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Pitbull lab mix

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The pitbull lab mix is one of the most popular crossbreeds. They are as a result of the crossbreed between the American Pitbull Terrier and the Labrador Retriever.

These designer dogs inherited some of the best qualities of their parent breeds. Some of the names they are called are Labrabulls or Pitadors, such cool names.

These adorable dogs are best suited to experienced owners. They are not considered to be yappy but they may be loud when trying to alert their owners about something.


The history of this designer dog is recorded to have started in the late 1990s in North America. Though they may have existed naturally long before that time as there is not enough documentation about their origin.

Their origin can, however, be traced back to their parent breeds. Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in both the United Kingdom and the United States. Their ancestry can be traced back to Canada where they were first bred as helpers for fishermen in the 18th century. The labs went on to become one of the most sought after dog breeds in the world.

The American Pitbull Terriers’ origin is closely intertwined with that of the English Pitbull Terriers. They were bred in the 19 century for vigorous activities like dogfighting, large prey hunting, and farm guarding. Their tenacious and aggressive personalities make them best suited for security purposes.

The two breeds were crossbred in order to produce offspring that would be healthier and less likely to have as many health issues as it’s purebred parents. Likewise to produce less aggressive and tenacious breeds. Pitbull lab mix has gone on to become quite popular and naturally, the demand for them is quite high.

Despite their popularity, they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. However, they are can be registered under other breed clubs like; the dog registry of America, The American canine hybrid Club, The international designer canine registry, and others.

Appearance And Size

These dogs are medium to large-sized dogs depending on which parent breed they take most after. Their heads are much broader than that of Labradors but it is not as broad as Pitbull’s. They also have long pointy ears and long muzzles like that of the Labradors.

Just like both of its parents, it has short-haired coats that can be of different colors like brown, black, silver, grey, white, chocolate, cream, and yellow. They have sparse and short coats they are extremely easy to groom.

The Pitbull lab mix measures about 17 to 28 inches in height and weigh about 45 to 90 pounds though males are generally larger than females.


Pitbull lab mix is relatively easy to groom since it has sparse and short coats. Their coats can be brushed once a week to keep it shiny and attractive.

They should be bathed occasionally as their sparse and short coats mean that they can be prone to cold. It is also a good idea to dress them in coats to protect them from extreme cold weather conditions.

Their nails should also be trimmed at least once or twice a month depending on how fast they regrow. Regularly clean your dog’s ears to avoid ear infections. Brush their teeth frequently, preferably daily to prevent the buildup of tartar and bacteria that can cause dental issues.


Pitbull lab mix was bred to check the aggressive and domineering behaviors in Pitbulls and replace them with gentle and easy-going behaviors while retaining the loyal and tenacious characters of Pitbull’s.

They achieved it well with these dog breeds as the Pitbull lab mixes are extremely loyal, easy going, loving and affectionate.

Though their loyalty makes them very protective of their families. When their family is threatened, they instantly turn on their aggressive natures and defend their families much like Pitbulls would.

They are also very intelligent and energetic dogs. Labrabulls can be trusted when it comes to kids as gentility comes naturally to them. Though it should be noted that children of younger ages should not be left unsupervised with dogs for long periods of time.


Pitbull lab mix is a relatively healthy breed but still predisposed to some health issues from parent breeds. Nevertheless, they are quite healthier than their parent breeds.

They have a long lifespan of about 10 to 14 years. Some of the health conditions that may affect them are:

Bloating is a life-threatening illness also known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus. It occurs when the stomach becomes filled with air or gas and causes the dog to be unable to belch or vomit. Your dog could die if immediate veterinary help is not sought.

It is mostly caused by careless eating of large meals and drinking large quantities of water at a go and then exercising almost immediately without waiting for the meal to properly digest.

Osteochondritis Dissecans is an incurable condition that affects the joints. It occurs when an inflammation of cartilage occurs and the underlying bone of the diseased cartilage separates from the cartilage. Though it commonly affects the shoulder joints, other joints may also be affected like the knee, elbow, or hips.

Epilepsy is a very common neurological disorder in dogs. The true causes of epilepsy is unknown but the symptoms of epilepsy are unprovoked and most times uncontrollable seizures that happen due to an aberration of the brain cells.

