big dog, it’s important you check the strength of the stroller.

Smooth Riding Wheels

Strollers come with different designs based on the user’s activity. For instance, if your terrain is rough with tree roots and cracks here and there, it’ll be hard strolling your dog in a stroller fitted with plastic wheels. You should go for Strollers with inflatable wheels instead of plastic wheels because they are more suited for shock absorption

Top Covers

Strollers with top covers are good for shielding your canine from the sun or rain. It also prevents them from instinctively jumping out of the stroller.

Running vs. Walking Strollers

Most strollers aren’t built for long and regular runs but rather for strolling on a leveled terrain. Using such strollers for regular long runs would naturally be difficult and could damage the stroller.

So, if you go on long and jumpy rides along rough paths you should look for strollers well suited for these activities.

Although they are not cost friendly, it’ll still be worth it in the long run as they are more durable compared to strollers built for level terrain.

If you want a stroller for short walks, surgery recovery or any other activity that isn’t rigorous and won’t put too much strain on it then it’ll be easier to get one because they aren’t really made for rigorous activities.

Security Features

Keeping your dog safe while going on a stroll is paramount and as such, there are certain special features in some strollers that can help with that.

These features include a hand brake to keep your canine from rolling away when you want to catch a break, a safety belt, top covers to shield your pup from the sun, etc.

Space for an extra pup. Having to bring two pups on a ride won’t be challenging as there are strollers designed for that.

These strollers are designed to be extra wide giving you enough room for both pups, others come with separation panels giving each pup its own space to be free

When selecting a stroller, you should keep ease of use in mind as well as strength and safety before making a final choice.

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Our Top Four Dog Stroller Choices

  1. OxGord® Pet Stroller Dog Easy Walk Folding Carriage

The Oxgord Pet stroller is known for its great quality yet affordability. It has several alluring features such as a cup holder, easy ride, ability to fold, and a weather hood.

They are available in several colors giving you the opportunity to personalize your choice of a stroller.

It’s recommended weight limit is 30 lbs (13.6 kg) and it isn’t suitable for running.

Pros: It has a seat belt and rear brake which owners can’t help but love. Its cup-holder, weather hood and storage give its owners so much to work with. It is easy to assemble and relatively lightweight weighing in at 13.6 lbs (6.17 kg) making it just right for on the go use.

Cons: Users took notice of its restrictive windows which limits the pup’s view.

  1. Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

The pet gear No-zip stroller comes with most of your dog’s basic needs. Due to its zipper less design, fur from your canine don’t get jagged, accompanying this is a shock resistant front wheel, cup holder and a foldable hood.

It comes in dark blue, teal and pink so you have multiple choices. Having a weight limit of 25 lbs (11.34 kg), it can only hold dogs below that weight mark.

Pros: It weighs 13 lbs (5.89 kg), making it the lightest stroller on our list. Your dog’s view won’t be disturbed due to its wide viewing window which further enhances its range of sight. Various compartments are present to help hold your dog’s treats and it comes in different colors and it is very affordable.

  1. 2 in 1 Jogging Dog Stroller / Bicycle Trailer

Specially designed for jogging, this 2 in 1 jogging stroller guarantees you never have to leave your canine behind on an adventure. This stroller is strong enough to go on runs and it be tethered to a bike as a trailer which gives you the advantage of having your canine with you on a ride.

Pros: This stroller is well built for users who love to go on rides and jogs. It possesses a hand brake to ensure your pup is safe when you step away. Space for medium-sized dogs won’t be an issue as it is quite spacious.

Cons: Weighing in at 32 lbs (14.5 kg) it is very heavy. It is also really large and this makes it hard to store it in a small apartment. It’s lack of a storage and cup-holder which is a feature common among most strollers is an issue some owners complain about.

  1. Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller

It features a double wide carriage giving your canine a wide outdoor view while being protected. This high-quality stroller comes at a higher price, but you can rest assured knowing that it’s made for the long haul and will stand up to long walks and regular use. Their air-filled tires provide adequate shock absorption that ensures a smooth stroll with your pup.

Pros: The stroller is made of water-resistant materials which keep your dog dry and a plush pad to keep your canine comfortable.

Cons: If it’s anything, it’s not cost friendly. Due to the quality of its build, it is best suited for long-term rather than short-term use.


In conclusion, making a choice on the best stroller to get should be based on your lifestyle, terrain and what makes your canine happy.

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