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Red fox Labradors – Full Dog Breed Information

Red Fox Labrador

Red fox Labradors are purebred Labradors that are a slightly darker shade than the traditional yellow
Labradors. These beautiful dogs are one of the most loyal dogs around, they are bred majorly for their
rare colored fur and they are also extremely rare themselves. These adorable creatures are perfect
family pets and are very friendly and affectionate, they are also one of the most intelligent dogs in the
world and can be trained to do almost anything, and they also have an independent trait and like to do things by themselves.

History of the Red Fox Labradors

The history of these intelligent pups can be traced to Newfoundland in Canada, they were originally
dogs used by hunters who worked with fishermen, and they helped their masters to collect catches like
fishes and ducks.

A close ancestry to the Red fox Labradors is the St John’s dog which the visiting nobles
from England were so fascinated by that they took it with them all the way to Great Britain. Over the
years, the breed was refined and they were named the Labrador retriever because of their unique
capabilities, the Red fox Labradors are just a different color variant of the main Labradors.

In the year
1917, they were officially registered in America and since then they have been introduced to various
parts of the world and they have gone to become the most popular dog breed in America according to
the AKC (American Kennel Club).

The red color of the Labrador dogs is a sign of genetic evolution as the
original Labrador dogs did not have that color. In the olden days, people of that time did not appreciate
the red color of the dogs, so there is a slight possibility that many of them were culled at birth, since
according to their genetics they must have started the color evolution many years ago.

the American Kennel Club does not recognize the red color of the Labradors, though the breed has
gained popularity throughout the world. Red fox Labradors are recognized as a variant of the yellow
Labradors and so they are registered as yellow Labradors.


The appearance of Red fox Labradors is no different from any other Labrador, the only major difference
is the red color of their coat though it is referred to as a darker or deeper shade of the yellow Labrador.

Their color is marked as Fox Red because it is the same color as a Red fox, some of them are also born
with a slightly deeper shade of pink in the pigment of their skin, in their nose color or around their
muzzle. Some others also share distinct black color features as their ancestors, it is also more common
for them to have white spots on their underbelly.

Just like most animals, the Red fox Labrador males are
slightly bigger than their females, with the males measuring about 22.5 inches to 24.5 inches in length
from their shoulders to their paws, and weighing about 65 to 80 pounds while the females record a
length of about 21.5 inches to 23.5 inches also from their shoulders to their paws and about 55 to 70
pounds in weight.

They are chunky dogs, with stout and puissant necks, they also have otter like tails
that are incredibly thick and they have very attractive facial expressions with large expressive round
eyes. Red fox Labradors have broad skulls, large heads and strong jaws, their ears hang at the sides of
their heads and are floppy, and they also have a level back and a strong build which makes them to be

considered as medium to large-sized dogs. They also possess weather-resistant coats with webbed feet
that increases their swimming skills and makes it easier for them to move around in the water.

Their coats
are straight and dense, but they are short in length even though the length does not stop them from
shedding. Their coats also act as a waterproof guard which insulates them and help to regulate their
body’s temperature. Red fox Labradors also have a soft pout, since in the past they were used to fetch
prey and carry them to their masters without biting down on them. The attractive frame of the Red fox
Labradors are often mistaken for other dog breeds like the Vizsla and the Lab and Rhodesian ridgeback


These dogs are known to be heavy shedders so it is important to brush their hairs daily, though they
have a shedding season which is mostly during the spring and autumn when it is advisable to brush their
hair regularly.

A slicker brush proves to be very handy because it reaches the soft undercoat and
removes the excess hair, a rubber mitt brush is also good for smoothening the coat and removing loose
or dead hairs, these brushes can be found in pet gadget stores.

Since Red fox Labradors have short hair,
they don’t need their hairs to be shaved, clipped or trimmed as this could prove to be harmful towards
them by affecting their natural ability to regulate their body’s temperature.

Their nails should be
trimmed as soon as they start getting too long or as soon as they start making clicking noises when the
dog is walking and they should be bathed regularly every month with a dog shampoo to keep their coat
looking neat and attractive, regular brushing of their teeth with dog toothpaste is also advised to avoid
dental problems.

Red Fox Labradors like other dogs look more attractive with collars, there are various
collars available for dogs and any one of them would look nice on the dog, you can also purchase an
attractive leash for taking the dog walking.


Friendly, active and outgoing are some of the attributes of Red fox Labradors, they are majorly energetic
and full of fun, they are playful and affectionate towards everyone, especially in a family. As long as they
fraternized with people as a pup, they will be nice and gentle with children and other animals.

