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pormerian husky

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The Pomeranian Husky is a mix between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, they are a relatively new breed which is becoming quite popular due to their cute appearance. As with all cross breeds, they inherited personalities from both parent breeds, both parents have similar personalities, the Pomeranian Husky inherited: intelligence, energy and playfulness. The Pomeranian Husky is a designer breed dog also known as Pomsky.

Although this breed is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, this doesn’t affect their popularity and their appeal to the public especially among first-time dog owners, their compact size, adorable appearance, and striking blur eyes makes them irresistible. Some clubs that recognize these breeds include:

The Pomsky Club of America
The Dog Registry of America
The International Pomsky Association

Facts About The Pomeranian Husky

This breed inherited their stubbornness from their Husky parent.
The mother of this breed is always the Husky and the father is always the Pomeranian.
In spite of their size, they make for excellent guard dogs
They love digging
These dogs are prone to the “small dog syndrome”

History of the Pomeranian Husky

The Pomsky is a fairly new designer dog breed and can be more commonly found in America and across Europe, their parents the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky are well-known canines with ample history between them.

The Pomeranian is a spritz-type breed— these are domestic dogs characterized by having long, thick, and often white fur with muzzles and pointed ears. The tails of Spritz often curl over the dog’s back or droops. The Pomeranian was named after the Pomeranian region in Central Europe, they are descended from the large working spritz breeds that eventually made their way to Europe.

The Huskies on the other hand are famous for being working dogs for the Chukchi people who were gatherers and hunters who lived in the extremely cold environment of Siberia, initially, Huskies were used to pull sleds over long distances. They are resilient, intelligent and have lots of stamina, however, they have been made to be lap and companion dog.

The first popular Pomeranian Husky that became famous on the internet in 2011 was actually a Finnish Lapphund puppy, it wasn’t long after that that people started to actually find out about Pomskies.

Appearance and size

It’s practically impossible for Pomskies to look alike, they often look completely different from one another even if they are from the same litter, they can get their dominant looks from the Pomeranian or from the Husky, depending on the heritage of the parents and the reputation of the breeder from which you’re getting the puppy from as some breeders are irresponsible and nonchalant with their breeding practices.

One of the appeals of the Pomeranian Husky is the variety and colors and patterns they can come in which includes Black, Tan, Cream, White, Blue, Orange, Brown, and Red. Aside from coat variation, the Pomsky also has a variation in eye color, their eyes can either come in one color or in a mix, the most common is the Merle. Their eyes could be blue like that of a Husky or brown like that of a Pomeranian or sometimes it can be one of each color.

They have a thick and fluffy double-layered coat which you can expect shedding. Their outer coat can be fluffy like that of the Pomeranian or smooth like as that of the Husky. They also have different markings.

The weight and the size of the Pomsky can vary depending on which parent they take after if they are huskies. They will be heavier and larger but if they more Pomeranian, your Pomsky would be lighter and smaller. With this breed, they usually reach the age of maturity by their first birthday which means you can expect them to be fully grown by one year.

Pomsky is usually 10 – 15 inches tall and weighs 15-30 pounds but if your Pomeranian Husky is a teacup, it’ll be 7 to 10 inches tall and weigh 5 to 10 pounds. They have thick, double coats and a curved tailed


The coat of the Pomsky requires daily brushing to prevent tangled, avoid matting, dander, and remove dead hair. Brushing of the coat keeps the coat in the good and aids in the spread of their natural oils to keep the coat moisturized and it helps reduce shedding.

It is believed that this breed sheds more in the sunny seasons especially when they are in the sun. Bathing of this breed should be done once in a few months or when they get really really dirty and with an appropriate shampoo, bathing the Pomsky too much would cause their skin to dry out. Trims their nails short


Do not be deceived by their small, innocent, and sweet look, what Pomskies lack in size they make up for in character. The Pomsky inherited an energetic personality from its historically working Husky parent and it inherited its desire for cuddles, love, and attention from its Pomeranian parent.

They are energetic, intelligent, playful and loving companion dogs. Thanks to their parent the Pomeranian, the Pomsky has a very strong loyalty gene, they also crave love and attention and will begin barking to increase their chances of getting it.

As a result of the mix, the bark of the Pomsky is not only loud but it is also very high-pitched, do not consider this breed if you live in the city as it’s excessive barking may be considered annoying for you neighbors. The Pomsky is great with children, other pets, and other animals and happily slip into family life. The Pomeranian Husky is fiercely loyal and is not afraid to defend their family and their territory with all their might.

