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Husky Border Collie Mix All You Need To Know About This Loveable Dog

A husky border collie mix is a very friendly, enthusiastic, loyal, energetic, and loving dog. The crossbreed makes an incredible family pet.

Both the Siberian Husky and Border Collie are very popular breeds all over the world. So the love for their crossbreeding is no surprise. These dogs can be anything you want them to be. Eager to learn, smart, affectionate, and very amusing. They are however very energetic and will drain you and control you if you don’t take charge.

The fact that both their parents are active and athletic makes this crossbreed need more physical and mental stimulation than for dogs to keep them happy, healthy, and calm.


To understand the husky border collie mix, you have to know a few things about their parents. Here are things you need to know about The Siberian Husky and Border Collie.

The Siberian Husky is one of the oldest breeds of dogs on the planet. They were bred thousands of years ago in faraway Russia. Their main purpose was to deliver supplies between several indigenous tribes in Siberia. They were very favored for their long-lasting stamina and the strength to haul goods across vast areas of very icy terrain.

The various tribes would invite the pups into their homes after very hard days at work and because of their very loyal streak and love for their owners. Huskies would also be given the privilege of warmth during the cold night.

This breed of dogs was relatively much unknown out of their creation country, Siberia. All this, however, changed when a pack of Siberian huskies embarked on a 658 miles hike to aid the carriage of a lifesaving antidote to towns that were ravaged by Diphtheria.

Since that heroic trip, they became famous around the world. They have been very good and popular family pets since then. Huskies are also listed as number 14 on the most popular dog breeds in the US by the AKC.

The Husky loves the company of humans but is also very agile and independent. The gorgeous dog is bred to tirelessly pull heavily loaded sleds for miles on end. Sleds that are often filled with lots of supplies over frozen terrain. The Siberian Husky are great companions to their owners at the end of every day.

The Border Collie date further back to the 43A.D in Great Britain and is believed to be a mix of Roman herding dogs and the Iceland sheepdogs. The Border Collies were engineered to be very agile and intelligent breeds to help herd flocks around the rocky terrain of Scotland.

The Border Collie has been repeatedly put to tests by veterinarians and researchers and proven to be the most intelligent dog in the world. They are simply the Albert Einstein of dog breeds. Because of their somewhat similar looks and very high energy levels, they are often compared to Australian Shepherds.

In 2019, the Border Collie was listed by the AKC (American Kennel Club) as number 35 on the list of most popular dogs in America. These dogs make popular mixed breeds because of their very sweet-natured personality.

These dogs when they are bred, reared, trained, socialized, and handled the right way can turn out to be the most rewarding companions. They are incredibly willing, intelligent, and very versatile dogs, with not just an amazing sense of humor but also a very generous heart.

If you so much as to make it clear that you respect your Border Collie, with its daily needs and essential characters, then they will respect you in turn as they are very intelligent canine companions beyond comparison.


Some of the known physical characteristics of a Husky mix border collie are;

Height: 20 inches thereabout

Weight: about 35-45 pounds with the males leaning towards the heavier end.

Life expectancy: These dogs are expected to live till about 20 years which is much longer than the average years for dogs.

They are born with a double coat with a fluffy undercoat. You could also expect your husky border collie mix to be medium-sized dogs with coats of either white, grey, black, or brown. They often also inherit the striking blue eyes which Husky is very famous for. Making them a very attractive breed.

Husky border collie mix also comes with semi-erect ears and end up having an intimidating wolf look.


The husky border collie mix needs a dry kibble that is specific to high-energy medium-sized dogs. It is also important to ensure that the food they are given is age-specific. They eat between two and a half to three cups of food a day depending on his size and energy levels.

As with any other dog, their owners should be sure to feed them the best possible nutrients to keep them healthy and also be sure to monitor their treats intake to avoid obesity.


The temperament of the husky border collie mix; one of the most striking things about this dog is their very intense energy. Coming from both their two working and energetic parents, this dog needs to be part of a family that has a very large garden or space that the dogs can run around in. Their impressive breed is no match for an elderly person.

