How to Keep a Dog Cool in a Kennel or Dog House This Summer

how to keep a dog cool

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Summer time always seem to  get hotter as every year passes by, and so many dogs will not be able to adjust their temperatures as weather conditions change. Dogs that dwell in kennels or dog cages can sometimes not be able to cope with the heat, so now I would  to share and enlighten you on how to keep dogs that stay in kennels or dog cages cool during summer with my various tips.

 It could be a small kennel dog cage, or a large set of walk in kennels or cages with crates and dog takes shelter in inside them, you would be able to grasp up good ideas here on keeping your dog cool during the summer.

How to make sure your dog is cool in a kennel during summer in 17 simple steps

Most kennels are well provided with shade, the small sizes of a dog house can restrict air flow and make them severely hot during summer times. There are some tips to help make your dog cool during the summers, and this advice implies getting a larger kennel or dog house.

1. Lift The Dog House Above The Ground Level:

If your dog takes shelter inside a kennel,lift it off the ground during summer time months.This would help in cooling your dog as it would allow air to be able to circulate well underneath and it will  reduce any heat emitting through the floor. It is quite easy to do with bricks or wooden planks.

Another benefit, a dog house or small kennel lifted above the ground can also stay in dry conditions,it means you will not get a molds and bacteria building up inside the kennel.

2. Keep A Bottle Of Frozen Water Or Ice Pack Inside The Dog House:

When summer time is approaching, get a bottle of frozen water or ice pack. Put bottle that is already frozen inside the dog house, and it will make your dog cool in the dog house.

You could find out or notice your dog sleeps on the frozen bottle as a pillow a while inside the kennel to cool off.

When turning water inside bottle to ice, only fill it up to 60% as water wil expand when it changes form to ice. Making sure it does not exceed 60% would ensure your dog a moderately filled bottle to cool off with.

3. Changing Of  The Kennels’ Roofing Material And Color.

Scientists conclusions says that darker colors absorb heat more and black having an emmissivity of 1.If your kennel and dog house has a dark roof top especially black, it could make your dog seriously overheat during the summers

Based on this known fact, it would be worth it to change the roof color and the type of materials that you use, to something that will cool off the dog house well like white colors and pastels.

4. fix dog cage fans in the kennel or dog house.

You can get small portable fans that you can fix on to the bar ends of a dog house. It is also possible to to get standing fans that will point in the smaller kennels if needed.

In other opinions, you could buy a standing fan that stays in front of the dog house or kennel which you can adjust to give maximum air flow.

5. By Leaving A Baby Padding Pool Outside The Kennel

Dogs love to cool off  in water when the weather gets severely hot, and there is no better way of doing that than dipping their body into cool water. You can allow them do that with a small baby pool.

Your dog can cool off away from their dog kennel by dipping into a small paddling pool in the summer.

6. Having Tall Ceilings In The Dog Houses:

Heat can rise up, so if you have a large dog house, the higher the ceilings are, the higher the heat rises up. This will essentially help to drive the heat away from your dog houses, keeping your dog cool during the summer.

7. Keep Dog Kennels Under A Shaded Area:

If your dog’s house is  outside in your yard then make sure you move it into a shaded area but also put in mind how the sun will move during the day time, so make sure it will not be under direct sunlight at any point in time.

You might most likely have to move the small kennel  around during the day, taking the advantage of trees or  by fixing a canopy in place to keep things cooler for your dog during summer.

I have known some dog owners to fix tarpaulins over their yard or garden which  works well as a cooling aid to cool off their dogs.

8. Taking Advantage Of The Direction Of Wind:

You can get your dog kennel to be  cool by putting them in line with the direction of the wind. Wind surely improves air flow, improves proper ventilation, and will keep your dog house cool on hot days.

9. Create Spaces That Serve As Air Vents In Your Dog’s House

This sometimes might not be possible, as it is  a permanent thing, but by creating spaces for your own air vents it can help to make the kennel cool during summer keeping your dog cool.

As another tactic, you could probably invest in a well ventilated dog house which available to purchase on  Amazon or Walmart.

10. Install An Air Conditioning System Into The Kennel

This is a more reliable method for keeping your dog kennel cool during the summers,and it is also the most expensive one; dedicated air conditioning system.

