40 Adorable Poodle Mixes That’ll Melt Your Heart

poodle mix

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Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, as well as one of the top 10 most popular dog breeds in America.

Because of their intelligence (they are considered the 2nd most intelligent dog breeds in the world according to a renowned canine psychologist, Stanley Coren. ), they are highly trainable.

They can do any task they are being trained to do. Most people assume that poodles originated from Germany, but it is more likely that the French made these dog breeds popular.

When poodles are jobless and bored, they tend to be more destructive, so they constantly need to be physically and mentally engaged. They are not meant to be indoors most of the time or caged for long periods. They are also one of the best dog swimmers; it is assumed by some that they were bred to swim.

Poodles have lesser allergies, and they also live longer than most dog breeds the same size as them. They are easy-going dogs and are not shy when they meet new people or even dogs, and they are liked almost everywhere they go. They are also useful for emotional support because of their willingness to always please.

40 Popular poodle mixes

1. Cockapoo

Parents of the Cockapoo: Cocker Spaniel & Poodle

The cockapoos are one of the first doodle mixes to have appeared in the 1950s. They are one of the smaller breed doodles as their parent ( The Cocker Spaniel ) is a smaller breed compared to other breeds like Labrador or a Golden and this dog requires lots of attention and for that, they can make friends with anyone, they are so affectionate to the point where every human would be able to see it clearly from their behavior because they always want to please. With the poodle genes in them, they are very intelligent and can easily be trained. They are good at getting along with both families as well as strangers. For the fact that they are small, they tend to use their vocals more as they can bark more than their larger counterparts, and if not properly trained and cautioned the barking can become unnecessarily excessive.

2. Boxerdoodle

Parents of the Boxerdoodle: Boxer & Poodle

A boxerdoodle is a physical but easy to train dog. The boxerdoodles parents have completely different personalities but the breed still takes traits from both parents and balances it out. They are highly trainable because they have the high energy of a boxer and also the focus of a regular poodle. They tend to be very playful and even physically expressive. Their sizes depend on their parents, the smaller ones are rare but the bigger ones are very common. Regardless of how physical they get, they still get along very well with children as well as large families. They are also very courageous and can be territorial when necessary making them good guard dogs. As calm as they can get they also have a very unpredictable temperament. They do not do well in smaller spaces so they should be provided with enough room for them to move around.

3. Maltipoo

Parents of the Maltipoo: Maltese & Poodle

The Maltipoo is even smaller than the cockapoo and they also fit in well with smaller homes as well as larger ones and because of its adorable looks, it is considered one of the most popular poodle mixes. Owning a maltipoo means you are going to be giving them lots of attention because that is what they constantly crave. They are very social and active dogs but when left

alone for a long period they do not always do so well. Maltipoos as small as they are can also be very loud and bark excessively so if they aren’t cautioned from an early age they would just grow up to be very loud and constantly make unnecessary noise and because they also have the poodle genes in them it would be easier to caution them. Training a malitpoo isn’t so hard because if they realize they get lots of attention from the training they would always want to please to get more of the attention thereby doing well in the training process.

4. Rottle

Parents of the Rottle: Rottweiler & Poodle

They are less outgoing than other poodles, what is most admired about this poodle mix is their appearance and their coat, they are even considered to be designer dogs. They are very loyal to their owners and their families but they do not do too well with other dogs and even strangers so training a rottle would require more work compared to other poodle mixes. The rottle is very calm but can be very protective, they can be aggressive towards other people and dogs and even show some food aggression and even guarding resources so when they are still puppies they should be cautioned frequently to reduce the level of aggression in them. They require lots of training for them to be as social as other poodle mixes.

5. Westiepoo

Parents of the Westiepoo: West Highland Terrier & Poodle

As well as other poodles, the westiepoo also requires lots of attention. Westiepoos have a very high prey drive they aren’t good with other smaller animals so it would be very dangerous to have them around smaller animals like guinea pigs as they can start an unnecessary game of chase and hurt them even when they meant no harm. With the high energy they possess, they need to be constantly trained and engaged to burn them. Their size depends on their parents as well as their coats. As a new pet owner, this breed isn’t recommended as they require lots of training and attention to manage and might even want to chase children around. Because of their size, weight gain is also a health risk so their owners should be careful with how the westiepoo gains weight.