Being small in size they tend to feel more threatened in certain kinds of situations than bigger dogs, Pomsky are fun-loving and are always up for a game in the yard.


Pomskies require foods of high quality specially formulated for small breed, their diet should include plenty of animal protein, fat, and limited carbohydrates, this combination would ensure your pup would get all the nutrition it needs to live a healthy, active life.

Being small dogs, they should only eat what they need, if they eat in excess they would become obese which would be harmful to their health. How much food they need would depend on their age, how much they weigh and their level of activity. Dogs that weigh between 20 to 20 pounds would need about 30 calories per pound of body weight.

Small dogs have a fast metabolism and would need more while big dogs are the opposite and would need less.

It is easier to find the Husky as the dam— the mother because it is easier for larger breeds to carry a litter. The litter size of this breed is between 5- 7 puppies. With appropriate care and a good diet, the Pomsky can live for between 13 to 15 years. Their coats help them to regulate their body temperatures in the cold and hot seasons.

Some people believe crossbreeds are healthier than pure breeds because of the larger gene pool, what they fail to realize is it both parents are prone to being victims to specific health issues, chances are their puppies would stand a high chance of inheriting these same health issues. Although the Pom and the Husky are healthy breeds, they sometimes develop some conditions. These conditions include:

Eye Problem: Entropion is a common condition in Huskies, it causes their eyelids to roll inwards, if left untreated it would get progressively worse. This condition is hereditary.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy: This is the most common heart disease in dogs, it causes coughing, weakness, loss of appetite and breathing problems and progresses rapidly.

Ear infections and Dental issues

Collapsing trachea is common in small breeds, it’s symptoms include; blue or gray gums, coughing, struggling for breath.

Training and exercise

Pomsky is naturally confident and independent pets, they need a firm hand during training. If you slack off with them they will take advantage of this and become stubborn which may lead to behavioral issues. If they are not trained and introduced to socialization at a young age they can develop small dog syndrome and they will become overprotective and yap at strangers.

Early socialization paves way for this breed to get along smoothly with children, strangers, other dogs, and other pet especially in cases where they will live in the same house as small children, other dogs, or other pets so as to enable them to learn how to interact with each other. A Pomsky that has familiarized itself with the socialization process would happily play with children and dogs.

A well-socialized and properly trained Pomsky may not show any signs of aggression. Being a product of two intelligent and independent parents, the Pomsky is known to have a stubborn streak and will require a strong-willed owner who is also patient, they also need encouragement and positive reinforcement which could be gotten through praise, cuddles, and treats. Pomskies are intelligent and you can start their training with basic commands like “sit” and they will improve over time.

Playing can be a great way to socialize with this breed, even though the Pomsky looks small, it needs exercising every day, their exercise, however, should not be as intense as that of bigger dogs, playing in the yard would suffice with this breed. They require 30 minutes of exercise daily mixed in with smaller walks and active play.

Why you should get a Pomsky

The small size of the Pomsky makes them ideal for apartment living, their playful and active personality makes them excellent pets for singles, families, couples and seniors in apartments or houses. They are a perfect fit for novice dog owners.

The Pomsky are companion animals, they are very friendly and enjoy the company of their owners. They are happy to follow you around wherever you go. Their small size makes it easy for them to live with you in apartments or in the city, they are full of life and live life to the fullest. They want nothing more than your attention, love and praise.

They enjoy showing off and picking up new skills.

Where to get a Pomsky and price

These adorable pups are one of the most expensive designer dog breeds in the world with prices ranging from $1000 to $3000 USD. Their expensive price tags come from the need breeders have to artificially inseminate the Pomeranian to create this mix.

This is because it is extremely difficult to breed them as the difference in the size of the parents is vast. An average Pomeranian weighs between 7 to 8 pounds while the average Husky weighs between 30 to 50 pounds, it would be difficult to cross dogs with this much difference in size.

As a result, it makes this dog incredibly rare to find. You would need to get your pup from a reputable breeder, any breeder that is unwilling to share medical information about the parents or the pup should be avoided. It’s advisable to ask to see the paperwork, licenses, and registration upfront before any payment is made.

If you’re transacting with a breeder based on referrals, you should, first of all, communicate with the person referring you and ask for a bit do information as regards how the breeder raises dogs and does business before contacting the breeder.

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