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chihuahua terrier

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Chihuahua Terrier mix has many faces, each more cuter than the last, they come in different shapes and sizes and each breed has its own unique personality. A Chihuahua Terrier mix is simply a Chihuahua that has been mixed with a Terrier.

The most popular breeds of Terriers that are mixed with Chihuahuas are;
Rat Terriers Chihuahuas also called Ratchi
Yorkshire Terriers Chihuahuas
Jack Russell Terriers Chihuahuas otherwise known as Jack-chi
Bull Terriers Chihuahuas
Fox Terriers Chihuahuas
Chihuahua Boston Terrier mix
The Chihuahua Maltese Terrier mix also called a Malchi

History of The Chihuahua Terrier

Chihuahuas are known worldwide for being one of the smallest dog breeds so it’s no surprise that this mix would be small as well. Terriers originated from Ireland and Great Britain, they were used mainly for hunting of mice, foxes, rabbits, etc.

People wanted a dog that would be alert, a companion dog and small enough to be an apartment dog so they crossed the Chihuahua and the Terrier dog and got the Chihuahua Terrier Mix. This mix symbolizes the unique qualities of both breed.

They are as bold, courageous, and high-spirited as Terriers and they are also as lively, intelligent and affectionate as Chihuahuas.
They are carefree and friendly, they share a special bond with their owners and are very alert.

Fun Facts about The Chihuahua Terrier Mix

As a result of their mixed breed status, you can never know for sure what color the mix will be when they are delivered
They are also called Taco Terriers
They do not need to be groomed regularly
They can be your loyal companion for a very very long time
They are your perfect lapdogs

Appearance and size

A Chihuahua terrier can grow to be 10-25 inches tall, their weight depends greatly on the Terrier breed used for the mix.

The smallest mix which is the Yorkshire Terrier mix weighs about 7 and the largest mix which is the Bull Terrier mix weighs 15 pounds, the Chihuahua Boston Terrier mix weighs 10-20 pounds, they have larger hairs than most of the mix and stand upright.

The Malchi is about 5-12 pounds and grows to be 12-14 inches. Their coats are mostly short and the color varies with each terrier breed.
The Bull Terrier mix has a short smooth coat
The Jack Russell Terrier mix has a short coarse coat
The Fox Terrier mix has a wire-haired coat
The Yorkshire Terrier mix has a double coat
The Rat Terrier mix has a short smooth coat
The color of this mix ranges from black, white, brown, tan, chocolate. It could also be bi-colored.


Grooming of a dog depends on their coat type. Brushing a dog’s coat regularly is favorable because it aids the flow of natural oils which make the dog’s coat healthy and shiny, brush their coats 2-3 5 times a week.

They shed all year long, mostly in the spring and fall but not in large quantities. Be sure to trim their nails, brush their teeth often and keep their ears clean. Their small size makes them really easy to bathe.


The Chihuahua Terrier mix has layers of personalities, they are small, affectionate, lovable, and proud. What they lack in size they make up for with loyalty.

This breed is feisty and can be stubborn, their energy levels are high. They are an unpredictable breed, the only predictable thing about them is their size. They are not shy and tend to bark often. Just like other small dogs, they require more attention than bigger dogs.

They also suffer from separation anxiety be sure to spend a lot of time with them and shower them with love. The mix is also unpredictable in their socialization with other dogs and humans. The Terrier mix is a curious dog and it won’t hesitate to check out any sound.

They get uncomfortable in extreme climates so have a coat for them in the Winter and keep them out of the heat in the Summer.

As with their coat, their personality also depends on what Terrier breed your Chi is mixed with;

The Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix is very active and can be stubborn, unfortunately, they are not very intelligent. They have a very short attention span and can only focus on one thing at a time. They are very devoted to and love their owners. This mix needs patient owners who will live with them regardless of their flaws.

The Yorkshire Terrier Chihuahua mix does not get along well with small children, they have a very strong work ethic and enjoy chasing mice this is as a result of their Yorkshire genes

The Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix is a typical dog. The Rat Terrier was bred to hunt and kill rats and as a result, the Rat Terrier mix has a strong prey drive and enjoys chasing things. They are friendly, confident, eager to please, and great with older kids

The Fox Terrier Chihuahua mix attach themselves to one owner but also love every member of the family. They are intelligent, energetic, and loyal.