6. Chipoo

Parents of the Chipoo: Chihuahua & Poodle

The chipoo is a very active dog but as active as they are they do not need that much physical play but they shouldn’t be left without physical engagement as they can get overweight and it can lead to health issues. A chipoo by nature is a friendly dog and cuddly but can be quick to decide to be cuddly to its owners alone. Like other small dogs, they tend to be defensive and bark a lot. Not allowing safe socialization for the chipoo at a young age isn’t recommended but even if it’s a social dog it can also get defensive when provoked. This breed doesn’t do too well with children but prefers to interact more with their pet parents.

7. Goldendoodle

Parents of the Goldendoodle: Golden retriever & Poodle

Goldendoodle comes in different sizes from standard to toy. If you are looking to purchase a Goldendoodle puppy, enquire about the size of the parents for a better estimate of how big your new puppy is going to get. They do not shed but also need constant grooming and shaving to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Goldendoodle puppies, mostly the standard ones aren’t good

with children and might hurt them, it isn’t because of aggression but it is because they don’t realize how strong they are compared to children.

8. Labradoodle

Parents of the Labradoodle: Labrador & Poodle

The labradoodle and goldendoodle share a lot of similarities and sometimes it can be very hard to tell the difference between them. Their fur varies depending on their parents. Compared to the goldendoodle the labradoodle they have short and tight curls in their fur due to their shortness in fur ad their fur should be washed more often than the goldendoodle. They tend to also be heavier than their other counterparts. Like other poodles they also have the willingness to please and are very obedient and they can sometimes get overexcited when around other dogs or being rewarded. They also love to greet people physically, it could be a jump or just to lean on your legs and they can bond well with an entire family and even just an individual.

9. Yorkipoo

Parents of the Yorkipoo: Yorkshire terrier & Poodle

Yorkipoos care more about having fun and their cheerful attitude shows it and long as they are shown love you get to always see the best versions of them. Similar to other small dogs, they need to be engaged in lots of socialization at a young age and also have their barking habits cautioned. Their focus needs to be directed to positive things because they tend to be ‘yappy’ and redirecting their focus can help break the habit. They are very active dogs and can be extremely playful with other smaller breeds and they do not enjoy extreme physical play so they can get along and play with children very well.

10. Akipoo

Parents of the Akipoo: Akita Inu & Poodle

Although not very common, the akipoo is both courageous and intelligent and would fit into any household. They have the face of an akita inu and they vary in size and they have a strong and sturdy frame. The akita inu is an extremely loyal dog and such trait is possessed by the akipoo. They are very proud and brave and are also easy going with humans.

11. Schnoodle

Parents of the Schnoodle: Schnauzer & Poodle

This poodle mix takes a lot of work and breeding to be perfected. Some mixes could be an even 50-50 mix but the schnoodle can take generations to reach the desired mix. With so much breeding going into the mix it is always unlikely to tell the size and depositions of the puppies. There would have to be a lot of work finding the right schnoodle and depending on the size you want, be it standard or toy-sized, you’ll have to meet lots of breeders before any decision can be made. They are also very energetic and need lots of playtimes every day and they can’t stay in a small apartment as they need space to run around.

12. Pomapoo

Parents of the Pomapoo: Pomeranian & Poodle

This mix involves a crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a poodle and because of the stature of Pomeranians this mix tends to be very small not weighing more than 9-12 pounds at most. They are very easy to carry and travel with and unlike other breeds, they do not shed but need to be

brushed regularly. They can stay in any type of apartment, be it big or small as long as they have something to play and interact with they are good to go. Like other small dogs, this breed also has a very loud voice and need to be taken through enough training from a young age as they react to outside stimuli. They also want attention and can be aggressive. Families with children might not want to consider this breed.

13. Whoodle

Parents of the Whoodle: Wheaton terrier & Poodle

This mix isn’t all that popular, the wheaton terrier is one of the larger breeds of the terriers and although they are very energetic, they do not bark as much as the smaller terriers. They also do not have a high prey drive compared to other smaller breeds. This breed has different personalities and they vary from dog to dog. Dog behaviorists do not have much information about them like size, temperament, and so on. Finding a whoodle is a very hard task as they aren’t very common to the point where finding one is even harder than training one and if you are lucky enough to find one you should take good care of it as they’re very rare and many would want to lay their hands on them.

14. Sheepadoodle

Parents of the Sheepadoodle: German Shepard & Poodle

Sheepadoodle is very positive and has a very good nature, they can also be considered as an entertainer as sometimes they tend to act clownish and funny. They are highly intelligent, smart, and can easily be trained. They are very friendly with kids and are also loyal to the family generally. Because German Shepards are guard dogs, the sheepadoodle are very alert and might have a hard time welcoming strangers but they can also a very good guard dog for the house. These dogs need to be brushed regularly to keep their hair from tangling. They also need lots of exercises and they are very strong and highly energetic.

