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corgi husky mix

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Have you ever felt like owning a Siberian husky?

But then you think again, it might be too big for you. To bring forth a dog with features of a husky but small as well, the corgi husky mix was bred.

People always look for a fancy name for a dog breed, so the husky mixed with corgi is sometimes called horgi, siborgi, or corgsky.

Basically, it is a crossbreed between the Siberian husky and a Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Therefore this corgi and husky mix have traits from both parent lineage.

The corgi husky mix is a very social, fluffy, and outgoing dog. It is arguably one of the cutest dogs out there.

It is a very adaptive dog as it can easily live in any condition be it winter or sunny weather. If you don’t have a yard, that’s not a problem. Once the corgi husky mix gets engaged enough, it doesn’t matter.

What is this corgi husky mix?

Otherwise known as horgi, it is bred to encompass the traits from both the Siberian husky and the  Welsh corgi. It can be bred from either the Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Its breeding was intentional therefore it is usually referred to as a designer dog. Although its parents are in different categories, the corgi and husky mix came out with superior qualities.

The corgi husky mix usually has a corgi father and Siberian husky mother. This is to eliminate the risks associated with smaller dogs carrying larger puppies.

History of the husky mixed with corgi

The horgi comes from Siberian husky and Welsh Corgi. Now you can’t talk about its history without talking about those two breeds.

For the corgi husky mix, the Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi can be used. They are known as one of Britain’s oldest breeds because they’ve been around for several centuries now. It was initially brought to the US by an American breeder in 1933.

As for the Siberian husky, they are believed to have originated from the Chukchi tribe in Siberia and were used as a means of fast transportation. They were kept as family dogs. Though they became popular when they were imported to Alaska to be used as a sled dog during the gold rush.

Due to Its mixed background, the corgi husky mix is yet to be recognized by the American kernel Club(AKC). Although its parents, the Siberian husky and Welsh Corgi are both acknowledged by the AKC.

In 1930, the Siberian husky was placed under the working category by the AKC and described as loyal, mischievous, and outgoing.

In 1936, the AKC put the corgi under the herding category. The AKC described them as vigilant watchdogs with acute senses and a “big dog” bark.

Temperament Of The Corgi Husky Mix

corgi husky mix

It’s safe to assume that the temperament of the corgi husky mix is a blend of both its parent breed. The horgi is a sweet fluffy dog. It’s so friendly that it even welcomes a stranger. This makes it a horrible watchdog.

The corgi and husky mix is an intelligent and smart dog. This makes it quite easy to train as it picks up tricks easily. Though you have to be firm sometimes to establish your alpha position.

It is a very social dog as it enjoys family gatherings and large companies. It is a family dog in nature and serves as a very good companion.

Due to this social nature of the horgi, it does not tolerate loneliness well. If left alone, it would do anything in its power to gain back the attention it needs. Well, it likes being the recipient of all the attention.

Curiosity is one of its traits as it is a very active dog. You have to set out time for exercise daily, if not your horgi will become bored and cranky. It also loves to bark, this might get annoying for both you and the neighbors, but it would be under control if well trained.

The corgi husky mix is a very loyal dog and will stick with you no matter what.


the corgi husky mix

Dog breeders wanted the looks of a husky in a more compact form, this led to the deliberate breeding of the corgi husky mix. From what you can see, it packs the features of a husky but is compact like a corgi.

The corgi mix with husky is a lowset dog that weighs around 20 to 50 pounds. Its height is approximately 13 to 15 inches, making it look stout because of its short legs.

It is a small to medium sized dog.

They have a round face with almond-shaped eyes just like the husky. It has a long back and also big and erect ears.

The horgi’s coat can either resemble that of the husky or corgi. The most common colors include; cream, red, brown, orange, black, white, and blue. The color of this dog’s coat can be just one out of these or mixed.

This dog has a double coat. So it would have a thick undercoat and a longer topcoat.

Feeding The Corgi Husky Mix

As with humans, every dog has a little difference in their appetite. But generally, the corgi husky mix as a breed has a healthy appetite.

It is advisable to fix meal times instead of making food available at all times. Break mealtime into twice or three times per day, this would check the feeding habit of your dog.

The corgi and husky mix is a lowset dog, so it is very easy to become overweight. And with this comes a lot of health issues.

As for the quantity of food, you should feed your dog 2.5 to 3 cups of dog food daily. As I’ve said before, make sure to break it into at least two meals.

The dog food should contain all the necessary nutrients needed for growth and good health. Since the corgi husky mix can easily become overweight, it’s better to get food that has less than 10% fat content.

