Pitbull Husky Mix – Introducing You to the Pitsky

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History of the Pitbull Husky Mix

Just like other crossbreeds, no one can really tell where the Pitbull Husky mix originated from but they
are also not a new breed when it comes to designer dogs. They are otherwise known as “Pitsky”.

In general knowledge, we know that a Pitsky is as a result of cross-breeding an American Pitbull Terrier and
a Siberian Husky but however, some breeders crossbreed an American Pitbull Terrier with an Alaskan

According to the American Kennel Club, they do not consider the Alaskan Husky as a dog breed
but rather they are considered to be a classification of dogs, work dogs to be specific. The Alaskan Husky
looks so much like the Siberian husky but it’s leaner and is mostly used for sled dog racing as well as
carrying other tasks.

To have a Pitsky, it is required that the parents of the puppy are the American Pitbull Terrier and the Siberian husky, not the Pitbull and an Alaskan Husky. When breeding a Pitbull
with an Alaskan husky, you are only guaranteed with the fact that it is going to be 50% pitbull and the
other 50% would depend on the dogs the Alaskan husky was crossbred from as the Alaskan Husky is not
a pure breed.

American Pitbull Terrier
One common trait with the breed that people always talk about is the fact that they are very aggressive
and vicious and all they do is just to attack, attack both people and other animals. This dog was owned
by many famous people like, Cesar Milan, Racheal Ray, Jessica Alba and many other stars from
Hollywood and they are one of the most loyal dogs you would ever have your hands on. They are very
friendly and they also show affections. This breed is never shy to how love and also commitments to
those who give it the correct mixture of training, love and affection. This dog is very courageous and
they have a very strong will which is a trait most people would take advantage of and train them to be
aggressive and attack. They are very intelligent dogs and they are obedient as well and with such traits it
is usually very easy to train them and because of their strong will, at times they might just want to be
stubborn but with proper firm training it would learn to behave properly. No matter how serious a
pitbull might look, they also have a clownish nature. The pitbull was the product of cross breeding an
Old English Bulldog with an Old English Terrier so a Pitbull has the strength of a bulldog and flexibility of
a terrier. Initially they were bred for bear beating and bull baiting but the act was banned in the UK in 1835.

Most people see this dog as aggressive because of their origin. They were initially bred to be a
fighting dog but people do not give it a chance to show how friendly they can be as well. The Pitbull is a
resilient breed but they are also vulnerable to allergies.
Siberian Husky
The people of Nome in Alaska call them Siberian rats because they are smaller compared to the
Malamute. The Siberian husky is an old breed that has been around for as long as eight thousand years
and it was believed that they were bred by the chukchi people in Siberia with the aim of pulling sleds
over the harsh snowy terrain. The Siberian husky has a very gentle personality and they are very friendly
with kids and other pets as they were raised to either be outside working or indoors throughout so from
an early age they were able to socialize well. They are highly valued for their speed, endurance and
resilience when it comes to moving fast in a snowy terrain. The Siberian husky is known so much for its
endurance to the point where a bronze statue was erected in New York City Central Park to honor a
Siberian husky that led a team of sled dogs from Nenana to Nome in Alaska in February 1925. The

Siberian husky is a very happy and lively dog and because it is a working dog, they love the challenge of
having to work for something.

Appearance and size

If you crossbreed a purebred Pitbull and a purebred Siberian husky, there is no guarantee that the traits
and characteristics you would see in your pitsky would be the same with other pitskies and that is one
thing common among crossbreeds and potential owners need to accept this fact. The average Pitsky can
measure an average height of 24 inches and they can be as short as 19 inches and it is very rare to see
dogs that their heights are outside this range. They can weigh as small as 30 pounds and they could go
as high as 70 pounds and this depends on which parents genes is more dominant in the dog. If a Pitsky
takes the genes of a pitbull it would weigh more because Pitbulls are stockier but if they take most of
the genes of their Siberian husky parent they would weigh lesser because the husky is leaner compared
to the pitbull. If a Pitsky comes out with short coat, it has taken more of the genes of the Pitbull parent
but if a Pitsky comes with a longer double coat then the Siberian husky’s genes is dominant in the
puppy. They have erect ears and a very broad head, they also have eyes shaped like an almond with a
long muzzle that is always black. If they take the genes of the Siberian husky, they are more likely to
come out with blue eyes.


