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What Is A Cavapoochon

A Cavapoochon is a unique breed.

They are gotten when you crossbreed 3 pure breeds which are;

  • The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel,
  • The Bichon Frise
  • The Poodle.

Initially, breeders will crossbreed the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the Bichon Frise to form a Cavachon, then crossbreed the Cavachon with a poodle to form the Cavapoochon.

This breed was introduced around 1996 and from then it started gaining popularity and with its cute looks and curly hair, many people developed a lot of interest in it.

What Breed Is A cavapoochon

A cavapoochon is cross breed between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bichon Frise, and the Poodle.

Appearance and Size

At first glance, this mix looks like a teddy bear and it’s one of the reasons why this mix is so popular. This breed tends to have the face of a puppy even when it has reached adult stage.

They mostly have big, brown eyes which contribute to their teddy-like appearance. They have a black nose, ears with lots of fluff and they have round and wide heads.

They usually have a curly or wavy coat depending on the parent they take after.
If they take after the Cavachon parent their coat is likely to be wavy but if they take after the poodle they would most likely have a curly coat. Though most lie in a spectrum between wavy and curly.

Their coats are hypoallergenic so most people with allergies can still have them as pets without any health issues. As the puppies grow up their coats will be replaced with more silky fur and you can easily maintain them.

They are a small breed that reaches full growth at just a year old, weighing as little as 9 pounds in some cases and as much as 20 pounds in others. Gender plays a role because male cavapoochons tend to be heavier than their female counterpart.

They usually reach heights between 25cm and 30cm and it varies depending on the height of the poodle it was bred with.

Most breeders use toy-sized poodles which is why most cavapoochon appear small and short but if the breeder uses a standard-sized poodle it would come out bigger than what is common.

They also come in different colors, one of the most common colors you would see them in is red with white markings. However, they can come in multiple other colors including;

  • Red,
  • Cream,
  • Black,
  • Black and White,
  • Sable,
  • White and Tan

How Big is a Full-grown Cavapoochon

Cavapoochons are small dogs. They usually grow to reach heights of about 10 to 13 inches.

Males can usually reach heights as tall as 11 to 13 inches and weighs as heavy as 20 pounds.

Females can usually reach heights as tall as 10 to 11 inches and weighs as heavy as 15 to 18 pounds.

Though at the end the height and weight of a cavapoochon will depend on that of the parent breed they were gotten from, cavapoochons from larger poodles will tend to be larger and vice versa.

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Grooming – How To Groom Your Cavapoochon

Bichon Frises and poodles are low shedding dogs and poodles, in particular, do not release lots of dead hair due to their thick coat.

Since a cavapoochon is bred from these parent breeds, it is no surprise that this mix does not shed much as well.

Although they do not shed much, they require regular grooming and bathing and it is essential for them to look and feel the best because they can easily pick up dirt and debris around the house.

Their fur should be brushed a couple of times a week, about 5 times minimum to keep their fur smooth, this is because knots can form quickly and easily if their fur isn’t taken care of regularly.

Left unattended, these knots can become very tight and painful against their skin and at this point, grooming becomes way harder than it should be.

Also, every four to five weeks, it is advised to take the cavapoochon to a professional groomer to get their hairs trimmed especially those around their eyes because they can impair your dog’s vision if not attended to.

Cavapoochon Temperament

This breed has a wonderful personality.

They are very friendly and can also be playful, they get along with children and are gentle around them which makes them perfect for a family pet but that doesn’t mean they should be left with children unsupervised.

They also socialize well and are very affectionate.

They get along with other dogs as well and even cats sometimes so there is no need to worry about bringing this dog home even if you have other pets.

When trained to socialize from a young age they would get used to meeting people and other animals easily and would even be used to handling some situations instead of just barking excessively.

As small as they are, they are vocal just like other small dogs, once they sense a visitor is around they would continuously bark to alert the owners, and sometimes it might become excessive.

