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wireless dog fences

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Nothing is more stressful about owning a pet than hearing that it is on the loose or causing trouble to the neighborhood. Your dog’s safety and its security should be one of your biggest priorities. Dogs are naturally curious and they can be rebellious and they would take advantage of every chance they have to explore their environment and no matter how much they are trained, dogs will have times they can just go astray as it is natural for them and in the process, they can disturb other people in other homes and even in some cases get lost or get all dirty from playing around unsupervised so wireless dog fences are necessary.

Even as they can be kept indoors throughout, it is not advisable as they also need space to roam, play and exercise. Wireless fences are a great option for giving your dog the freedom they want and also simultaneously restricting them from going beyond designated boundaries. These fences systems use negative reinforcement principles to keep your dog in a set boundary, when they are trying to go beyond the boundary that has been set, they get a light electric shock. Each fences system has its advantages and its disadvantages and if you are not sure of one to buy, we have rounded up the top 7 wireless fence systems you can use.

7 Best Wireless Dog Fences

  1. Petsafe wireless containment system: The petsafe wireless dog fence is one of the dog containment systems with the highest rating. It is an above-ground fence that includes a wireless base system, a receiver collar with other accessories and they can cover as high as half an acre of circular boundary and it is a system that would not electrocute your dog on re-entry.

Most wireless fences will first deliver a light shock to your dog when they leave the boundary and would stop after the dog is out of range, when the dog comes back home, it would deliver another light shock to them but the petsafe wireless system would not shock them when they return back home. This system is good in such a way that you would not want to be teaching your dog that coming back home is bad so they don’t get the shock to know that its fine to come back home but it is not fine for them to leave, that’s why they only get a shock when they leave the house.

This system also includes 5 levels of correction and tones that can be used in training your dog. Compared to other systems, the petsafe wireless containment system is quite expensive and not budget friendly to everyone but based on reviews, they are one of the most reliable. They even give you an option of buying an extra battery pack so at all times you will always have a battery to use.

This system is very easy to set up and unlike other systems, it does not need a wire to be buried.


It has a long battery life and you can purchase extra batteries, they have up to half an acre of circular boundary coverage and they have 5 adjustable levels of correction. This system also allows you add extra collars if dealing with more than one pet and they are reliable and do not shock he dog when they get back in the set boundary.


The only flaw to this system is the fact that they are expensive.

2. Petsafe stay and play above ground electric wireless fence for dogs: This is another option from the popular petsafe brand. The petsafe stay and play wireless fence system is completely wireless, above ground and very easy to set up. All you have to do is configure the base system and the collar receiver and it is good to go. Just like the other petsafe system covered this system has a no-shock re-entry feature.

This kit only includes one collar but also allows you to add another pet into the system. To get another collar is quite expensive and it would cost you up to $100. The receiver collar can be modified so it can be modified to fit your dog. This kit also helps with training and the kit includes perimeter flags and a guide to getting your dog to stay within the designated boundary with little shocks.


They are very simple to setup and they have a waterproof collar. It can cover a boundary of 3⁄4 of an acre and it has 5 levels of correction that is adjustable with a sound only mode available and it has a no-shock re-entry feature.


The collar battery can only last for about 6 months and the transmitter must be installed indoors and they are more expensive than the other options and they can be inconsistent at times.

3. BlingBling Petsfun Electric Wireless Dog Fence System: The BlingBling Petsfun Electric Wireless Dog fence system is one of the basic kits available and they are one of the most cost-effective option which means if you are on a budget, this is the best option for you. It has a maximum range of about 980 feet which is approximately 300 meters and it also has an adjustable range.

The range of the fence is lower compared to other options but that is only fair considering the price it is going for. The collar receiver is waterproof and it has an IP rating of 67 which ensures that the collar cannot be affected by mud, rain or any mess the dog picks up from time to time.

The collar also contains a rechargeable battery of high capacity and it can fit almost any dog. For the signal to be stable and not disconnect at any time the base receiver and the collar use a 2.4G frequency.