15. Peakapoo

Parents of the Peakapoo: Pekingese & Poodle

This mix has no undercoat and they are easier to groom and brush but they come with their negative package and that is the fact that they have lots of health issues. About 2/3 of Pekingese suffer from Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, or BOAS. It is a genetic defect that makes them have problems with breathing and what’s worse is the fact that the disease has no cure. This disease results in lots of pain and problems with breathing and they also can’t stay in some temperatures so before picking this breed you have to weigh the pros and cons.

16. Poogle

Parents of the Poogle: Beagle & Poodle

Taking their parent’s traits, this mix is very affectionate with family members, they also love playing with kids and they get along well with other dogs and to top it all, they are also very loyal dogs. Just like their parents, they are very energetic dogs and would require lots of exercises daily. These dogs need to be closely monitored as they can wander off following a scent their nose picked up and there is also a chance they don’t return because they lost their way. Although the beagle isn’t as intelligent, when mixed with a poodle they tend to be smarter, they are also easy to train and they love to please humans. They also have a very short attention span so training should be short and brief to achieve positive results.

17. Saint berdoodle

Parents of the Saint berdoodle: Saint bernard & Poodle

With the loyalty of the Saint Bernard breed and the intelligence of the poodle, the saint berdoodle is a mix almost everyone would want to have. This mix tends to be very big when they grow because the saint Bernard can grow as big as 90-100 pounds casually. This dog loves to please more than anything. They have thick fur and they love the cold weather most especially during the winter and they have more energy in the winter compared to the summer. These dogs as well as others need to go through proper training like leeching as they can just wander off or sometimes prove stubborn.

18. Shihpoo

Parents of the Shihpoo: shih tzu & Poodle

This mix tends to be very stubborn by nature because of their ancestor the shih tzu but with proper and constant training they can become very friendly. Because they are a very proud dog, they tend to feel the urge to please lesser than other mixes and they also need to be trained on what’s acceptable and what isn’t. This mix is perfect for quiet and calm homes with not too many small children. They often pick their favorite in a family and can go out of their way to get attention. They also do not need much activity and exercise as they would prefer to stay lazy than go for walks but regardless they also need to be engaged daily in exercises.

19. Poochon

Parents of the Poochon: Bichon Frise & Poodle

The poochon like every other poodle is a very intelligent dog and they also have barking issues most especially when they are bored, they can become fierce whiners and they require a moderate amount of training daily. Although they are very small in stature, they would fit in to be a watchdog because they are always very wary of strangers but most importantly they just need companionship.

20. Bolonoodle

Parents of the Bolonoodle: Bolognese & Poodle

They also bear names like bolodoodle, bolopoo, and many more. These dogs are very cute and would be hard for one to resist. They are highly intelligent and can be very loyal. They are full of energy and also love to have fun. They are very entertaining and they would pass for a companion. This breed lives longer than the regular dog but occasionally has heart problems and it can be escalated with obesity so it is very important to always keep their weights in check all the time. They also need to undergo exercises to reduce the risk of obesity but if their feeding is properly monitored they wouldn’t need much exercise go get a perfect body.

21. Doxiepoo

Parents of the Doxiepoo: Dachshund & Poodle

Like their ancestors, they are companion dogs and they also have similar temperaments like that of their parents. Both their ancestors are stubborn by nature. Their sizes vary from dog to dog and also mainly from their parents and they are very fun dogs to have in homes as they are very entertaining.

22. Irishdoodle

Parents of the Irishdoodle: Pekingese & Poodle

The Irishdoodle is a highly skilled dog and they have very high cravings when it comes to being playful. The irishdoodle also has other names like the irishpoo as well as the irish setterpoo. They are also good at hunting, retrieving things and last but not least they are good for companionship. They are not good for apartment dwellers. They need proper socialization and training as well as exercises. Although they have high prey drive they can very well tolerate children and other dogs as well.

