Teacup Pomeranian

Teacup Pomeranian – Ultimate Guide

History of the Teacup Pomeranian 

The Pomeranian, otherwise known as the Teacup Pomeranian, is a descendant of the family of sled dogs used in Iceland.

Sled dogs are a breed of dogs mostly found in the northern region or places that are very cold, they have a very thick coat which protects them from the cold.

The Pomeranian was named after the part of Pomerania (present-day Germany and Poland where many people believed the breed originated from) where they were initially raised as household pets, they used to be much larger, but they were bred down to their current sizes in Pomerania.

They caught the eye of the public in the early 1600s when they sparked the interest of royal families who started to own them at that time. A teacup Pomeranian at that time weighed about 30 pounds on average, and people didn’t breed smaller ones till Queen Victoria returned to England in 1888 with a 12 pound Pomeranian named Marco.

At that time, Queen Victoria was very popular, so the popularity of the Pomeranian grew. Queen Victoria became so fond of the breed that in the late 1800s, she established her very own kennel for breeding the Teacup Pomeranian. After that, selective breeding continued, and smaller breeds started to emerge.

The dog that weighed about 30 pounds initially started to weigh about 7-9 pounds and even lesser. The Teacup Pomeranian is a pure breed that weighs about 4 pounds or less at the adult stage. Other famous owners of Pomeranians in history include Marie Antoinette, Queen Charlotte, Mozart, Michelangelo, and Martin Luther King.

The breed also has several names; some of the famous names include Pocket Pomeranian, Miniature Pomeranian, Teddy Bear Pomeranian, Mini Pomeranian, and Toy Pomeranian.

Regardless of the name used to call the dog, it is not a distant breed and even at that the American Kennel Club does not recognize this breed.

The personality of the Teacup Pomeranian 

Teacup Pomeranians are very social, friendly, and they get along with other pets and also kids.

From time to time, they also tend to engage bigger dogs or at least threaten them verbally, neglecting how small in stature they are.

They are also protective, and when they are introduced to new people, they mix with them easily. These are active little dogs that need to exercise daily, even if it is just a walk to the park or a stroll around the block.

Regardless of how friendly they are, they should be kept away from little children as they can harm the dog unintentionally.

Pomeranians are also known to bark a lot, and they occasionally bark excessively as they are always very alert.

They can also stay in large apartments as well as small apartments, which makes them very adaptable, and they can even survive in cold weather as well as hot ones.

They need to be trained to bark less, and they are very obedient dogs. The Pomeranian dog is also brilliant, and they catch on to things quickly as they can be trained to do a lot of things, and the dog is very obedient makes the job a lot easier. 

Size and Appearance 

From the name, the Teacup Pomeranian is a tiny dog with a small body. The Teacup Pomeranian is also not an official breed, and this also means there are no official breed standards for them. They also come in different colors depending on their breed ancestry.

They come in; White, Brindle, Orange, Black, Red, Chocolate, Sable, Lavender, and many more.

Their color mixing pattern also depends on their ancestry as well as genetics. In general, they have double coats, and their hairs appear more solid around the shoulders, neck, and chest. Female Pomeranians have lesser layers than males.

They used to be as massive as 20 pounds when they were discovered in the northern as they had a thicker and heavier coat because of the weather, and they were solid white.

The dog has round and pointy ears, and its tails are very soft and fluffy, and their head size varies from one Pomeranian to another. They can be as tall as 3-7 inches and weigh an average of 3 pounds.

A lot of people refer to Pomeranians are teddy bears because of their fluffy coats and adorable faces, and they are too cute to resist. 


These dogs are, in fact, very well known for their high barking tendency as they are very protective and territorial, and they can bark and chase everything and anything literally.

The Teacup Pomeranian can also suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone for a long time.

It would not be a good idea to travel long distances with them as it can make them scratch walls and even make them aggressive to the point they start to scatter food and chew up toys.

The Teacup Pomeranian is very brave and lively. But they tend to be quite greedy with their owner’s attention; they do not like it when someone has the attention of their owner.

It’s advised that they are allowed to interact with both humans and other dogs.

Owners should be careful when they are interacting with other dogs as they tend to pick fights they cannot win.

From time to time, they also tend to prove that they have a mind of their own.

How long do they live 

The Teacup Pomeranian because of their small size and weight have a longer lifespan than other dog breeds, and their lifespan can extend up to 15 years, but it takes them about 7-12 years on average to show signs of aging.

An owner can also extend the lifespan of their dog by feeding them a well- balanced diet food and making sure their dog undergoes regular exercise.

Exercise and Living Requirements 

If you own a teacup Pomeranian, you need to be careful with them because their size makes them very delicate and fragile.