Having said that, you can purchase small air conditioning units , but if it is a large kennel with a lot of dog houses, you should invest well with a built-in system.

11. Provide Lots Of Drinkable Water:

To prevent your dog from over heating, dogs always need to be kept cool and can be done by them drinking water. Making sure there is a constant supply  of water outside the dog house or inside the dog’s kennel.

You could freeze the water the night before,this will keep the water colder when it is warm even as it starts melting.

Water should be changed everyday to keep it  clean and fresh. Please also be cautious of the fact that too much of water could lead to water intoxication. Which is rare.

12. Put Wet Towels In The Dog House:

If your kennel is on a concrete ground, it could conduct heat. It has high thermal conductivity, which means that your dog house can get hot fast.

To assist your dog in cooling off in the kennel you could put wet towels down, but you will need to replace them at intervals.

13. Canine Cooling Dog Beds Or Cooling Mats:

Another solution which means you do not have to switch out damp towels regularly is a cooler dog bed.

You can purchase cooling mats. I have used these in our dog house,and the dog house keep cool so it is a definite option for keeping your dog kennel temperatures low.

14.Set Outdoor Water Sprinkler On A Timer:

If your dog has access from the kennel or dog house to the yard or garden, you could use set timers at intervals on water sprinklers to keep the area wet and keep your dog cooler during the summer.

If do you this, your dog will most likely be counting down until the sprinkler comes back on again  it will keep them stimulated mentally in the heat too.

15. Sprinkle The Floors With Water Constantly:

If you do not have a sprinkler in your garden,you could get a hose out and spray water on the floors where the dog house, when it is so hot. Do this frequently at a couple of hours interval or even more constantly if it is needed.

When your dog house is inside a kennels, you should also pour water  on the roof and on the  inside of it to keep it cool when you dog lays down on the floor.

16. Purchasing Cooling Clothes For Your Dog

There are a many accessories you could purchase that you could properly fit on your dog, keeping them cool in their kennel in the summer. These include items such as:

Dog Cooling Off Jacket:

It sounds rather illogical to dress your dog in a jacket in a hot kennel, but it is designed to cool them off, not heating up their bodies. It does not only reflect the  heat, but when wet or damp, it keeps dogs cool for several hours. 

Dog Bandana For Cooling:

For a dog that looks cool, you can try cooling bandana to go with the jacket. Just exactly like the jacket, you will soak it in cold water, and it retains the water, and on your dog’s skin to keep them cool and temperature regulated in their kennel.

Dog Boots In The Summer:

wear these boots on your dog’s paws and it will stop their feet from getting burnt on hot surfaces outside of the kennel and dog house.

17. Take Your Dog Indoors

And the last tip,if you really can not keep your dog cool in their dog houses,you should bring them into your house to keep them safe and cool.

Temperatures this summer could possibly reach record levels, so you need to be frequently check and always keep an eye on things when the heat is too much.

When is hot excessively hot?

The effects of how dangerous heat stroke in the summer should not be underestimated. Kennels could be heated up like a furnaces in the hottest of conditions, so plan ahead of time  to make your dog house cool in the summer.

But just how hot is excessively hot when it comes to dog houses? Well, majority of dogs can handle  temperatures of up to 90°F/32°C but do not think that means this is alright for all dogs, they are all different in various ways.

Small breeds and majorly those that are brachycephalic can really suffer in the heat and find it difficult to keep themselves cool due to difficulty in breathing.

 I really hope it does not come to this, here are some signs of heat stroke in a dog  but you should not even get to this stage if you have made the necessary steps to keep your dog cool in the dog house in the summer.

  • Breathing excessively and seriously panting.
  • Lethargy,sluggishness,dehydration.
  • Drooling excessively.
  • Change in the color of gum (red, grey, purple, blue).
  • Difficulty in urinating.
  • Trembling seriously and shaking.
  • Trouble walking and standing upright.


Dogs could die in severe heat, and just because the kennel and dog house has openings for air to flow though does not  mean they will be cool enough in the summer.

Take the necessary steps and actions to keep your dog cool in his kennel, and  consider bringing him inside the house if the heat gets too severe.

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