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Pugs are sweet, lovable, and adorable little dogs who live the family life, snuggling and cuddling. They sometimes have trouble breathing and will require a regular level of activity to remain at a healthy weight which they may much likely struggle with for their whole life.

During walks with your pug, if you are using a leash or a collar, you are risking hurting your pug or worse. Pugs had difficult airways and any pressure on the windpipe, no matter how little, would affect that airway for good. Having your pug wear a harness during walks would help you put that worry and pressure to rest while also transforming the way your pug exercises.

Harnesses are a perfect fit for large breed dog, it also offers a lot of benefits for small breeds as well. It helps you control your Pug when you’re having difficulty keeping your pug in check. You would need to find a harness that is just right for your Pug so as to reduce the likelihood of your Pug suffering an injury or wandering off and getting lost.

Below is a list of harness which would be perfect for a pug’s health and overall well being. Harnesses provide safety, comfort, durability, and protection, it would also be what your pug needs to exercise and stay at the healthy and appropriate weight.

We have helped compiled some information to help you choose the right one and brace you for what you should expect with your harness.

Different Types of Pug Harness

There are various types of harnesses that would suit your Pug’s personality and body type. Keeping in mind that your pug should be comfortable with the harness being used if your pug rejects one kind, there are many more types with which you may have better luck. Below are some common types of harnesses that may suit your Pug’s individual needs.

Front Clip: harnesses with the front clip styles are good for pugs with high energy levels, it applies pressure gently to their sternum to dissuade pulling. However, it is possible to get the leash stuck around your Pug’s legs if you are not careful.

Back Clip: The back clip is a common component in harnesses and has an attachment for a leash at the back, it offers you the opportunity to help keep the leash from getting entangled in your Pug’s legs during walks.

Dual Clip: Harnesses with the dual clip model might be too troublesome to use for dogs as small as Pugs, they were made for large breed dog owners to enable them to have a say in how the harness fits the dog and how much pressure is applied when the dog pulls at it. Harnesses with the dual clip are more expensive than standard harnesses.

Step In: The easiest style of the harness to use thus far is a step in harness, it doesn’t not regular any elegant clipping or positioning, also, you would be able to train your Pug to move around with it and adapt to it without a lot of stress.

Vest Styles: A vest style harness was formulated to be worn all through the day as a piece of clothing and it also features a softer side with zipping or Velcro in place of a collection of buckles. If you’re the type to walk your pug often for short periods of time, this should be your go-to type of harness for the sake of convenience.

What To Look Out For In A Pug Harness

Before purchasing a harness, you should know that the best pug harnesses should be durable without causing a lot of weight, being small dogs, pugs could very easily be overwhelmed with heavy-duty tactical style harness you might uses for a larger or bigger dog breed, for example, a German Shepherd. Pugs need regular exercise but they have breathing issues and may overheat during the exercise.

To keep your Pug during walks, harnesses with mesh designs or lightweight options are your best bet. A harness is going to do wonders for your Pug’s breathing because it won’t block the airway or cause harm to your Pug’s already fragile respiratory system. Harnesses should be fitted appropriately and adjustments should be made while taking into account the girth of your Pug’s chest.

Search for reflective materials and rust-resistant materials for night walks. The vest of the harness should adjust and fit comfortably without issues with the seam. Even if your Pug doesn’t weigh so much, it doesn’t guarantee that your Pug won’t put a lot of stress on the harness. Ensure the harness is well made to save yourself a lot of stress.

The preferred choice is the back clip harness as this would ensure that your leash doesn’t get entangled with your Pug’s legs, they are easy to use and allow for quick comfortable changes. If you do not get a harness that is well made and is the perfect fit for your Pug’s individual needs, you would end up discouraging your Pug from wanting to be outside and from exercising.

The Best Harnesses For Pugs

Highly recommended dogs harnesses are;

Puppia Ritefit Soft Dog Harness

The Puppia Ritefit soft dog harness is the best thing to keep your Pug comfortable and active during walks. It has a soft stretched mesh with a padded chest piece that aids in keeping the pug cool while providing a delicate feeling and cushioning. This harness won’t change and it can be worn comfortably for hours on end, the nylon material in it is washable. Its hardware is rust-resistant, it also comes with back clip leash attachments which is easy to use and keep the leash out of the way. It comes in so many beautiful colours to suit your Pug and it’s personality, the reflective seaming offers some protection during low light situations. It has two points to adjustment to ensure you have the right fit and keep the Pug safely within the harness.

