Can Dogs Eat Doritos

can dogs eat doritos

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We all love Doritos. They’re the most loved chips in most states in the United States and hold a special place in the hearts of fans all over the world. Being the awesome owner that you are, I’m sure you’ll want your dog to enjoy some of that crispy goodness, but as it is with most foods you have to ask the question, can dogs eat Doritos?

Their digestive system is different from ours and so before you give them any human food you should do your research and make sure it’s safe for them and won’t cause any short-term discomfort or long-term damage. We’re here to help you answer the question, can dogs eat Doritos?

Can Dogs Eat Doritos?

Yes, your dogs can eat Doritos. The question is should they eat Doritos?

First, we have to establish that treats should only make up 10% of your dog’s total calorie intake daily. This is called the 90/10 rule and the remaining 90% should come from dog food. This is a rule you should stick to unless you want your dog to start developing serious health issues like obesity which can aggravate existing health conditions like arthritis or cardiovascular diseases and give them a higher chance of getting cancer.

So, should your dogs be eating Doritos? No, not at all. Here’s why.

How Are Doritos Bad for Dogs?

As good as Doritos are, they’re made for humans and not consuming them in moderation can be really bad for humans. So, think of how much worse it could be for your dog. Doritos are filled with a lot of different spices, unnatural flavoring and a lot of other chemicals and foods that are heavily processed should be kept away from your dogs. They have no health benefits for your dogs and are filled with salts and fats. Regular consumption can lead to health problems like diabetes, pancreatitis, heart disease and can lead to obesity. Eating a lot of Doritos at once can also lead to vomiting and diarrhea and they are filled with spices that can cause digestive issues.

A lot of dogs also have issues with processed corn and even though corn is an ingredient in a lot of dog food, most dog foods that are considered good don’t have corn. The dairy-based ingredients will also cause discomfort for lactose intolerant dogs.

The high amounts of salt present in Doritos may appeal to us as humans but it makes almost no difference to dogs. They can taste salt but it isn’t as appealing and when taken in high amounts can lead to salt poisoning which can cause a lot of problems. High salt levels in the blood called hypernatremia, can cause the muscles to shrivel and become stiff because they will lose moisture. This usually leads to jerking, muscle spasms and shaking.

If your dog doesn’t get enough water and has taken too much salt it will cause dehydration quickly which will cause faster heartbeats, difficulty breathing, confusion and may even cause them to faint. If this keeps on, their cells will start releasing water in an attempt to balance the salt levels in the blood.

This can lead to the destruction of brain cells which is usually accompanied by symptoms like disorientation, confusion, abnormal eye movements, lack of proper balance and mobility issues. These neurological symptoms are usually always worse and can lead to convulsions and your dog might go into a coma.

However, the most common symptoms you will notice are frequent urination and extreme thirst. These might be the things that will save their life because while the water dilutes the salt in their blood, it is flushed out by continual urination. Some other symptoms you might notice are high fever, loss of appetite, lack of energy, a swollen tongue, abdominal pains, seizures and nausea.

Rapid changes in sodium levels like this can also lead to brain swelling (cerebral edema) and a heart attack. If you notice any of the signs stated above, make sure you contact your veterinarian immediately.

You will probably get scolded by your veterinarian for letting your dog consume so much salt and they’ll most likely be admitted for treatment. After this they will have to be put on a low sodium diet to control the level of sodium in their blood. Sodium is natural and their bodies need it to function but when it’s too much it can be fatal.

As long as there is no serious damage to their heart, brain or liver just do as your veterinarian says and they’ll recover fully.

For a dog with a pre-existing condition like diabetes or heart disease, the sodium in the salt can lead to a rise in blood pressure which can aggravate the symptoms of heart disease and put your dog in a worse condition.

What Should I Do If My Dog Has Eaten Doritos?

In small amounts, this won’t be an issue. Doritos may have ingredients that are toxic or poisonous to dogs like onions but they don’t contain enough of these ingredients to be harmful. However, if your dog managed to sneak away with an entire bag and has eaten it all then you should be worried. Monitor them over the next 48 hours and if you notice any of the signs of salt poisoning that have been listed above or any other unusual behaviors contact your veterinarian immediately.

You should put your snacks like Doritos in places your dogs can’t reach just to be on the safe side. You should also make sure your dogs can’t get into your trash can so they don’t come across Doritos that have been thrown or worse, expired ones. This is also a good rule to follow so they don’t end up eating any foods that are bad or toxic or swallowing any other harmful objects.

But I Know People Who Give Their Dogs Doritos

Well, not everyone cares enough to monitor what their dogs eat in an attempt to keep them healthy. This careless attitude towards their dog’s health will only lead to problems for them and their dogs and you don’t want that. The fact that you bothered to search for and read this shows that you care about your dog’s health and giving them Doritos has a lot of very bad consequences especially when given in high amounts.

The fact that other people are doing something shouldn’t be enough reason for you to do it, especially if it’s something wrong or dangerous and since there are no health benefits that Doritos provide, there’s really no reason to give them to your dogs.

Consider Other Healthy Treats or Snacks

If your dog keeps begging and you can’t stand it anymore, there are treats or snacks you can give them that won’t endanger them. Don’t think feeding them with junk food won’t have long-term negative effects on their health because they don’t show any immediate side effects or symptoms.

If your dog eats one or two Doritos it won’t cause any issues but it’s best to feed them something that’ll actually benefit their health. It’s not as if dogs eat junk food to feel better like humans so there’s really no reason to give it to them. No matter how much they might want Doritos or attempt to plead with you to give some to them, their health is way more important and should be a priority.

There are a lot of other chips that are safe and even healthy for your dogs and then there are a host of dog treats that are made specifically for dogs. Dog treats are the best option because they’re not going to be harmful to your dogs or cause any health problems but remember to stick to the 90/10 rule. 10% treats and 90% dog food for their daily calorie intake.


You should be careful when trying to feed your dogs with human food, especially junk food. They can lead to a lot of problems. If it’s made for humans and still considered bad for humans you shouldn’t even consider giving it to your dogs. It’s best to train them to eat from their bowl and eat their own food instead of trying to snatch yours because just explaining that it’s bad to them won’t keep them away from it. I mean, how far has explaining that stuff is badly gotten us as humans?

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