You can kill your dog or seriously harm it by accidentally stepping or sitting on them, so you have to becareful with these delicate pets.

The dog also gets excited when they hear terrifying and even loud noises, and they shouldn’t be exposed to such very often.

If you prefer or plan to leave your Teacup Pomeranian at home, you should always arrange for the necessary supplies and food for when you go.

Although it’ll be better to take them along on minor outings like to the bar, restaurants and even when visiting someone as they are very friendly and won’t cause much trouble.

Because of their lively personality, they enjoy going on walks with their owners or favorite human. Despite their small stature, they have quite good endurance.

They enjoy long walks as long as the weather isn’t too hot for them. They are very sensitive to heat and can get cranky when they feel too hot.

Also, in most cases, you should allow your dog to do the walking instead of always carrying it everywhere you go because they also crave freedom and like to move about, but you would need to have a leash on them to be able to monitor them accurately.

Training and finding a Breeder 

The Teacup Pomeranians love staying inside, and they can find many ways to entertain themselves as they carry the energetic character of their ancestors.

You can exercise their brain with regular training. They are very smart and react positively to consistent training.

They also require lots of socialization at an early age to stop their aggressive nature and behavioral problems. The dog also has a very short attention span, so when it comes to training, you have to keep it fun and sharp for the best result over time.

Treats can also be added to the training as it makes them happier, and you are more likely to get better results. If they aren’t adequately trained, they can be tough to handle. You can teach them basic commands like sit, stay, come, roll, and many more.

Teacup Pomeranians are small and have small-sized bladders, and potty training won’t be easy but is very important.

Because they would want to relieve themselves from time to time, you should take them to a designated spot regularly for them to pee and pass out waste and also reward them with treats when they respond positively.

A major task for owners would be picking a breeder for their dog. There isn’t a breeder specializing in breeding Teacup Pomeranians, but there are general Pomeranian breeders.

Before you settle for any Pomeranian breeder, you have to consider some factors like 

  • If they are being bred in a clean environment 
  • How social the dogs are kept is also an important factor 
  • It is highly recommended that you get a dog in a family setting because if you want to make the dog your friend, it has to come from an environment that supports socialization. 
  • They are very rare and tend to attract very high prices. 


Teacup Pomeranians very often have health issues, and it’s very important to consider it before adopting one. Most of the health conditions are as a result of unethical breeding to make them as small as possible. 

A few of the issues they face include heart problems, dislocated patella, skin irritations, eye infections, deafness, tooth decay, allergies, epilepsy, collapsed trachea, and even premature death.

If you work with a reputable breeder, you should request a health certificate for your dog, which can help reduce the concerns.

Also, Pomeranians can also die prematurely from trauma, and a dog this small, it doesn’t take a lot to damage them, acts as little as dropping them is enough to kill them.

It may all sound scary, but it is something owners must know before adopting a dog this delicate because to raise dogs of this breed, you need to be extremely careful and take precautions handling them. One other thing to take into consideration when raising this dog is the type of dog food you give them.

Why You Should Own a Teacup Pomeranian 

The extremely friendly nature of a Teacup Pomeranian is one of the main reasons why you should own them.

In addition to that, you can carry them around and keep them very close in any situation because of how small they are.

One trait that everyone gushes over in any animal in this modern era is ‘cuteness,’ and the Teacup Pomeranian is, without a doubt, one of the cutest animals on the planet.

Judging by their traits, they are great emotional supports and keep you genuinely happy, active, and social. 

How to get a Teacup Pomeranian 

There are multiple options in owning a Teacup Pomeranian as you can adopt one from a shelter home but getting a small-sized Pomeranian is very rare because it is admired by many so if it reaches a shelter home there are higher chances it wouldn’t last a day or even a few hours there so this isn’t always the best option.

Still, it can also be put into consideration. Another way which is the recommended one is to buy from a breeder, but not from any breeder but a reputable breeder but it is also challenging as different breeders have their different breeding techniques, so it’s better to go to as many breeders as possible before settling down to buy one.

Another way to get one is to buy from a family that’s willing to sell, there are several sites where families put their dogs up for sale and even adoption. 

Cost to Own a Teacup Pomeranian 

The Teacup Pomeranian is very rare and tends to be more expensive than other regular dogs, they can go as cheap as $500 and can also go as high as $7,000, but it also depends on where you’re purchasing it from. Also, consider the fact that prices can reduce due to some factors, a half breed would be cheaper than a full breed. Color is also a factor considered in the price of the dog as pure white breeds are more expensive than ones with mixed colors, but to always be on the safe side, it’s advisable to buy them from reputable breeders to avoid future problems or even waste of money. 

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