Alfie Pet Vince Sailor Harness

The Alfie Pet Vince Sailor harness is a fashionable harness that can be used as both a harness and an overall vest. It is designed with padding and is very wearable even if you have a pug that is a ball of energy. If you frequently alternate form outdoors to indoors, this is a good choice as pugs can wear it for long periods of time. The vest is perfect for instances where the dog is pulling or lunging frequently or for training dogs, it won’t come off mistakenly and is securely fastened. It could be washed by a washing machine making it easy to keep clean.

Sporn Training Dog Harness

The Sporn Training Dog harness is fitted with padded restraint sleeves that go under your Pug’s legs. The harness is made from the best high-quality materials and it is equipped with steel fasteners for durability. Its braided cord design was formulated to compete against the strength of any dog. Even when your pug is tugging at the leash, the harness will not put any pressure or strain on their neck. With this harness your Pug’s will be easy to control and also comfortable, it is easy to put on and as an added advantage, it quickly transforms into a standard collar if necessary.

Rabbitgoo No Pull Harness

Mostly energetic pugs benefits form using the Rabbitgoo harness, it is designed to dissuade pulling, it fits comfortably without rubbing up on the Pig. It comes with a durable nylon material with reflective stitching for safety. It is tough, rust-resistant and it has four adjustments means to ease adjustments at any point. It helps your Pug’s stay safe and gives you the choice of picking where you buckle the leash, chooses the back clip to ease leash tangling and make adjustments easier, or chose the front buckle when walking energetic lips and for leash training. It is a good option for dogs living with an athletic family and comes in just one color.

Buddy Belts Classic Dog Harness

This harness is for senior pugs who have already been trained, do not have high energy, and do not need a lot of control. It is a one-piece faux leather loop that your Pug can wear conveniently. It doesn’t have a lot of buckles or excessive materials that can weigh down on your senior pug or overheat your senior pug. It provides lightweight comfort for pugs that have pains and aches in their joints or bones without adding to the pressure and keeps the pug safe. The Buddy Belts Classic dog harness comes in plenty of sizes and colours and has a one-buckle closure with a back clip style to prevent the leash from tripping the senior pug.

EZ Dog Chest Plate Custom Fit Harness

It has a moulded foam chest plate that helps mold the pug’s chest for total comfort while evenly distributing the pressure in every length of the body to prevent discomfort and injury. It supports transitions and quick changes. Although it doesn’t have plenty of materials to prevent your Pug from overheating, it is a good choice for people in hot climates who still have to take walks outside, it’s a snug fit to make sure your pug can’t escape. The back clip is simple enough to use and keeps the leash from under the dog’s feet ensuring the perfect fit for the personality of the pug and also its body type. It comes in a range of colors and sizes.

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Ruffwear front range harness would be best for if you take your Pug on extreme walks. It is made with durable nylon with plenty padding in the chest and shoulders. It is made with heavy duty materials that won’t tear, the reflective stitching helps makes your Pug a lot more visible in low light conditions. It has two leash attachments to provide flexibility for energetic young pups that haven’t quite mastered leash training. It has a various sizes and colors. It also has an extra extra small for really tiny pugs.

Bingpet No Pull Harness

It was made for puppies who are still leash training. It has a padded chest piece with minimal straps for easy adjustments and lightweight comfortably, instead of weighing your Pug down, it can help teach manners. Its nylon webbing keeps your Pug from overheating and eliminates discomfort. They can be wiped clean the it’s back buckle works in keeping the leash of the the way during walks. Ultra reflective lights also come in handy in keeping the pug sage during low light conditions or walks at night.

Frisco padded Front Lead Dog Harness

If you want a harness that will provide added control will also providing comfort, look no further than the Frisch padded front lead dog harness. It’s high quality nylon is durable and comfortable. The O-ring leash attachment ok the front of the harnesses directs your dogs attention to you and your walk without neck strain and buckles on both sides are fast release in making it super easy to wear your Pug the harness. It’s inclusion of a D-clip on the back of the harness so it can be used more like a traditional harness is a great feature .

Ways to get your pug used to the harness

Harnesses help to keep your walks with your pug stress-free and to keep everyone safe, some tips to make your pug useful to the harness are :
Start early and use it as often as possible: the best time to introduce your pug to a harness is when they are puppies, at this age, they are curious and moldable and are ready to learn how to live with you.

Allow your pug to familiarize itself with the harness by leaving it lying around: if you leave it lying around your pug could sniff it and get accustomed to it.
Give you pug treats to encourage it: Reward any and all forms of interest in the harness shown by your pug.

Avoid punishing your pug for not wearing the harness properly ; if you punish your pug over the harness, your pug would associate the harness with negativity and run away from it.
Encourage your pug to wear the harness for a few minutes at a time or for hours on end.

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