The Best Ear Cleaners For Dogs

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Have you ever looked at the ears of someone dressed so well, only to see that it’s filled with so much dirt so that you want to barf? Now imagine that’s a furry pal of yours with coat shining like the sun, and white as snow only to look in the ears and see dirt like they were dug from the gutters of Hades. You can blame the human for having dirty ears, but you can’t blame the dog for having dirty ears. The blame would fall on you the owner for not properly taking care of the dog and it’s ear.

As a pet owner, you probably know that keeping your dogs’ ears clean is a very important part of their care. However cleaning those ears can a problem and may quickly turn into a wrestling match if your dog hasn’t been conditioned to accept ear cleaning, or of you don’t feel comfortable doing it.

While some dogs naturally have clean and healthy, ears and many almost never have the need to have their ears cleaned, other dogs need to havewwwswwww2eeetheir wars cleaned on a regular basis in order to prevent the consistent build up of dirt. All dog breeds can develop ear infections from dirty ears, but those ones with long hanging ears like Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds are much more likely to develop ear infections. They’re the ones at risk the most.

One should you should be doing on a regular basis is checking the healthiness of your dog’s ears. Normally, the dog would enjoy you playing with their ears but if they start to pull away anytime you try to touch their war, it may be that they’ve already developed sores in their ears.

That’s why it’s best to begin gently assessing the situation by gently massaging the ears of your dog. Every Pet owner knows that keeping the ears of their dog clean is a very important part of taking care of them. However that may become an issue if those dogs haven’t been receiving ear cleaning before and so find what you’re doing unusual, or if you find cleaning their ears uncomfortable.

Some dogs have naturally healthy and clean ears and many never have the need to have their ears cleaned, while other dogs may need their ears to be regularly cleaned in order to prevent the buildup of dirt that is likely to lead to ear infections. Breeds of dogs with long hanging ears, such as Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels, are among those with the highest risk of getting ear infections, but all breeds have chances of developing them.

How to Tell When your Dog’s Ears are in Need of Cleaning

Before we go to what ear cleaners to use when cleaning the ears of your dog’s, it is important to determine if your dog’s ears need cleaning at all as constant and unnecessary cleaning can lead to irritation, inflammation and infection. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with what a healthy ear looks and smells like.

A clean ear should be pink, odorless and not looking dirty or inflamed. It should also smell nice and should not have a yeasty idle stinky smell. Now that you know this, you can clean the ears of your dog only when you notice a change in the look and smell.

While other dogs may need only to have their ears cleaned once in a while, others such as those likely to get ear infections, or those who spend quite a lot of time in water either swimming or playing would need to have their ears cleaned more regularly. This is because they are more likely to get infected.

The Merck Veterinary Manual has recommended that the ear canals of dogs be kept clean, dry and properly ventilated by making use of topical astringents in dogs that are known to swim frequently and also by preventing water from entering the ears of the dog when being bathed.

So with all that had been said, I believe you should know when your dog needs it’s ears cleaned. If you notice a mild odor, or notice that your dog is shaking it’s head more often than it usually does, then it’s probably time to have it’s ears cleaned. If the dog’s ears smells yeasty, appears red and inflamed or if your dog appears to be in real pain, it might be time to call the veterinarian.

These symptoms could indicate an ear infection, and it’s always better to take care of this sooner than later in order to avoid stories that touch the heart. Cleaning an already infected ear usually causes more harm than good, so if you notice that the ear is probably already infected, please call the veterinarian.

That being said, let us move on to the the top five best ear cleaning products to use while cleaning your dog’s ears.

Five Best ear Cleaners for your Dog’s Ears.

1. Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution.                                                                         

This ear cleaning agent is one of the best in the Market, and one of the highest selling on Amazon. This is because it is highly effective in the management and treatment of acute otitis gotten due to bacterial, fungal or yeast infections. It doesn’t need antibiotics to do it’s work.

In it is the patented LP3 system, and it’s powerful enzymatic action ensures that the ears are properly cleaned while obliterating and taking no prisoners of even the most resistant microbes. It is available for purchase with or without the Hydrocortisone ingredient.

The Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution has been tested and proven against a broad range of Microorganisms, including Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus aureus, Methilin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Candids abicans, Escherichia coli, Streptococcus pyogenes, Streptococcus intermedius, Malassezia pachydermatitis, and Proteus mirabilis.

When being used, do not preclean in order to not disrupt the enzymatic action. Apply liberally to dirty ear canal, then gently massage it into affected areas. Wipe off the excess after usage.

Do this once daily for seven days, and for 14 days if it’s chronic. When prescribed by the veterinarian, it’s usually used to treat already infected ears. Use the Zymox Otic with Hydrocortisone for red and inflamed ears, and the one without hydrocortisone as a prophylactic. It is safe and effective for extended usage.

2. Pet MD Ear Wipes.

This ear cleaning solution made from aloe vera and eucalyptus is a favorite of many dog owners and veterinarians because of it’s soothing nature. This is an advanced formula, formulated specifically to help gently clean and dry your pet’s ears and leave it smelling freshly. It is gentle and safe on the ears of the dog and can be used regularly. It reduces the build up of debris in and around the ears.

It is best used for dogs over twelve weeks old and, has no alcohol content and is best for keeping your dog happy and tail waggling all day long even without any medication. It shouldn’t be used on injured skin or ruptured ear drums or if there’s blood present in the ear canals.

For usage, gently rub the affected ear with a clean wipe. When that wipe is dirty, replace with a clean wipe until the ear is free of dirt. It can be used daily to avoid buildup of dirt in the ears.

3. Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleaner

This well tolerated and highly efficient ear cleanser is one of the best selling on Amazon. This is understandably because of it’s unique formula and effectiveness. This well tolerated cleanser facilitates the removal of cellular waste and excessive wax. It also facilitates the drying of the ear canal.

Included in it are monosaccharides, sugars which have a soothing effect and effectively serve as anti irritant. They also limit the bonding of microorganisms to the surface of the skin or fur of the dog. It’s neutral PH means that when being used, it won’t interfere with normal ear functions.

4. Nutri Vet Ear Cleanser for Dogs.

There are so many reasons why this ear cleaner for dogs has become a favorite forany dog owners. This ear cleaner for dogs helps in removing dirt, wax, and dust and helps to clean and soothe dog’s ears. It stops itching from fungal infections, eczema, fleas, insect bites, and contact dermatitis.

It has a combination of gentle and hugely effective ingredients that combine to soothe irritated ears.  Suitable for all furry friends of yours, this cleanser is  formulated by veterinarians and is made in the US to the highest standards and with the best ingredients possible.

5. DechraTopical TrizULTRA + Keto Flush for Dogs, Cats & Horses.

This is a multipurpose cleanser recommended for not only dogs but for cats and horses as well. It can be used as a gentle cleanser to use when treating ear infections because of it’s soothing nature. It also has a fragrance which makes you want to keep your dog closest to you for as long as it’s effect is felt. When being used as a pretreatment, it should be applied 15 to 30 mins before applying your abiotic treatment for maximum effect. It is safe for long term use.

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