Top 10 Retractable Dog Leash [FULL REVIEW]

retractable dog leash

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Dog walking is an activity that is not only a fun activity but also very beneficial to your dog. Although, all this needs the help of various equipment such as dog collars, head halter, or a leash to be perfect. A retractable dog leash is the highest recommended type of dog leash. It gives room for flexibility and comfortability. Thus, it is important to find the right choice of retractable dog leash that works with a dog harness or a head halter.


• It is easily adjustable- You can adjust it to your desired length.
• It can be used for recall Training-It helps when training your dog to come each time you call his name.
• It helps dog owners with disabilities control their dogs.
• It makes the pooping process easier for your dog – some dogs require privacy when doing their business.
Factors to consider when picking out the best retractable dog leash;
• The length of the leash must be just right
• It must have a non-slip handle
• The leash material must be quality and heavy-duty material
• It should have reflective components in case you’re watching your dog at night

There are plenty of retractable leashes on the market today. However, a few of them have been reviewed below to give you an idea of which is the best retractable leash.


This is a very flexible Leash for Dogs of All Sizes
Flexi is a popular brand when it comes to the production of exemplary retractable leashes, and this New Classic model is one of their finest works. This model is designed for people with smaller dogs. It only has a 10-feet cord and is designed especially for dogs up to 18 pounds. Although, you can find medium and large variants for medium and large dogs.

This model has a very comfortable grip and a reliable one-handed braking system. It even comes with a reflective bite belt for extra safety and visibility at night and low-light situations.

Why We Like It:
⦁ Its one-handed braking system has a fast and reliable response
⦁ It is designed to have a comfortable and user-friendly grip
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ The tape is not all that durable


The tug patented 360 retractable dog leash is a heavy-duty leash that is a great leash option for big dog breeds.
It has an anti-slip handle, a one-handed brake, and a 16-ft. nylon tape. Besides that, it also allows your dog easy movement due to its tangle-free design.

One of the major characteristics of the TUG leash is that it has a quick lock and unlock feature that lets you control it easily. It also has a soft and comfortable handle that allows you to walk your pet for hours on end with no complaints in the aspect of comfortability.

Why We Like It:
⦁ Its tangle-free design allows for free and easy movement
⦁ It has a user-friendly and very comfortable grip
⦁ It is designed to handle heavy-duty functions and big dogs.
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ It doesn’t really hold well when used on heavy chewers.


The taotronics retractable dog leash is a tangle-free retractable leash that comes with dog bags. It is designed to provide comfort, control, and ease of use. The leash can extend up to lengths of about 16 feet, and this helps your dog move more freely especially in an open field.

It has a very comfortable and user-friendly handle. It is durable and as such you do not have to worry because the casing is made from strong ABS plastic. It is a very durable, long-lasting, and comfortable leash that can be used in any weather or condition.

Why We Like It:
⦁ Its use can range from small dogs to larger dogs weighing up to 110 pounds.
⦁ It has a reliable recoil and release system
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ It has no reflective taping


The Hertzko leash is a heavy-duty retractable that is designed for use on large dogs weighing up to 110 pounds. It’s a well-made dog leash that comes with high-quality components and other features you would expect to get from a retractable leash.

Some of its features are a comfortable grip, locking metal leash connector, and a belt feeder that is designed to help prevent tangling. Although it’s designed for large dogs, it can be used for dogs of all sizes as the Hertzko leash is pretty lightweight, weighing only 12 ounces, thus, making it very easy and stress free to carry.

Why We Like It:
⦁ Its locking and retraction system makes it very easy to use
⦁ It has a very comfortable and user friendly handle
⦁ It can support dogs of different sizes from really small dogs to dogs weighing about 110 pounds
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ The spacing designed for your fingers are too small and can be a tight fit.


The Flexi neon leash is the perfect choice for you if you take your dog on Nighttime walks. The Flexi neon leash makes high-visibility at night possible due to its reflective makeup. This helps ensure the safety of you and your dog. It is also made up of premium material and designed with your dog’s safety as its sole purpose.

The Flexi neon leash is quite different from other high visibility leashes that are available on market in the sense that it is constructed solely with neon-colored components. It is also covered with reflective stickers so that way, the attention of passing drivers can be drawn to it. The reflective sticker as said by the manufacturer is visible up to 160yards.

Why We Like It:
⦁ It has a highly reflective neon covering that can be visible at a distance of up to 160 yards.
⦁ It comes in three different size variations.
⦁ The biggest variant of this leash can be used for dogs of up to 110 pounds.
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ The small and medium-sized variants have handles that are very small for big dog owners.


wigzi dual doggie 2 dog retractable leash is a dual leash design made for walking two dogs at the same time
It’s designed to ensure you that and your dogs can enjoy a tangle-free and comfortable walking experience. Since it is a dual leash, it is economical as you don’t have to spend more to buy two separate leashes for your dogs.