23. Bernedoodle

Parents of the Bernedoodle: Bernese Mountain Dog & Poodle

This mix can hit as high as 80 pounds in size for the standard size so getting a smaller one would be tough. Compared to other doodles, they have thicker and softer coats making them a good choice. Bernedoodles do not have that much energy like their ancestor does but when they are puppies they are very energetic and playful and it can result in very hard training because they can easily get distracted because of their playful nature. Their fur is thicker than other doodles so it makes grooming harder compared to other doodles and because of their fur, they enjoy the cold weather and do not do too well in hot climates. They are very physical dogs and are also cuddlers

24. Bassetoodle

Parents of the Bassetoodle: Basset Hound & Poodle

Their ancestors have very similar temperaments and personalities but they look entirely different. This mix can get their looks from either parent. They are very social dogs, calm and friendly, and also crave lots of attention. They get along with everyone as well as other animals and pets so you can own one of these even if you already have pets at home. They usually have longer torso and shorter legs. They are outgoing and enjoy being around people of all ages, they are not only good for companionship but also as a guard dog. These dogs when left alone for long can feel separation anxiety so they need to be around people and animals often.

25. Bossi-poo

Parents of the Bossi-poo: Boston terrier & Poodle

Like other poodles, they are highly intelligent that can be trained to be very loyal and they are also passionate dogs. They are well mannered and do not cause much trouble for their owners. Owners with a busy schedule can also manage this dog efficiently. They are very active dogs and also need constant training to keep their high-octane in check.

26. Aussiedoodle

Parents of the Aussiedoodle: Australian Shepard & Poodle

The aussiedoodle is a very happy and playful dog. They have mostly been used as service animals and they have a teddy bear look. These dogs are hypoallergic so anyone who has allergies can also own them without having issues. They love cuddles and no matter how big they get, they would always try to get to your laps. They are also wary of strangers and tend to be at alert when a foreigner is around but once they are familiar with the person they become very friendly. They also love to run and engage in various outdoor exercises and if they are not engaged physically and mentally they tend to be destructive. These dogs have been used to protect animals on the farm so owners should expect protection for their kids from the dog.

27. Scoodle

Parents of the Scoodle: Scottish terrier & Poodle

They are also known as a Scottish schoodle. They can be friendly to kids if they are allowed to socialize early on in their life. If they are handled roughly they can also snap and be aggressive so playtimes should be monitored to see how they react to the way the kids play with them. They are playful and energetic and they enjoy the company of their owners and it is best to have them if you will be staying at home more because they are not a good breed for people who are constant travelers as they suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. They are very easy to groom and they are very alert so they could also be considered to be watchdogs.

28. Cavapoo

Parents of the Cavapoo: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Poodle

Just like other poodles, the Cavapoo crave lots of attention and they also like to play the game of fetch but they do not have any prey drive whatsoever. Unlike their ancestors who have a shorter snout, they have longer snouts and also have long poodle legs. This breed can weigh as high as 20-25 pounds at most and they are fun to play with but they make their training tricky because of their personality. They enjoy jumping for attention as they love to get physical when they want attention. The breed can also suffer from separation anxiety so they should not be left alone for long periods. They are also vulnerable to heart diseases so constant medical checkup for them is very important.

29. Lhasapoo

Parents of the Lhasapoo: Lhasa Apso & Poodle

This breed of dogs are very intelligent, fun to be with and are very affectionate, they require lots of attention and they are one of the most adaptable poodle mixes. Even if they are kept in a small apartment, they’ll learn to make themselves happy, if they are kept in a larger apartment, they would also learn to adapt, even if its single owner, a family or a couple, they’ll try to be the best versions of themselves. They tend to be independent and stubborn and this attitude must be corrected from an early age and they also do not like seeing people they are not familiar with so they tend to bark at strangers.

30. Eskipoo

Parents of the Eskipoo: American Eskimo & Poodle

This breed looks very similar to the pomapoo but the only clear difference is that they are slightly bigger and their size also depends on the size of their parents. They shed a lot and they require a lot of grooming. They are full of energy and can easily get excited. They make up for a very good watchdog but it can get annoying when they constantly bark without any danger whatsoever. They would be a good choice for older people when it comes to looking for a pet companion because of their cheerful and loving personality. They can get along with anyone be it a child or an adult and also other pets.

31. Bordoodle

Parents of the Bordoodle: Collie & Poodle

This breed can be made into a great family dog when socialized correctly. Just like their ancestor, they are very intelligent and are also energetic. They do not like the cold so it is better

they are kept as indoor pets or in a very warm place. Although they have a thick coat that would require frequent grooming, they are hypoallergenic. This large dog I considered a high maintenance dog as they need lots of grooming and brushing. They are very active dogs and are also good companions, they are also good with the kids and never seem to get tired during playtime.