It has a 100% waterproof receiver with a 300M radius, 2.4G stable signal and last but not the least they are very easy to setup.

Signals can be blocked by surrounding buildings or other structures and the transmitter does not have a battery backup so if power should go the transmitter cannot function and it does not have a shock strength adjustment which is not advisable because some dogs might not be able to comfortably take some shocks.

4. FOCUSER Electric Wireless Fence: The FOCUSER Electric Wireless Fence is a very good option if you are working on a budget. The company provides support for the fence if you have problems with it and they also offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed for their customers.

This Wireless fence has a radius of up to 500 meters which is about 1,640 feet and it is very easy to setup. Compared to other products around its price range, its range is about double of them and it can be said to be the best wireless dog fence for a big yard. The wireless boundary can also be adjusted if you want and it can be reduced to as small as 25 meters.

The collar receiver is waterproof with an IP67 industrial rating and it would protect the collar from water generally. It has a built in durable battery and it consumes low power so even with a little charge it can work for a long time and to crown it all, its rechargeable.

For this fence system, dogs get correction warning in form of tones, and the strength is automatically increased as the dog tries to move out of the designated boundary, and compared to other wireless fence systems, the FOCUSER is the only one with this feature. This system is suitable for any size of dog, be it big or small it can be used for them and their collars are adjustable.


They have a massive range and are good for big yards, they have waterproof collars and their company offers guaranteed satisfaction.


Only one dog is allowed per system and metal structures can often cause interference.

5. OKPET Dog Wireless Fence Pet Containment System: Unlike other well-known brands, OKPET does not have that much popularity and even though they are not that popular you are going to be paying a high price to get your hands on this fence system. This system has one of the biggest range with a range of about 72 acres but you can adjust the containment area with the use of the transmitter.

The receiver collar can also be adjusted from about 4 to 12 inches to fit different dog breeds and also sizes. This kit comes with 2 collars that are not only rechargeable and waterproof but also have an indicator to show when battery is low so the dog would not be walking around with a dead collar.

Also included in this kit are training flags and a tester tool to know where the containment line is and also to help your dog know where the perimeter is located. Before this collar delivers a shock it would beep to warn the dog it is leaving the safe perimeter and also give It time to go back but If the dog refuses to go back it would then shock the dog lightly.


The area they cover is very large. They have a rechargeable and waterproof receiver collar with a low battery indicator.

The large range of the system can suffer from interference.

6. Funace Wireless Pet Containment System: The Furnace wireless pet containment system is a good option to consider because the system was designed for more than one dog. The system is expandable up to about 17 acres and they do not have any dead spots or even transmitter holes and they have 50 training flags as well as 50 cords.

They have a water resistant collar that is adjustable and the collar can also be recharged and this system also comes with a power adaptor and a transmitter. They also come with a setup and start guide to help people to easily have them set up.

They have an adjustable collar that is also rechargeable and one thing that attracts people to this kit is the fact that they can be used for more than 1 dog.

Although the battery is rechargeable it does not last that much and the shape of this kit is actually very hard to setup.

7. Perimeter Technologies Wire-free Wi-Fi Dog Fence: This kit is said to be smarter and less rigid compared to other kits from other companies. It has a signal chip that is highly integrated and it allows a smooth and constant link between your dog and the smart station so it tracks your dog’s location constantly.

This kit comes with 50 boundary flags with an advanced wire free base station. It also has a waterproof receiver that comes with 2 lithium ion batteries and this kit also comes with a basic manual to help set them up.


Unlike other kits, this kit can be used on long-haired dogs and you have multiple settings for multiple dogs. They have a lightweight and waterproof collar.


This system is not 100% reliable because metal objects can interfere with the smart station and it is very expensive as well.

It is not always easy to pick the Fence system you would want to use as there are many factors to consider, you have to take into consideration your budget and know the kits that you can easily afford. After knowing your budget you also have to decide if you are going to be getting a kit that works for a dog or a kit that works for multiple dogs and this very well depends on the amount of dogs you have and some wireless fences are good for bigger dogs while some are good for small dogs so this should also be taken into consideration.

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