One thing you need to know is that this dog is not the best option for you if you have allergies or you
find it difficult to be cleaning up hair. This breed is a moderate to heavy shedder and one thing you need
to consider before having this mix or even if you already own one is to have a vacuum cleaner at home
as it would help you get rid of all the hair that might be flying around the house. They also need to be
brushed everyday as it would help in controlling the heavy shedding to a reasonable extent. They would
also need to have their teeth brushed everyday as puppies can develop dental issues at a young age if
their teeth is not properly taken care of. They nails should also be trimmed at least once a week. Their
ears would also need to be cleaned on a weekly basis to prevent ear infections and if they have a short
coat you can bath them once to twice weekly but if they have a long coat it would increase to about 3
times monthly. Once every six months you would also need to take your dog to a professional groomer
to have an expert do a proper grooming on them because no matter how much you try to groom them,
it can’t be compared to how a professional would do it.


Due to the fact that the American Pitbull Terrier is very loyal, this trait is also inherited by the Pitsky. If
properly trained you would actually enjoy this dog but sometimes its loyalty can go overboard and they
can get overprotective unnecessarily. Their overprotectiveness can also come in handy in some cases
because if they sense that one of their loved ones is in danger, they would not hesitate to defend them
but regardless you need to train your Pitsky at an early age to know the difference between being loyal
and when it gets overprotective. This breed loves to stay outdoors but mind you, when they are
outdoors you should also watch them closely because they have the predatory instincts of a Siberian
husky so they need to be socialized early to curb this trait. This breed is also known for its unbreakable
bond it would always have with its master and as strong as the dog might seem, they hate being left
alone as they can develop an anxiety attack and tend to be destructive. They are also playful and highly
intelligent and would respond well to training.

Training and Exercise
Even as we know for a fact that both parents of the Pitsky are very intelligent dogs which their offspring
will pick up, never assume that every time your dog would always know what you want. Immediately
you get your Pitsky you should immediately kick off with basic obedience trainings and even potty
training because the earlier you start training them, the better for you and the better you would be at
curbing their bad attitudes. If you are very familiar with dog training the Pitsky is actually very easy to
train and even if you do not have any experience in training dogs this breed would not be too much of a
problem because they are always willing to learn and what would help train them more efficiently is
with reward based training as dogs would always respond positively to training with treats. In some
cases they tend to be very stubborn and it is because of the fact that huskys naturally always want to
test if you are capable of controlling them and if you show the dominance at an early age that attitude
would reduce drastically. The Pitsky needs at least an hour’s work and about 15 minutes of mental
stimulation every day to keep them engages and their energy levels in check.
Although the Pitsky has parents that are resilient, they are still vulnerable to diseases. Here are some of
the health issues they tend to develop:
Hyperthyroidism: This is a health condition that is present in both huskies and pitbulls so their offspring
is more likely to inherit it, and when this occurs in dogs they start to have breathing problems and if they
are not attended to immediately it can cause heart and kidney problems.
Hip Dysplasia: This is a genetic condition that is very common among many dogs and this condition
would most likely come from their Pitbull parent.
Heart Disease: This can also happen as your dog gets older and you can prevent this by watching your
dog’s diet by giving it good dog foods and also giving it proper exercises
This mix has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years so far they are provided with care and they keep a
healthy lifestyle.
Why you should get a Pitbull husky mix
A Pitsky is a very friendly dog and would fit in any household, even if you don’t have that much space in
your backyard, this breed still enjoys staying indoors and can keep itself engaged at any time. They are
very alert so they are very good watch dogs and you can be sure of some levels of protection when they
are around. They also get along well with people and other animals so far they are socialized well from
an early age. This dog also is highly intelligent and playful and would always be there to keep you
company as long as you can keep them engaged, either physically or even mentally.
Where to get a Pitbull husky mix and prices
From a good breeder, a Pitskys price ranges from $500 all the way up to $2,000 and the price would also
depend on the breeder and also the puppy’s ancestry. This cost of course excludes all other minor
expenses as just the vet bills yearly can be as high as $500 and also all other items like food, trainingtoys,
accessories might be about $400 to $700 depending on what you get. You either get this dog from a

reputable breeder or a Pet rescue but mind you, pets like this are not always available for too long in a
pet rescue so the best option would still be for you to get one from a reputable breeder.

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