They can even start to bark at smaller animals like rabbits so it is important they are trained from a young age so they do not grow up with the habit of excessive barking.

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Are cavapoochons yappy dogs

Small dogs are often infamous for their excessive barking, they tend to be called yappy dogs with their endless barking.

And this usually makes would-be dog owners think twice before getting one.

So are cavapoochons yappy dogs?

The Verdict. hey are not yappy dogs, only if…. you train them properly.

With proper training, you can promote good habits and get rid of bad habits and guess what, you’ve got yourself a wonderful pet that doesn’t bark excessively.

Training and Exercise

This breed is a very intelligent dog thanks to its parent the poodle. They are very eager to please so they enjoy regular training sessions and would always do their best once they are being rewarded with attention or treats. They are very active dogs and full of energy so they should be taken on walks regularly to keep their energy levels in check and they should be given some playtime to keep them occupied and less frustrated as they can get destructive when bored.

It is very important to teach your dog how to socialize with people from a young age, when they obey a command you should also praise them or give them treats, this creates positive feedback.

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Health Concerns About The Cavapoochon

Due to the fact that they were bred from the cross-breeding of 3 different breeds, they tend to inherit the health problems of all three dogs. They are prone to ear infections because of the hair that grows inside their long ears. To reduce the risk of ear infections, owners should constantly have the ears of their dog cleaned and they should also watch out for any redness, swelling, or pain when cleaning the ears.

If this is noticed they should be taken to the vet for proper treatments.

Some other health problems they suffer from include: Heart problems, Hip issues, and Luxating patella. Owners should also watch out for the type of dog food they feed their cavapoochon right from when they are puppies.


Because what your dog eats will impact its health in a major way, feeding your dog with a healthy and nutrient-rich diet will minimize the chances of these health problems occurring.

Why you should get a Cavapoochon

The Cavapoochon is a friendly and loving dog that would be suitable for any family.

They are very playful and would be good for entertainment especially for old people. They have the gentle and clownish nature of the cavalier with the intelligence of the poodle making them smart and able to learn things fast.

They also inherit the non-shedding ability from the bichon and poodle which makes them good for people with allergies.

They do not require much supervision due to their gentle and calm nature but they also shouldn’t be left unwatched especially when they are around kids. Due to their intelligence, they are easier to train. They respond well to positive training and they are able to cut off bad habits from a young age.

They bond well with the family and people in general and they do not require that much exercise even though they need to be physically stimulated with walks every frequently.

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How Much Does a Cavapoochon Puppy Cost?

A cavapoochon puppy costs anywhere from $1500 and above. The actual price you pay might defer slightly depending on which breeder you get it, though generally, reputable breeders will charge you around $1500 and above.

Prices below $1200 should make you cautious and it is generally best to avoid those.

The fact that they are designer dogs, means they are expensive little creatures and although the prices might vary from breeder to breeder, they always seem to be on the high side. The price of this dog can be as high as $1500 or even $2,000 to get a puppy.

The Cavapoochon isn’t a recognized breed by the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club so it is very hard to find a standard breeder for this puppy. Before purchasing from a breeder you should ask them for health certificates for the parents so you would know the potential health issue that mighty develop in the dog before getting it.

You can also contact a Cavapoochon owner who purchased from the breeder about their experience before moving on to purchasing from the breeder. If you do not have enough money to purchase one, you can head down to a rescue shelter or contact rescue centers if they have any of this breed that needs a home, although they can be hard to find because they are rare and being a designer dog they do not usually last up to a day or two unclaimed.

Cavapoochon Pros and Cons 

To end of this article, lets look at a quick summary of the pros and cons fo this unique dog breed. Let’s start with the cons


  • Might be to be expensive for some.
  • They may suffer from separation anxiety.
  • They require regular grooming.
  • They are rare to find.


  • They are easy to train
  • They are friendly
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • They make wonderful companions


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