How Long is an English Bulldog Pregnant For? + Signs of Pregnancy

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Whether you are intentionally reproducing your English Bulldog, or yours became pregnant unknowingly (in what would be infrequent circumstances), you must prepared. But for what period of time do you have to prepare? How long are English Bulldogs pregnant for and in what time do expect the puppies to arrive?

How long is an English Bulldog pregnant for? English Bulldogs are most times pregnant for 63 days or 9 weeks on a average scale, though this may be diffrent by few days depending on diffrent factors. A veterinarian doctor will be able to run diagnostic tests to more efficiently determine how far ahead the  pregnancy is and when  the dog is due to give birth.

How Many Days Are English Bulldogs Pregnant For?

Amongst all breeds, dogs have a pregnancy maturation period of around 2 months (about or above 63 days), and it is same for English Bulldogs; with the period of the pregnancy gauged from when the fertilized egg implant itself into the lining of the uterine horn.

But what are the various stages of the pregnancy, what are the signs and how do you properly take care of a pregnant bulldog before, during and after labour?

English Bulldogs are usually pregnant for around 63 days on a average, just like all dog breeds

English Bulldog pregnancy stages

Dogs have three trimesters, all of which last around 3 weeks.

immediately the eggs have been fertilized over the period time of a week after breeding  occurs, between the 2nd and 3rd  week they will implant themselves into the wall of the uterus. This is when the very first signs of an English Bulldog pregnancy can start to occur, with your dog becoming more loving or highly irritable.

Implantation and the early stage development of the embryo begins at about week 3, with their change in mood becoming more defined, as well as noticeable changes in appetite and development of  larger breast tissue.

The enlarging foetuses can be felt physically around the uterus at around week 4, which is around the time their spinal cord and facial features start to develop (the mother’s uterus will start to fill with liquid as to protect the foetuses, which actually means you can not feel them. Don’t worry, they are still in there).

Their steady heartbeat will begin to be heard after the very first month of the pregnancy.

The foetuses will begin to actually take the shape of an English Bulldog puppies at about week 5, with their feet and toes starting to develop. Your dog’s stomach would start to have a noticeable pregnancy-bump, and their appetite will reduce noticeably. They will start to produce their pigmentation and eyelids on week 6.

The puppies will get to their birth-size at around week 7, when they will be physically felt inside the abdomen of your bitch. This is majorly a sign that the pregnancy is about concluding, and that you will need to prepare to welcome the litter.

Week 8 you will see your dog engaging in preparation for the birth, showing nesting characteristics and with the puppies moving inside the uterus as they prepare to be birthed

At week 9 the puppies are ready to be born and labour will commence. Keep checking their temperature at intervals with a rectal thermometer. While their regular temperature being around 100°F, once it reduces to about 97°F for two consecutive readings that is the sign that labour is about to commence within the next 24 hours.

Be with your dog to help with the birthing process, which usually occurs between 3 and 12 hours for the entire litter, assisting to clean the puppies and unite them with their mother.

However, most English Bulldogs will give birth via c-section. It is extremely dangerous for them to give birth naturally.

If you would rather have them birthed in a more professional way, inquire from your vet about what veterinary hospitals that could in the labour. I do highly recommend c-section. This is how most English Bulldogs give birth.

How many puppies do English bulldogs have?

While on average a dog litter is around five to six puppies, this can vary depending on the breed of dog. English Bulldogs really do have a litter of around three to four puppies in the litter, with your vet  actually being able to determine the amount as they begin to develop noticeably, with X-rays taking place at about the eighth week.

although sometimes ultrasounds and X-rays are not always entirely accurate, meaning that there is probably a chance that the litter may be larger or smaller than intentionally suspected.

Most times you would be  able to tell immediately the labor has concluded, with the mother feeling much more relaxed and is no longer tensioned. However, if you believe there are still puppies inside her belly, if she does not birth another within  four hours, call your vet for assistance.

Once birthing has occurred, take the puppies and put them in a warmed up box, only putting them on their mother for nursing. Make sure the dog can visually see and sense the puppies but keeping them distanced is safe because English Bulldogs are often not instinctive or intuitive mothers at first, with it being really common for them to sit on and squash their puppies.

They can be brought back together properly once the puppy’s eyes starts opening, with your Bulldog most times being very happy to entirely take over their care and feeding.

How can you tell if an English bulldog is pregnant?

With All That Has Been Said, How Can You Tell Whether Or Not Your English Bulldog Is Pregnant? If You Essentially Want Your Dog To Have Puppies, Or If It Is Highly Unexpected, There Are Multiple Signs And Symptoms To Pay Attention To For As Early As The First And Second Week Of The Pregnancy.

