Can Dogs Eat Sunflower Seeds? (+ Butter & Shells Poisonous)

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Our French Bulldog loves to eat down any food that drops on the floor. Last week was an ideal a valid example when my better half dropped some sunflower seeds from the table. Our canine ate the sunflower seeds with the shells on, which quickly made us alarm figuring he would be sick.

Fortunately he was OK and experienced no awful response. In any case, as I sound found, it might have been totally different. I had invested some energy investigating into sunflower seeds being noxious to canines, in addition to the dangers of them eating the shells, pieces, or spread and oil subordinates.

This is what I discovered…

Can canines have sunflower seeds? Whilst canines can eat sunflower seeds with some restraint, proprietors should practice alert. The sunflower seeds ought to be unsalted and stripped, perhaps even ground up and added as a dusty treat over their primary feast. They are not harmful and could even have specific medical advantages.

While canines can eat sunflower seeds without the shell, regardless of whether they ought to be permitted to eat them is another conversation totally… and that is the thing that I need to investigate in more profundity today.

Would it be a good idea for you to allow your canine to eat sunflower seeds?

Actually like people, canines all respond diversely to food sources. In case you will allow them to eat a portion of these seeds, ensure it’s a tiny piece from the get go, maybe only a couple on top of their typical food.

The sunflower seeds ought to be unsalted, stripped, and not have some other flavoring on them. Canines that burn-through high salt levels can endure with sodium harming and drying out, which is amazingly genuine… and the shells can likewise be risky (erring on that later).

Are sunflower seeds noxious to canines?

Sunflower seeds are not noxious to canines, yet you ought not allow them to eat huge amounts, or at any point let them eat sunflower seeds with the shells on.

While I can’t observe any logical references to sunflowers being poisonous to canines, I had the option to track down some data on the some website about the mischief that can come to people if sunflower seeds are eaten in unreasonable amounts:

I’m putting it all on the line here, however I would accept that comparative risks would introduce themselves to canines in the event that they ate tremendous amounts of sunflower seeds every day.

Can canines eat sunflower seed shells?

If you do choose to allow your canine to eat sunflower seeds, kindly eliminate the hard-external shells first or buy seedless assortments.

While canines can eat sunflower seed pieces with some restraint, the shells ought to be stayed away from. Dissimilar to different creatures like rodents and birds, canines have no chance of de-shelling seeds.

Furthermore, this can turn into an issue, on the grounds that the shells are unpleasant in surface and difficult for your canine’s stomach related framework to separate. This could prompt genuine gastrointestinal issues, and positively the runs.

At the point when we eat a sunflower seed, we can rapidly berate the shell and afterward spit it. Canines don’t have that extravagance meaning the shells can stifle them, get stuck inside, and lead to stomach disturbs.

What occurs if a canine eats sunflower seeds?

The outcomes will completely on the volume they eat, the manner in which the seeds are ready, and regardless of whether shells are still on.

For instance, if your canine eats an entire sack of sunflower seeds, I can’t envision the result will be a beautiful one. It could prompt heaving, the runs, and perhaps in any event, gagging.

Be extremely severe on how much you feed your canine, guaranteeing to not surpass a tablespoon of shelled sunflower seeds in any one part.

The potential medical advantages of sunflower seeds

With some restraint, sunflower seeds could offer some medical advantages to your canine. I don’t really accept that you ought to unexpectedly surge out and begin adding seeds to your canine’s eating routine, yet this is what the potential up-sides are as indicated by clinical exploration I saw as on the web.

  • ·Can lead to decreased aggravation and sickness risks .
  • ·Can help heart wellbeing with brought down heart disease .
  • ·Can help the resistant framework with significant degrees of fundamental minerals and nutrients.

Remember, the investigations referred to above were led on people and not canines. There are no genuine tantamount investigations identifying with canines and sunflower seed consumption other than this research which took a gander at how the seeds can help canines’ skin and hair:

The most ideal method for adding sunflower seeds to a canine’s eating routine

In case I planned to allow my canine to eat sunflower seeds, I would actually crush them without the shells, and ensure there was no salt present. Before I even did that, I would likewise wash away any debasements that could be covering the seeds.

I would then sprinkle a limited quantity on their food or add it as a ground up powder – similar to an enhancement.