The last and biggest of the mix is The Bull Terrier Chihuahua, as the name suggests, this mix is intimidating as it was bred for fighting however, if trained right, you’ll find out that they are lovable and mischievous. They also have a soft heart and a huge personality.

Terriers are very active and energetic and need proper exercise. They require at least 60 minutes of exercise a day which ranges from a walk around the block to play a game of fetch or tug to giving them toys to play on their own.


Being crossbreeds, they are genetically healthier than pure breeds and have a lifespan of about 10-15 years, the Ratchi can live up to 18 years, but there are still some health issues that this mix faces.

Small dogs very easily fall victim to developing luxating patellas which are when the kneecaps dislocate causing pains and experience difficultly when walking. Leg Perthes Disease is a condition that affects the thigh bone when it doesn’t fit properly with the hip joint, it could lead to the same symptoms as luxating patellas and may require surgery.

Heart problems is also one of the health issues affecting this furry friend due to their small heart. Heart problems little minimal amount of blood being pumped around the body causing respiratory distress, fatigue, and lethargy.

Hydrocephalus is a fatal condition affecting small dogs, it is when there is a build-up of fluids in the brain causing brain damage, as alarming as that sounds, this health issue can be managed if diagnosed at an early stage.

They also suffer from Atrophy, this is a problem with the immune system which leads to allergy, skin conditions, and asthma.

To keep your dog healthy, you should give them plenty of exercises, quality meals & a balanced diet, and regular visits to the vet. As a result of their small size, 1 cup of dry kibble a day is enough for this mix.

On average the est about 40 calories per pound of body weight per day. They need meals that contain protein for energy and foods that contain amino acids as they do not produce this naturally. Feeding them raw meat is a good source of protein.

They also require diets of fats and oil such as omega-3 oils to give their coat a shine. Small dogs put on weight very easily so you’ll have to be careful the kinda of treats you feed them, give them low calories dog treats. You could also feed them home cooked meals.

Training and exercise

The best way to train your Chihuahua Terrier mix is through positive reinforcement— giving them treats or toys to encourage them when they follow commands, patience is key when training Chis because Chihuahuas are stubborn so you’ll need a firm hand when training them, do not allow them to get away with bad behavior however it is a bad idea to yell at them as this could lead to some problematic behaviors.

It is advisable to begin their training when they are still puppies otherwise they will be amazingly difficult to train when they are adults. They are known to suffer from “small dog syndrome” so train them the way you would train a big dog.

Yapping is very common with small dogs which can be annoying to you and your neighbors but this can be controlled by training them with a command such as “quiet” and giving treats to praise them when they obey. Socialization of this breed is vital especially at a young age, to expose them to humans, dogs, and other pets.

You should also introduce them to loud sounds and take them to different places, if you do this, they will grow to be confident and well- adjusted.
This mix needs to be potty trained, there are various ways to go about this such as having a regular feeding schedule and letting him out after every meal.

You could take the pup to the same spot to familiarize the pup with it, it would recognize its own scent and take a hint, you could also let him out at intervals, also, you could let him go first thing in the morning and last thing before he goes to bed, whichever works best for you.

Why you should get a Chihuahua Terrier

The Chihuahua Terrier mix has a lot of personalities which makes them more appealing. They are good with older children, they are highly adaptable and can live in either an apartment or a big house. The fear of damage to clothing or furniture is laid to rest as this breed is not destructive.

They might not be the easiest to train but at the end of it, you’ll discover that they are worth the stress.

Where to get a Chihuahua Terrier and price.

A Chihuahua Terrier mix costs between $400-$900. As a designer dog, there are a lot of people who are out to make profit at the expense of the mix so It is best to buy your Chi mix from a reputable breeder.

It is a good sign when the breeder allows you to see the Mum and the litter, you could use that opportunity to ask the breeder questions such as the health of the Mum, the diet the Mum and the litter have been on. The best age to buy your mix is at 8 weeks but you could also wait until they are 12 weeks.

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