Each one of the leashes is about 10 feet long and can hold dogs of weights of up to 50 pounds. It also has two separate color-coded buttons included and this allows you to independently control each of the leashes at will.

Why We Like It:
⦁ It makes walking two dogs at the same time very easy.
⦁ It has a color-coded button system that lets you control the leashes separately.
⦁ Its spinning action helps to prevent tangling.
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ It cannot be used on very large dogs as it can only support dogs of weights of 50 pounds at most.


Urpower retractable dog leash is a very durable heavy-duty leash that is tangle-free and it has a 16-ft nylon ribbon. It is also equipped with a comfortable handle, and a break and lock mechanism. It is also thought to be one of the top contenders for the most durable heavy-duty retractable leashes available on the market. It has a brake and lock system that is fitted with a pause function that allows you to adjust the length at your own discretion.

This function makes the entire process of retracting a lot faster and easier as it is no longer required to lock the leash while retracting. It has a plastic casing made with solid ABS plastic. It is a very trustworthy and durable retractable leash that is designed to help you achieve a comfortable walk with your dog.

Why We Like It:
⦁ It is fitted with a high-quality and user-friendly TPE handle
⦁ It is available in medium and large sizes for dogs weighing up to 55 and 110 pounds respectively.
⦁ Its plastic ABS casing is a very strong and Environment-friendly casing.
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ The break and lock mechanism on this leash can be slow at times


Fida Retractable Dog Leash is a heavy-Duty Tangle-Free Retractable Leash
Fida is a very popular professional manufacturer that specializes in retractable leashes for almost thirty years. They’re a well-respected and premium supplier for famous brands all over the world and have been supplying products to hundreds of thousands of pet stores.

This retractable leash is a heavy-duty 360-degree tangle-free leash that is not only lightweight but, durable, rustproof and has a swivel hook attached to it. It is a highly reflective leash that helps increase visibility and security for you and your dog during nighttime walks and activities. The makeup of the handle is a soft, durable, and very comfortable material with a non-slip grip and that makes it perfect for long walks.

It is fitted with a cord-lock, pause, and cord-unlock button that rolls on and off easily with just a press of your thumb. Not only is this retractable leash perfect for walks but also for jogging, running, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities too.

To fulfill you and your dog’s specific needs, Fida retractable leash offers the option of four various leash sizes to choose from. This leash practically helps treat your furry friends as part of your family.

Why We Like It:
⦁ Even though it is lightweight, it is still a heavy-duty tangle-free leash
⦁ It is fitted with a lock-and-unlock operating mechanism
⦁ It is a high-quality product made by a well-known professional manufacturer
⦁ It also provides a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical support in case of any complications.
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ The handle of this leash is a little smaller than most.


pet neat retractable dog leash is the advisable choice for a newbie dog owner as it is a Beginner-Friendly Package. This retractable leash from Pet Neat is closely similar to the TaoTronics retractable leash when it comes to its brake, and lock mechanism and its 110-pound weight limit, and as such, it is ideal for use on large dogs. Although, what makes it different from TaoTronics is that it comes with 4 eBooks that serve as a guide for any newbie dog owner to help them in terms of taking good care of their pets. So, if you’re a newbie dog owner and you plan to buy a retractable leash for your dog, then this could be the perfect deal for you.

Why We Like It:
⦁ The manufacturer means to assist newbie dog owners with the 4 eBooks that come with the package
⦁ It has a very durable and user-friendly handle that is made of strong ABS plastic
⦁ It has a single-button brake and lock mechanism
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ Its handle may be too small for dog owners with a larger hand, therefore causing inconveniences.


happydogz security pro retractable dog leash is arguably The Ultimate Option for the Largest Dogs. Compared to the other products on this leash, HappyDogz goes the extra mile with this retractable dog leash as it is capable of supporting dogs that weigh up to 220 pounds. Simply put, it is a heavy-duty retractable leash designed for bigger dogs.

Although, you can go for the other version if you have a small or medium-sized dog, as it is designed for dogs weighing up to 44 pounds. It is fitted with a very user-friendly handle, a tangle-free nylon lead, and a very secure heavy-duty retracting mechanism. It can extend to lengths of about 16ft.

Why We Like It:
⦁ It is durable enough to hold very large dogs up to 220 pounds.
⦁ It comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee along with a free dog walking eBook to help guide dog owners.
⦁ It gives room for you to extend and/or retract the leash with ease using its secure heavy-duty retracting mechanism
What We Don’t Like:
⦁ There have been issues with the leash breaking due to the heavy strain put on it by the big dogs.

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