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Sealyham Terrier – Full Dog Breed Information

The Sealyham terrier is a scarce terrier dog breed and these dogs initially came from Wales where they were used as work dogs.

It is still surprising that a breed that once hunted foxes, skunks, and other small game could one day become first choices as home companions to people who were new to pet parenting. They are also the oddest of the terrier dog family with their distinct features and behaviors.

History of the Sealyham Terrier

The name of this breed is quite, unheard of but it was actually named after the place where the developer of this breed, J. Edwards stayed in Pembrokeshire in the 18th century.

In some places, they are called Cowley Terrier. It is believed that this breed was a mixture of an extinct breed called the white English terrier. The fox terrier also played a part in the making of the Sealyham terrier.

Appearance and Size

The body structure of this breed is quite fascinating as most of the time they weigh 20 pounds and even less for the females. They come in many colors such as white, chocolate, brown and even mixed colors such as white and brown.

They have really short legs but can run pretty fast since they were once used as hunting dogs. Their eyes are of a dark color in the shape of an almond nut and their eyes are remarked by owners as cute. Its body is somewhat long and hairy.

They grow to a maximum of 12 inches in adulthood due to their short limbs. Their heads are long and they have more hair on their face than any other place.


Grooming this breed isn’t as easy as playing with them or training them so it is advised to groom them from little so the whole process won’t scare them.

They have very thick skin which is also called coat so you may need to use your fingers at first to comb out any knots and lumps. Don’t forget to be very steady and gentle with this, you don’t want your dog biting or running off.

Make sure the shampoo used is specially made for dogs so as to keep their skin fresh and healthy.

Get a towel which you use for only your dog. Don’t forget to keep the dog in a safe place because all dogs may likely want to play with the water and may slip and hurt themselves but at the same time, try to make the grooming fun and you will see that your bond will be strengthened and your dog will be fonder of you.


But as the saying goes everything has advantages as well as disadvantages so I will be sharing some cons of this terrier breed.

They aren’t always the easiest to own as sometimes they bark intensely for a long period of time for no reason, they instantly become stubborn and refuse commands and worse of it all try to attack a threat but these are nothing compared to the other terriers.


These terriers aren’t known for any particular type of disease or genetic condition but they are likely to have sight problems such as when the lens of the eye change position which is called lens luxation.

This breed loves to play but as a result of its short legs, it may not play for a long period of time.

In order to give your pet a long and healthy life, it is advised to give it healthy food such as raw treats, bones, meat, and enough exercise to prevent obesity which is common among the Sealyham breed.

Their life span is maximally 14-15 years.

Training and Exercise

Training a dog especially a Sealyham terrier depends on what you do in front of it or where it lives like its environment.

All pets basically do what their owners do and copy their behaviors so if you set a good example to your dog you will have no problem. The most popular way is by giving treats like dog bites or a bone.

But if your terrier will not obey unless given a treat, you may need to exercise an upper hand to show that you are in charge. After a successful task, exercise or command don’t hesitate to commend your dog by giving a treat as it will make the dog eager to train next time.

Note that scolding your terrier whenever it misbehaves is allowed to maintain discipline and respect for its owner. They can be friendly and aggressive, alert, calm, and most especially fearless.

Before writing this article, I had been contemplating getting a puppy for so many reasons which I will be sharing. As the saying goes, a dog is man’s best friend’; it is not a wonder that the number of dog owners grows every year!

A Sealyham terrier is one of the best options in the world today and justifies the definition of an ideal pet with the mixed features of a hunting dog and a parlor dog.

With its even temper and ability to relate with other dogs and even other animals, this terrier is a first-class choice for any pet owner.

At one point their uniqueness made them the most popular of the terrier especially among celebrities like Humphrey Bogart and even the current Queen Elizabeth but these days they are uncommon and are part of the most endangered breed with an estimated number of 500 or fewer worldwide.

Their population has greatly reduced over the past years which are as a result of more breeds being crossed to get newer breeds hereby making them less common and they got to the verge of extinction when only 43 of them were found in the whole of the United Kingdom and the Kennel Club has sent an SOS (meaning Save Our Sealyhams) as this breed is about to be erased completely from the face of the earth.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of getting a perfect canine companion, try the Sealyham terrier which is playfully called ‘sealies’. According to research just holding one will make you fall in love with it and even adopting it immediately. In pet stores, they cost less than 3000 US dollars and for me it’s worth the price. I hope this article helps you on your journey to find the best dog for you.



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