Hypothyroidism is an ailment that occurs when the thyroid glands do not produce as much thyroxine as is needed by their bodies to perform their metabolic roles. It results in serious ailments like obesity, hair thinning, cold intolerance, mental dullness, skin thickening, and others.

Allergies are adverse reactions to a substance. Allergies can cause redness, tenderness, and inflammation. Some common allergies are food allergies, environmental allergies, and airborne allergies. Recommended medications can be taken to control allergies in dogs.

Ear infections can cause redness, pain, discharge and inflammation. This could be a result of careless ear grooming, lack of ear grooming, or bacterial infections.

It is of utmost importance that these dogs are taken to the vet regularly for check-ups so that any prominent illness can be treated quickly before they became fatal.

Training And Exercise

Pitbull lab mix are very intelligent and trainable dog breeds. They are also incredibly active and energetic so they require lots of exercise to keep fit.

They should be trained and socialized as pups so that they grow up to be well rounded and have great personalities as adults. Training will not be a problem as long as it is done correctly. Labrabulls respond well to training with positive reinforcements as well as treats.

They are always eager to please their owners and should be praised and rewarded for good behaviors. Pitbull lab mix should not be scolded or struck for bad behavior as this could lead to behavioral issues in the future.

They should be engaged in about 30 minutes of rigorous exercises coupled with about 1 to 2 hours of daily activities. Pitadors also enjoy long walks and are most suitable to homes with yards or open spaces.

Food And Diet

Pitbull lab mix grows very quickly and so require lots of nutrition to fuel their growth. It is important to have a feeding plan for this dog preferably a diet that is recommended or approved by professional veterinarians.

For their first six months, it is advised to feed them with milk and soft foods that contain lots of nutrients. As they grow older the number of meals they eat per day should be reduced to avoid obesity or bloating.

Adult or older Pitbull lab mix should be given about 2 and a half cups to 3 cups of dry dog food daily and the meal should be divided into two or three portions. They can also be fed with oily fish to help maintain the shine of their coats.

They can also be fed with a variety of foods like broccoli, meat, peanut, cashew, bananas, and carrots occasionally for their well-being and overall growth and development. You can find a list of dog foods in this article.

Should You Consider A Pitbull Lab Mix?

Labrabulls are affectionate, loving and energetic dog breeds. There are a number of reasons to prove that and some of them are:

1. They are relatively easier to groom and take care of, as they don’t have much hairs that require a lot of grooming and brushing.

2. They are great companions and relate well with children, people, and other animals. Pitbull lab mixes are very gentle and easy-going in nature which makes them suitable as family pets.

3. They are very loyal, alert, protective, and are great guard dogs. Although they may be gentle and easy-going, once they perceive threat or danger towards their families, they would not hesitate to defend and protect their families even if they have to be aggressive.

4. They are very intelligent dogs and this makes it relatively easy to train them and for them to respond to training. In addition, their shiny coats and attractive features makes them stand out from other dog breeds.

Buyin A Pitbull Lab Mix

Labrabulls are very popular designer dog breeds and so might be a bit pricey. Labradors cost around $300 to $1000 while Pitbulls may cost between $800 to $2000..

You can expect to pay anything around $500 to $1500 for a pitbull lab mix and you can buy them from Greenfield puppies, Puppyfind, Lancaster puppies, and others.

Another option is to adopt Labrabulls which would be relatively cheaper to acquire. You can adopt Labrabulls from some rescue homes and sites like Adopt a pet, pet finder, Overstock, Save-A-Bull, and Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption.


This Pitbull lab mix are charming and affectionate dogs that will be very faithful and loyal to you and your family. However, because of their sizes and personalities they are not suited to apartment living, but are good for families with yards and open spaces.

These Pooches love to run around and would be more than delighted to run and exercise with you. They are excellent companions and can provide adequate security for you and your family.

They are also not problematic or stressed as they would even be willing to help around the house whenever they can. Labrabulls are energetic and intelligent dogs and can be potty trained.

These dogs with their charming personalities, fun antics, and affectionate behaviors will bring joy and happiness to your family. They also love children a lot and are extremely patient and kind to them.

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