32. Jack-A-poo

Parents of the Jack-A-poo: Jack Russell Terrier & Poodle

These dogs were first bred in the United States a few years ago so they are a new breed no many know of. They have been steadily growing in popularity because of their wonderful temperament. Like their ancestor the Jack Russell, they are more likely going to be a hyperactive dog. They are also very loving and intelligent but would require lots of training for them to behave properly. They are very agile and need to be exercised frequently. They do not shed much and they do not require lots of grooming. These dogs are very good with kids and as small as they are, they can curl up with kids and sleep with them on their beds.

33. Airedoodle

Parents of the Airedoodle: Airedale Terrier & Poodle

The airedoodle is a very large poodle mix as it can easily weigh up to 60 pounds. They are usually full of energy and need daily exercises to keep their energy level in check, at least a few hours of exercise every day is okay to keep them physically in a good shape. These dogs are very good for active owners and they can be left for short periods, when left for long periods they can get destructive. This breed requires lots of training even from a young age as they should be trained with kids and other pets from an early age. They get along very well with people and other pets, they also work hard, play hard and they have medium-sized coats.

34. Cairnoodle

Parents of the Cairnoodle: Cairn Terrier & Poodle

The cairnoodle is a very popular lap dog. Their ancestor, the cairn terrier was bred to hunt down vermin so the cairnoodle can inherit the prey instincts. They are also very intelligent dogs given that both parents are very intelligent dogs. They are very loyal and tend to create a strong bond with their owners and their family.

35. Poo-ton

Parents of the Poo-ton: Coton de Tulear & Poodle

This poodle mix comes with tons of energy and they have very good personalities. They were developed mainly for companionship so they are perfect for families. They do better with larger families as they have the opportunity to be the center of attraction and they also need to be part of family activities for them to do well. They are also hypoallergenic dogs and they do not shed too much but they also need constant brushing.

36. Chinese crestepoo

Parents of the Chinese Crestepoo: Chinese crested & Poodle

They are not a very common poodle mix and despite how rare they are, they are one of the most unique designer dogs. Both parents have different coats but in most cases, they tend to take the curly coat of the poodle. This mix can come in different colors like black, brown, and even

white. They are very active and playful and sometimes they can be stubborn so they need to go through some mental training to stop the trait and because they are poodles, the training can come easy.

37. Siberpoo

Parents of the Siberpoo: Siberian husky & Poodle

They are also known as the poosky, huskapoo and many more. They can live for up to 10-13 years and are very agile. They are very expressive and friendly but they also need lots of attention just like other poodles. They are not very easy to take care of because they have lots of needs and constantly require enough attention or they can snap. They are very stubborn dogs so training shouldn’t be too hard and owners need to be patient when training this mix as it can get frustrating. They can be too active and difficult to handle so they are better with families with older children and this mix is best handled by owners with experience raising a husky. This mix is very good at adapting as they can stay in both a hot and cold climate and as much as they can adapt to staying in an apartment, they also need some space in the backyard to run and play.

38. Newfypoo

Parents of the Newfypoo: Newfoundland & Poodle

Unlike other poodle mixes the newfypoo is a very big dog. This mix is a very affectionate and loving dog and it is all thanks to the traits of both parents. Because of the size of the mix, they would require lots of space to play and also need lots of attention. With a dog as big as them it would require lots of food and treats to keep them satisfied. This mix can weigh as high as 150 pounds and as big as it is, it is a very friendly and gentle dog and very loyal to its owners. They also need to be trained from a young age as their size might be a bit too much for smaller dogs and even children. They also require constant grooming as they have a very large coat and their hair can get tangled easily.

39. Havapoo

Parents of the Havapoo: Havanese & Poodle

They are very friendly and love to be the center of attraction. This mix is very attractive and with their curly hair, they are just irresistible and as such, they need frequent brushing and grooming to keep them looking beautiful. They are also hypoallergenic so anyone with allergies would have no problems with them. This mix adapts pretty well but they also need lots of room to play in. They love to exercise and they do not have that much endurance so they shouldn’t be overworked.

40. Pyredoodle

Parents of the Pyredoodle: Great pyrenees & Poodle

This mix is a very calm, fearless, and loyal dog inheriting these traits from their parents. At adult stage they can weigh up to 100 pounds so they are very big dogs. They have medium length hair that is mostly white so they need constant grooming for them to stay beautiful. They can adapt to any environment but because of their size, they would need a big yard to play in. They are very quiet dogs and only bark when necessary.

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