Spurred by their love to get involved in everything around them, they enjoy taking part in outdoor activities and are loyal to an extreme fault. They are a very great breed for a family pooch. They’ll find it easy to bond well with children once they are trained.

Overly they have an extremely sweet demeanor. The husky border collie mix is often seen as comical dogs with a great sense of humor by their owners. Often leaving the entire family howling with mirth. They enjoy involving themselves in conversations, literally. With their very expressive but equally not aggressive, barks.

This crossbreed is also very affectionate and desperately craves the touch of humans. They’d encourage a lot of cuddling and nuzzling on the sofa and are very perfect for any dog lovers.

However, the husky border collie mix is in most cases very needy. Their strong bond with the family means they cannot be left alone for long without them suffering separation anxiety. These dogs are also natural hunters, which means they may derive pleasure in chasing small animals if they are not thoroughly trained.


It is at this point a sure fact that the husky border collie mix is very energetic which will require a lot of exercises to maintain. They are happiest when they receive regular exercise and constant playtimes. Or other mental stimulation through games, sports, toys, and even puzzles.

They need to be taken out deliriously on a daily basis. If not, they’ll tire out their owners with their extremely destructive behavior. Their relentless energy has to go somewhere after all.

If they are owned by a large family however, this feat shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. They can take turns running, walking, playing fetch, and also letting them out to roam in the garden throughout the day. They need at least two good and long walks per day to keep them happy and healthy.

Training And Socialization

Husky border collie mix are very sweet, lovely and loving but this feat is only a feature when they are well trained and socialized. The breed is a highly intelligent one and because of that characteristic, they have a stubborn streak that sometimes rears its ugly head.

They are however fast learners and get bored very easily. They may often come off as uninterested or refuse to obey instructions during training at first but with consistency, they will get there.

It is important for their owners to be patient and incorporate a lot of fun, fresh, and exciting activities into the training to keep them engaged. Their training and socialization should start as early as possible to get them used to obeying rules and being around other animals, children, and adults from the get-go.


The cross breed’s very plush coat sheds very heavily, which is bad news for those who suffer from allergies. You need vacuuming to get all their hair up and out of your living space. A good daily brushing of their fur can however minimize the mess you’ll be catering for. But with a coat as beautiful as theirs, daily maintenance is definitely more than worth your stress.

Asides brushing, it is also important to always check your dog’s ear for any abnormality while cleaning it regularly with recommended cleanser. Tooth brushing should be done two to three times every week to prevent germ and tartar buildup.

Long nails are usually unsightly so endeavor to regularly cut their nails but be careful while doing it. And of course, you need to bathe them when due or required, maybe once every month or two.


As a hybrid, the husky border collie mix are relatively healthy dogs compared to their parent breeds. Though this will largely depend on the quality of life lived by the dog. Nevertheless, they are still prone to certain diseases due to their heritage. They can live for about 12 – 15 years.

Some of these health issues are;

  • Seizures
  • Eye problems
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Skin conditions

It is always good practice to be conscious of your dog’s health and always look out for any symptom. This will help early diagnosis and treatment as well as saving your furry friend a lot of stress.

Buying A Husky Border Collie Mix

Getting a husky border collie mix pup might be a little tough as they are not that popular yet. But if you’re serious about getting one, you’ll surely find a breeder. To own one of these pips will set you back around $600 – 800.

The price varies quite a lot and this depends on several factors. Some of these factors are pedigree of parents, the appearance of pups, and even the reputation of the breeder.

A word of advice; always deal with reputable breeders to make sure you’re getting a health pooch free from any life-changing health issues. Ask a lot of questions when confused, request to see its parents and siblings. This way you can catch a glimpse of its temperament.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the patience to deal with a puppy then you could always adopt a grown dog from rescue shelters. It will save you quite a few things such as vaccination and the first trip to the vet. The adoption fee is usually about $50 – 100.


The husky border collie mix is a loving dog with a sweet demeanor. Having them around can sure fill the family with fun and energetic runs. This hybrid shows utmost affection for his owner as nothing intrigues them more than a cuddling session.

Never minding their individuality and occasional stubbornness, the husky border collie mix is so loyal and affectionate that you’ll have no choice but to love him. This dog is most definitely a great companion.

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