All this can easily be gotten by just looking at the nutrition facts on the food packaging.


The corgi husky mix is known as a smart and intelligent breed, hence is easy to train. But because of their intelligence, an experienced owner is needed to train them to achieve their full potential.

The husky side in them might resurface every once in a while making them strong-willed. At this point, strong leadership is demanded from the owner to reaffirm his/her alpha position. High-value treats will go a long way if your dog is being stubborn because the horgi responds well to reward-based training.

Starting training and socialization early is good for both you and your dog as it makes the whole process easier.

Another feature that makes the corgi husky mix easy to train is that they like to please people. They’d do anything to please its owner. This makes the training process much easier.

Remember to add all the treats to their feeding regimen. The corgi husky mix easily puts on weight, so to avoid it, the treats or rewards should be included in their daily food allowance.

Exercise Requirements

corgi husky mix

The corgi husky mix is an active and playful dog. It requires at least 60 minutes of exercise every day. This will burn that excess energy but keep your dog healthy and happy.

From their ancestry, both parents are active dogs, the corgi is a herder while the husky is a sled dog. Running would be something they enjoy. So while you go out on your morning or evening jogs, you can take your dog with you as well.

In the outdoors, release them from their leash for some time. This gives them time to run around in the park with other dogs and satisfy their playful nature.

As they love running, they love chase games as well. Play fetch with them in the park or yard. It will be rewarding for both you and your dog.

And remember not to exercise your dog too much while it’s still growing up. This is because of its long back and short legs, as it might lead to bone or joint injuries.

Grooming Needs Of A Corgi Husky Mix

First of all, make sure your vacuum cleaner works. Both the Welsh Corgi and Siberian Husky are shedders. So the corgi husky mix would not be any different. They shed too. So have in mind that you’d vacuum the place every once in a while. And they are not hypoallergenic.

This dog needs daily brushing, sometimes more than once. Bathe the dog when needed using a dog shampoo based on its activity level.

While bathing your dog, remember that it has a thick and water-resistant coat. Therefore it might take some time to soap up and rinse thoroughly. Do not forget to rinse and dry the bottom coat properly. If not, it may lead to rashes and skin damages.

It is recommended that you brush its teeth at least two times a week to avoid mouth odor. You also need to inspect your dog’s ear weekly checking for anything abnormal. Daily wiping of the ear with a damp cloth is necessary.

Trim the nails as well before it gets too long. Remember that their nails are not like ours. It contains both nerves and blood vessels, so if nail clipping is done wrongly it will cause a lot of pain. And this would make your dog not oblige when next you want to do it. If you can’t do it, take the dog to a professional groomer or a vet.

Health Related Problems

husky mixed with corgi

Being a lowset dog, obesity is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to the corgi husky mix. Although this can be easily prevented by monitoring how your dog eats, checking its weight regularly, and adequate exercise.

Von Willebrand disease is another one to look out for. It is a genetic disease common in the Welsh Corgi and can be passed down to your corgi husky mix puppy. It is basically a bleeding disorder. It is easily preventable by making sure the parents of your puppy are cleared of this disease. That means you have to buy from a reputable breeder who can give you enough information about the dogs.

They are also prone to eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy, cataract, canine glaucoma. You should have these in mind too and be observant of any symptom.

Lifespan Of The Corgi Husky Mix

While buying a dog, you probably want one that would stay with you for a long time. The corgi husky mix takes after both its parent breeds when it comes to lifespan. Both the husky and corgi live up to around 12 to 15 years. It’s no different for this mix either.

Price Of Corgi Husky Mix

If you yearn to own this dog then you’re out to spend anywhere between $200 to 1000. This largely depends on the breeder. It is better and safer to buy from a purebred breeder. That is one who bred your corgi husky mix puppy from a pure breed husky and corgi.

Buying from a purebred breeder, you will also get health clearance and information about the parents which would tell you what to expect with your puppy. It’s safer.

Apart from buying the corgi husky mix puppy itself, you get to spend on other things too. Things like crate, collar, toys, food, brush……you get the drift.



The corgi husky mix is a very active and adorable dog. Very friendly and welcoming to everybody.

Though their exuberant nature might seem troublesome with smaller children. So it’s best there always be an adult around if children are around.

This dog requires consistent training, daily exercise, and grooming. So I’d say it’s high maintenance. If you don’t have the time to spare and you’re looking for a dog that you can leave alone for a while or one that needs less exercise – then this dog would not suit you.

The corgi husky mix would be ideal for a more experienced family. But if this dog has caught your heart and you are willing to put in the time, that’s okay too.

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