They can
also get quickly bored if they are not entertained and this can lead them to develop behavioral issues,
they are known to develop destructive habits in a bid to entertain themselves and kill boredom. They
are also extremely intelligent and are not difficult to train as they are extremely responsive and eager to please.


Red fox Labradors live for quite a number of years, their average lifespan is between 10 to 12 years.
They are majorly healthy dogs with no major causes for alarm, the rare color of their coat also has no
effect on their health in anyway.

They are affected by generally the same health issues as any color of
Labradors, it is advisable that they are tested for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Exercise Induced Collapse
which is when they can suffer loss of muscular control owning to rigorous exercises and they should also
be tested by an ophthalmologist for diseases like Progressive Retinal Atrophy which can ultimately lead
to a total loss of vision or blindness, some other conditions that may occur are; Muscular dystrophy, Ear
infections, Idiopathic epilepsy, Gastric dilation or Volvulus and Obesity.


These breed of dogs are very active and are one of the most trainable dogs in the world, they need at
least 60 minutes of active exercises each day which needs to keep them both mentally and physically

There are a number of activities to engage Red fox Labradors with, they can range from
swimming in lakes to participating in local agility events, they can also be engaged in retrieving sticks
and Frisbees, they are very good at retrieving things like their name, they are golden retrievers.

They are
also very popular assistance dogs for blind and disabled people, they are also great support dogs as they
show more empathy then most dogs. Since they are very active dogs, they require about two walks per
day, they can also play games of tag, catch, hide and seek and others.

These dogs are eager to learn and
love to see their owners happy, in order to train them, all you need is a mixture of patience and
consistency as they view training as a big and they are always happy to learn.


Red fox Labradors are rare colored Labradors and as such it takes two red colored Labradors to produce
more red colored offspring, since the red color gens are recessive in nature. If the red colored Labrador
is bred with another color of Labrador, it will produce the other color of Labrador offspring because
other colors of Labradors possess dominant color genes.

They usually produce about five to nine litter of
puppies though some can also produce more than that, the puppies are born majorly after a gestation
period of about 58 to 68 days and it takes between nine months to one year for them to be fully grown
though they are believed to mature between the age of 2 to 3 years.


The Red fox Labradors love to eat a lot, this is probably due to the absence of POMC genes that informs
dogs when they are full, so they are always hungry all of the time. They require enough food to meet
their nutritional requisite, they need about 3 cups of food to get through the day but extra care should
be taken when feeding them least they become obese. As a young pup, they require lot more food than

an adult does and after six months they can graduate to an adult food. Nutritional value of food should
be considered greatly when shopping, their food should be full of proteins and fat gotten from natural
sources, and they can also eat human foods like yoghurt and peanut butter. Meals should be rationed
and eating out of meal times should be discouraged to prevent bloating and obesity. A total of eight
hundred calories is the allocated amount of calories encouraged for an adult Red fox Labrador, for
example 2 cups of kibble per day. You should also watch out for the dog food you give your pup.


Red fox Labradors are attractive and intelligent dog breed so there are a number of reasons why you
should purchase them, some of the reasons are:

  1. One major reason to purchase a Red fox Labrador is precisely because of their uniqueness, the colour
    of their coat is very striking and rare, their beautiful kind eyes and facial expressions make them a
    lovable companion.
  2. Another reason to purchase a Red fox Labrador is their emotional stability, this amazing trait causes
    them to provide emotional support and empathy to their owners when they are sad, they also have a
    stable mood and are relatively happy dogs.
  3. One major cause of concern in getting dogs is their health and Red fox Labradors excel in this aspect
    as they are generally healthy dogs with a long lifespan.
  4. Red fox Labradors provide great assistance to their owners, from picking up objects, warding off
    unwanted animals and people to providing directional assistance and help to blind and autistic people.


In addition to being rare, Red fox Labradors are pure breeds and as such are much more costly than
other Labradors. They cost about $850 to $1200 depending on their sizes and other physical
appearances. Red fox Labradors can be bought from online stores like Greenfield puppies, Gumtree,
from registered breeders of Red fox Labradors.
In conclusion, Red fox Labradors are unique breeds of dogs, they are great pets that show affection and
love to all the members of the family as long as their feeling are reciprocated. They are extremely loyal
and are very friendly dogs that live up to the man’s best friend expectations. They are great swimmers
and are less likely to bother you on your vacations even if you decide to go to the beach, they are great



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