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The Toy Bulldog is a small sized dog breed and has its origins in England. This dog breed is said to be extinct these days and people often get confused between Toy Bulldog and Miniature Bulldog which is also called Miniature by a few breeders. People usually interchange the names and call Miniature Bulldog a Toy Bulldog. People wanted a small sized Bulldog but because of complication involved in their health, breeders stopped developing this toy bulldog.

History of the Toy bulldog

Toy bulldog is a cross breed that began in England. The breed existed in England during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. First effort to try and downside the dog was made by cross mating more modest dogs with bulldogs. It was a sheer disappointment as the young puppies conceived were neither sound nor sufficiently rich to duplicate.

Breeders didn’t lose expectation and they took a stab at creating the breed indeed. This time, they cross mated French bulldogs with English bulldog to decrease the weight. Just not many solid young puppies were conceived however they didn’t thrive to the point of acknowledgment.

Today individuals normally interchangeably call the Miniature Bulldog a Toy Bulldog. Small Bulldog is additionally not a recognized breed. It was created by cross mating English Bulldogs with Pugs. It doesn’t get acknowledgment by any pet kennel club since specialists would not call a blended breed as Bulldog.

Appearance and size

The Toy Bulldog is little in appearance yet has a fantastic strong body with wide gag and a huge face. Face has numerous folds (wrinkles) with an undershot jaw. Its chest is weighty and pushed forward way. Dog has wide nose which is black in shading. The ears have a rose shape and medium in size and are broadly isolated.

The legs are sort and solid while the eyes are wide. It has a smooth and shorthaired coat and looks excellent in appearance. Tail of the dog is long and conveyed low towards the end. Dog’s stride is portrayed as rolling. Generally speaking the dog has a sharp demeanor all over. By and large, this toy bulldog was seen in different tones like brindle, white, fawn and red.

The stature of the male dogs is about 10.6 to 13.7 inches (27 to 35 cm) and the female dog’s height changes from 9.8 to 12.9 inches (25 to 33 cm). The male dogs weigh about 24.2 to 39.6 lb (11 to 18 kg) and the female dogs weigh about 24.2 to 37.4 lb (11 to 17 kg). Females have less overstated highlights than guys.


Toy Bulldog is reared to be used as companions. It has a sweet and adoring heart for living animals. They show tolerance when messing about children. They are valued for their friendly nature, dedication and quiet attitude. They are never too high on energy and love getting their belly rubbed by people. Be that as it may, little dogs will generally be boisterous and unruly in nature. A grown-up dog has a laid back mentality; it wouldn’t see any problems in evening naps and being a habitually lazy person after exercise.

The Toy Bulldog is said to be very faithful and warm. It generally prefers to play with the kids and it engages the relatives with its clever and flawless mentality. It is exceptionally steadfast towards its proprietors and preferences human consideration constantly. Some of the time it slobbers and wheezes while resting. They have accommodating demeanor. They are commonly benevolent with different dogs and creatures yet don’t face challenge with non-canine creatures. With outsiders they may show dubious nature.

The dog has an adoration for unwinding. However long they have decent spot to rest and unwind, they wouldn’t see any problems the size of loft. They are appropriate for comfortable loft and house with yard. It is critical to give day by day stroll to your dog to keep its body fit as a fiddle. Bulldogs fear water and they can’t swim so never take your dog close to any water site.

They are anything but difficult to train. You need to have tolerance and consistency in preparing them. Never at any point converse with them in an inconsiderate voice since they are profoundly delicate to cruel conduct. Nourishment without a doubt will accumulate reaction from the dog.


It is a low maintenance canine with little prepping needs. The dog sheds modestly from time to time. You should use elastic brush to brush its coat once in seven days. As the canine has numerous folds on its body particularly face, so it is basic to clean the collapsed skin with child wipes or dry fabric.

It is a normally spotless canine so it should get showers just when it has made itself unnecessarily grimy. The dog is inclined to awful breath so it is compulsory to brush its teeth day by day with vet affirmed chemical. Check its ears occasionally for any indications of contamination and wax developed. Trim its nails in the event that it doesn’t lose it normally.


By and large, the Toy bulldogs are sound however it might inclined to not many health issues like different dogs. It very well might be inclined to eye, hip, knee and skin issues. Wellbeing worry of the variety may incorporate – eye illness, hip dysplasia, vertebral issue, hereditary dwarfism, ectopic ureters and so on

Hardly would you see any dogs that are helpless towards heat and these are likewise inclined to chilly climate conditions. Thus, the owners should be extremely mindful and care should be taken at the necessary time to keep it sound and fit. It’s anything but a hypoallergenic dog. As they have misused size of their body so they feel trouble in taking out litter normally.

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