English Bulldog Pregnancy Signs

Change in mood: While this varies depending on the dog breed, your dog will most times have a change in moods;it is  either it becomes much more loving or more irritable. Some dogs find company and more attention, while others segregate themselves and want no attention completely, even if they are usually a very friendly dog.

Appetite change: The appetite of an expectant dog can change and fluctuate depending on the factor of the period of the pregnancy; having a reduced appetite early on but craving more food later on in the pregnancy. This can vary from dog to dog and is caused by their increasingly changing hormones.

Vomiting:Along side  decreasing appetite, some dogs feel nauseated and vomit. However, this majorly only occurs at about week 3 of the pregnancy and will not stay around for long.Although sometimes, the vomitting could mean something altogether different.

Lack of activity: Your dog might actually become less willing to participate in physical activities and to play, which most times occurs at about week two.As time elapse, your dog will most likely start getting familiar to their condition and become more willing to engage,interact and play.

Breast growth: Dog’s nipples and udders only grow immediately a pregnancy commences, with the mammary glands developing to prepare for nursing or lactation at around two weeks. The nipples themselves may also tend change colour, becoming reddish than their usual pinkish gray which is due to the increased blood flow.Can an English bulldog give birth naturally?

Because of their history of breeding, certain Bulldogs struggle to give birth naturally, with French Bulldogs often require c-sections due to the nature of their narrow hips.

English Bulldogs are very much alike, with 95% of bulldogs needing C-sections to deliver their puppies safely .This is because the birth canal of the dog is often not wide enough to adequately and safely  allow the puppies to come through and can be deadly for both the puppies and the mother.

However, some English Bulldogs can  birth naturally through birth canals, although repeated litters by breeders are usually done through C-sections as a safety procedure.

If you are bothered about your dog needing a C-section once labor commences, talk to your vet who will be able to give professional advice whether an unassisted birth or a medical procedure is required for your dog in particular.

If your dog is presently in the middle of an ongoing labor and you are worried sick, they are struggling, please call your vet immediately for medical aid.

English Bulldog Labor Signs

At about week 8 of the pregnancy, your dog will start to show  some signs for prepping for labor, most times called ‘nesting behavior’. This is often seen through restlessness, making and remaking their bed and loss of appetite.

Once labor commences, your dog will begin to start to pant heavily, as well as begin to pace and move around in a haphazard manner . Keep a keen eye on her and often check her temperature with a rectal thermometer.

Immediately the temperature drops from 100°F to about 98°F, this is usually a sign that the time of delivery is due within the next 12 to 24 hours. If you are going to the vet for delivery, this is when you should set out.

How To Deliver English Bulldog Puppies Naturally

Once your dog has begun her labor, she may become increasingly hyper and digging her bed, as well as puking. This is when you need to be by your dog’s side monitoring her progress time to time.

Labor can last between 4 and 24 hours. If you notice she is feeling tensioned or excreting greenish discharge, call your vet immediately.

Once puppies start pacing out, they will be covered in fluids which the dog will break and lick the puppy to stimulate them to start moving. However, if your dog is tired, they may not have the strength,this means  you will have to do this for them, using a hand towel to break the sack and wipe their nose.

If the puppy is not breathing, wipe them more force to help stimulate their breathing responses (don’t worry about them being fragile, the rubbing needs to be forceful.)

In emergencies, you might actually need to perform CPR (see how) or rescue breaths. If it has a heartbeat, place your lips over the puppy’s mouth and blow gently. If the heartbeat is non existent, place the puppy on a solid surface, wrap your hand just below their front legs and gently press your thumb down on the front of their chest several times in a row.

Also, call your vet for help as they will be able to provide you with instructions on performing CPR as well as helping with other areas of the labor.

My Pregnant English Bulldog’s Temperature Dropped

Is this normal?


However, this is a very important symptom in a labor as it shows that your dog will begin to give birth within the next 12 to 24 hours.

Once this has happened, you need to start preparing immediately for birthing, prepare a whelping box and taking your dog to the vet if you are having an assisted birth at the animal hospital.


If you are a first time breeder or suspect that your dog has become expectedly or unexpectedly pregnant, then that is good news! English Bulldog puppies are adorable and are not so difficult to care for than other breed’s puppies.

However, it’s not something I would  recommend if you aren’t a breeder as looking after a pregnant bully can be hard. It’s not just about knowing how long they will be pregnant for, but taking care of them during this period, and then dealing with the big day itself.

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