There are some canine well disposed sunflower seed plans on the web. One of the most incredible I found was on a website for custom made sunflower canine treats. I’ve not attempted these with my own canine, yet the individual who concocted this thought said:

Be severe on segments however as agreeing there are 204 calories in a fourth of a cup of sunflower seeds. That is not a great deal of seeds, yet it is a ton of calories, can liken to up to 32% of a little to medium estimated canine’s suggested every day consumption.

It would not require an excessive number of long stretches of allowing your canine to eat sunflower seeds in sensible amounts for them to begin putting weight on – so remember this.

Will canines eat sunflower seed margarine?

Canines can eat sunflower seed margarine, yet, and it’s a BIG however… ensure it is with some restraint as it were. Sunflower seed spread ought to be considered as a bite and treat because of the great calories counts and fat.

With regards to snacks, I keep one extremely straightforward guideline with my canine; the 90/10 standard. It’s easy to follow, and simply implies that anything that considers a bite should just record for 10% of his every day calories.

Canines can eat sunflower seed margarine, however balance is vital.

It’s better that way without a doubt.

Truth be told, many canine proprietors will utilize sunflower seed spread as an option in contrast to peanut butter. Numerous monetarily accessible peanut butters contain xylitol, which is extremely harmful for canines, and furthermore found in treats and mints.

The calorie contemplations

Taking a gander at it closer, if you consider that canines ought to just truly be eating 25 calories for each pound they gauge every day, then, at that point, the numbers can before long pile up with sunflower seed spread.

I’ve done the math on it by taking two normal canine varieties and what their normal loads are. This has allowed me to ascertain which level of their every day admission a part of marked sunflower seed spread could be, utilizing some famous brands.

·Average French Bulldog is 25 pounds: no in excess of 625 day by day calories.

·Average Labrador is 70 pounds: no in excess of 1,750 day by day calories.

By then taking the three top rated sunflower seed margarines on, and afterward checking out the number of calories were recorded in a serving, you see this:

·SunButter (200 calories for every serving): 32% French Bulldog day by day calories/11% Labrador day by day calories.

·Once Again (210 calories for each serving): 34% French Bulldog day by day calories/12% Labrador day by day calories.

·Bliss (200 calories for each serving): 32% French Bulldog day by day calories/11% Labrador day by day calories.

As should be obvious, for a more modest variety, only one serving could take up around 33% of what they ought to have every day, in view of the 90/10 principle.

To finish up, canines can eat sunflower seed spread however if it’s not too much trouble, hold the part to a little one.

Will canines eat sunflower seed oil?

Sunflower oil is made by crushing sunflower seeds to a mash, with the subsequent plant-based oil being wealthy in unsaturated fats. Optimistically speaking, sunflower seed oil is low in immersed fats and will regularly be added to business canine food in little amounts to give omega-6 unsaturated fats into your canine’s eating regimen.

Omega-6 unsaturated fats are said to contribute toward the strength of your canine, with the advantages of delicate and gleaming hide in addition to a wellbeing invulnerable framework being ordinarily referred to on the web.

In view of this, canines can eat sunflower seed oil, yet it’s not something I would physically add to their food yourself in higher amounts.

The explanation being, in huge sums, sunflower oil will put an excess of omega 6 into your canine’s framework. This is said to prompt expanded aggravation, perhaps prompting a higher danger of disease .

What’s the other option?

If your canine has an insufficiency in omega-3s and 6s and need to support their hide and skin wellbeing, rather than them eating or drinking sunflower seed oil, give them a solitary oil supplement.

There are a lot of them available, yet they current best as I would see it would be this fish oil for canines with omega 3 and 6.


Similarly as with any non-canine suggested food, the primary thought is good judgment and balance.

There are a lot of online aides that say sunflower seeds are OK for canines to eat. While I share this feeling, I won’t begin enhancing my canine’s eating routine with sunflower seeds each day.


All canines are unique, so likewise with anything like this, you ought to consistently ask your vet first. Your canine may have previous medical issue that settle on seeds an exceptionally awful decision for them or they basically may respond gravely with a hypersensitivity.

Avoid any and all risks, take the shell off, let them attempt one, and go from that point.

Eventually intense, there are a lot of sound canine treats out there that have been made for canine’s in conference with vets.

In view of this, there truly is no compelling reason to allow your canine to eat sunflower seeds except if you are going down the crude eating regimen course.

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